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Jane Friedman, Professor and Publishing Industry Expert

Jane Friedman is a publishing expert with over 20 years in the industry, including stints at Writer's Digest, Publishers Weekly and the Virginia Quarterly Review, as well as having spoken at 300+ conferences like South By South West, Book Expo America, Digital Book World and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Emmanuel Nataf, CEO of Reedsy

Emmanuel Nataf, CEO of Reedsy, is making waves in the world of professional publishing services. Reedsy is a marketplace that lets authors connect with the world's best editors, designers and marketers.

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Oussama Najjar

14 Days and Nights Underground

Oussama Najjar

A rare inside look into Saudi Arabia’s widespread corruption and subjugation from the perspective of Oussama Najjar who, like thousands of others, has suffered arbitrary detention.





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