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By Lee Contantine

The secret to raising $10k in funds and selling hundreds of copies of your book

We were two weeks into a campaign with a modest $10,000 goal and things were not going super amazing like we expected. We shot a good video. We had a great cover design. We told our friends, family, colleagues, clients and partners. Then we pushed launch and waited for the money to start pouring in.

We kept waiting. And waiting. And then we waited some more. Luckily we landed a big client at the last minute via a personal connection who acted as a corporate sponsor and we were able to put funds toward a large amount of book copies. It saved the campaign.

This was one of my first runs at crowdfunding a few years ago. Since then I’ve raised over 1 million dollars and have helped hundreds of authors around the globe crowdfund their books.

And while corporate sponsors are used by many of the most successful published authors, they are not feasible for every author. So they should be used to complement your book launch, not as a sole strategy.

Are you ready for The $10k Book Crowdfunding Secret on Publishizer?

It’s called prelaunch.

It means a set of activities you do before you go live. It means commitment to your own success and preparing your book launch the right way with strategies that will actually bring you results.

“Yes, I know that already” you may say. But are you doing it? Do these things to be successful with crowdfunding for your book.

  1. Make sure your book has a great Hook, Synopsis and Cover Design. Readers buy books based on these three things most often. Use this Quick Start Guide >
  2. Reconnect with your email list and start conversations with pre-existing relationships BEFORE you go live. Here’s How to Get 1,000 New Book Subscribers in 25 Days >
  3. Schedule your campaign video to go out on every marketing channel. This is the best way connect face-to-face and get more people to buy, and be sure to add your campaign url. Use this simple Video Script and Guide >
  4. Write personal emails and a consistent follow up schedule, and then take it live on launch day. Star conversations with plain text emails instead of blast emails to your list. Use these High-Converting Book Launch Email Templates >
  5. Pitch a sample chapter or article about your book topic to major publications and newsletters. Make sure there’s a link included to your Publishizer campaign. Here’s a Book Article in a Popular Publication >
  6. Schedule Facebook Live interviews with as many public figures as possible. Go Live once your campaign does and talk about your book. Here’s an Email Template to Invite to Facebook Live >
  7. Create a Launch Team or a group of Book Ambassadors. Give them a discount or special perk for joining, then send materials they need to help you reach your goal. Here are a few things to use >
  8. Look at other successful book crowdfunding campaigns and integrate what worked for them into your own book launch. i.e. using LinkedIn connections and segmenting in Google Groups. Start with this 15-Point Book Promotion Checklist >

Does it work?


More than twenty authors have raised at least $10k in funds with the strategies above, in just 30 days. And all of them spent ZERO money on Facebook ads or other paid media.

Start a proposal on Publishizer. It’s free.


PS. Three authors have raised $20k in funds on Publishizer. (1,2,3)

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