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Elizabeth Cosin

Elizabeth Cosin

Healdsburg, California

Elizabeth Cosin’s detective character Zen Moses continues to capture the attention of fans 20 years after she burst onto the mystery scene. Now she's back!

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About the author

Elizabeth Cosin is the author of Zen and the Art of Murder and Zen the City of Angels, both by St. Martin’s Press.  Zen and the Art of Murder was critically acclaimed by a number of reviewers including USA Today, the SF Chronicle and the Washington Post and was a starred selection in Publisher's Weekly. The sequel, Zen and the City of Angels, made the the LA Times bestseller and led to the series being optioned for TV by Paramount/CBS. Cosin is a veteran TV writer (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, 24) and a former award-winning journalist and sportswriter. 

Her novels have been praised by some of the leading writers of the genre, including Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, James Hall, April Smith and James Lee Burke.

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Update #2 - Wow! Wow! Wow! Aug. 12, 2018

We reached 100 pre-orders today. I'm so excited and proud and, and, and ... yet I need more. Please share the link and keep on pushing through. The more people who pre-order, the more likely we'll see a fourth Zen Moses book follow shortly after the third. I'm so excited to share her continuing adventures with you. Thank you!