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Mike Adams and Steve Blakeman

Mike Adams and Steve Blakeman

Co-authored by Mike Adams (contributor to Men's Health, GQ, Leaderonomics and and Steve Blakeman (contributor for both Forbes and Inc.).

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About the author

Mike Adams:

The author of The Intrepid CEO, How Bold Leaders Future-proof Sales & Drive Profit. Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and other online retailers. Mike has also been a contributor to Men's Health, GQ, Leaderonomics and He has also been featured in Inc. and Business Week for this latest book, Billy Bullshit Talks Business.

Steve Blakeman:

Wrote the book 'How To Be a Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn' after amassing 250,000 Followers on the platform after being named as a LinkedIn Top Voice for the past 3 years. He also writes as a guest contributor for both Forbes and Inc and he has been profiled by Huffington Post.
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Mike Adams

Mike is an international keynote speaker, investor & advisor. He is also the author of The Intrepid CEO. Trust me, he knows a thing or two about bullshit!

Steve Blakeman

Steve's day job is as an adman and he has been a Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn for the past 3 years (he has also published a book on how he did it). He has 250,000 Followers on LinkedIn and guest writes for both Forbes and Inc.





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Update #2 - Billy Bullsh!t Talks Business - update Jan. 28, 2019

Firstly an apology. The launch of Billy has been delayed (Steve wasn't well, the lightweight) so we had to put the brakes on for a while.

The good news is that we are now back on track and up for the attack!

Rest assured you will still get your first edition copies before anyone else and you will be the king or queen of the water cooler talk when it happens.

Given that Billy Bullsh!t is predominantly a gift book (and as such Xmas is the prime purchase period) the book is now scheduled to be launched in September this year in time for the festive frenzy.

There will be an extensive marketing campaign and various interviews lined up. As the first readers of the book you may well also be asked to participate in some PR - more on that later.

Thanks for your patience - we promise Billy is worth the wait. Boom! Mic drop and out.


Mike & Steve