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Joana Lenkova

Joana Lenkova

London, United Kingdom

Joana Lenkova is a Business Consultant, Futurist, Founder, with over 15 years of international Marketing, Innovation, and Strategy experience in blue-chip companies, such as Disney, AB InBev, and Societe Generale.

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About the author

Joana has a vast 15+ years of international experience in the field of Marketing, Innovation and Business Strategy, and Strategic Foresight, across different FMCG, Finance, and Entertainment blue-chip companies (AB InBev, Societe Generale, Disney), as well as successfully growing start-ups. Until 2019 she held a Consumer Strategy role at The Walt Disney Company, where she also led the Strategic Foresight team of Futurists for the UK.

In 2019 Joana founded Futures Forward, a strategy and strategic foresight consultancy company. She is also the EMEA partner of The Futures School, offering strategic foresight trainings.

Joana is a graduate of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in Strategy and Innovation. Being passionate about building future-proof businesses and strategies, she focused her research on how Strategic Foresight helps incumbent organizations innovate and sustain their long-term marketplace positioning. Her balanced approach to resolving complex business issues is based on both, business acumen and creativity.

She is a founding member of the Global Foresight Advisory Council of The Futures School, a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the Oxford Union.
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Update #4 - The writing journey! Oct. 17, 2020

Dear all,

It's time to fully embark on the journey!

I have collected enough inspiration and am looking forward to losing myself in this new fantastic adventure! 

I am excited about all the conversations to be had with everyone, willing to contribute with a question, a lesson learned or a best practice which I will be able to include in the book. 

The whole idea of "Choose Your Own Future" is for it to be interactive. I wanted to make sure this is integrated and part of the process from the very beginning. I would like to include you, the reader, in the making of it by asking what is important to you. What are the strategic questions you may be facing and would love to see an alternative perspective or a tool that can help find a solution? What worries you about the future? What are the innovation questions you have not yet answered? Follow this link and feel free to submit as many as you'd like: 

That way, I want to make sure the book is relevant and useful to those who will be reading it.

On the other hand, if you do have a great example or a lesson learned of a strategic, innovation, or foresight nature, I would love to hear from you too! Sharing these will benefit many entrepreneurs and organisations. 

Thanks again for your support, it is highly appreciated! 

Have a fantastic weekend,