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To the Publishizer Community,

In the publishing industry, I'm not alone in my passion for seeing excellent books come to life.

And for the last 15 years, I've made it my mission to learn all that I can about this process. In this time, I've witnessed incredible stories told, expansive perspectives shared and many bridges of understanding built by authors. Books are powerful. I've seen many lives changed by them. Including my own.

I've also learned through my experiences that publishing requires a very special blend of skill sets. It can be complicated to navigate for authors. It takes a certain devotion to step into authorship. To rise up and publish a book calls for a combination of resources as well as a plan. Even for the most determined, it's hard to know where to start.

That's why, when I first encountered Publishizer, I knew it would be a valuable tool for many authors. And useful for publishers and the eco-system as a whole. What I didn't know yet, is that years down the road, I'd be stepping into this role.

For the Publishizer community, and every reader, author and publishing relationship we help form, these are my commitments...

1. To provide education and agency to authors. My focus is to help authors harness clarity around message, audience, and goals. I provide space for authors to bring their initial book offering to the world, while giving as much education as I can. The purpose is to prepare authors for finding the right publishing path.

2. To seek to understand the needs of publishers. Publishing partnerships are best built when all parties know what is needed, expected and how to prepare. I work to best understand the needs of publishers, with the purpose of applying that knowledge to best steer authors and readers.

3. To share my love of reading and books with readers. Books are a powerful portal, capable of impacting readers and the world in so many ways. I look forward to tirelessly sharing my love of reading and books with others. My ultimate goal and purpose is help expand access to information in the form of books for all. 

I'm happy and humbled to be here at Publishizer, and I'm fully committed to doing my best with every step forward.

Bethany Marshall
CEO, Publishizer

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