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Bethany Marshall

Bethany Marshall

New York, United States


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My name is Oussama Najjar, I am an engineer and an international executive from Lebanon who was educated at the Imperial College in London and who ran major companies in the largest two Middle Eastern economies for many years. Early in life, I learned about Saudi Arabia’s power dynamics at the feet of my stepfather, Sheikh Abdullah Tariki, a founder of OPEC and the first Saudi oil minister, who was removed from his post over political disputes and forced into exile.

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  • 14 Days and Nights Underground is nicely written in simple English and fluent to read. Structured into 40 small chapters which take into account modern readers preference for short reads with straight to the point information.
  • Includes rare and never told stories from the depth of the Arabian desert and behind its highest walls which many have found most entertaining.
  • Shares professional insight about business ethics and practices, greed, and corruption and a failing legal system which have not changed until this moment in time if not gotten worse.
  • A rare description of what it is like to be kept in a solitary confinement prison in an underground cell beyond the sun in Saudi Arabia and how Oussama prepared for it.

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