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Mellany Paynter

Mellany Paynter

New York, New York

Mellany is a first time author, entrepreneur and life enthusiast whose personal mantra is YOU MATTER. You owe it to yourself to fix whatever it is that does not make you whole.

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About the author

Mellany Paynter’s intimate journey of discovering there is no normal timetable to overcome grieving the loss of her Mom, was the key that allowed her healing process to naturally unfold and her inspiration to write Dancing at The Crossroad.  

Through Dancing at The Crossroad, Mellany has created a keepsake for the “bookends of life” and ignited a personal passion to inspire others' healing journey — facing reality and realizing what really matters.  Dancing at The Crossroad is her first guided journal book in the series.  

Mellany Paynter is currently the CEO of Her Billions, a consulting company that facilitates visual strategies that inspires other women entrepreneurs to boost productivity and efficiency.  She holds a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Howard University and her interests include fusing visual mapping and analytical skills to help others grow professionally and personally.  Her main focus is improving quality of life and encouraging women to find balance in every area of life. When she is not facilitating  workshops or attending meetings, she is serving as an Advisory Board Member for other small businesses or enjoying life biking. Mellany is a native of Trinidad, currently residing in New York City.

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Update #1 - Sample Chapter: New Book by Mellany Paynter “Dancing At the Crossroad” July 22, 2016

Sample Chapter: New Book by Mellany Paynter “Dancing At the Crossroad.”

It’s my pleasure to announce my new book titled “Dancing At the Crossroad." DATC is my own personal experience with loss and an opportunity for you to journal yours as well.

What I have in this book isn't another set of 'solutions' for grief, but a very emotional account of my experience through the course of dealing with my loss, that forced me into healing and provided an escape from making decisions that could have jeopardized my future. It’s a great read! I am excited to release a sample chapter for your reading here

By the way, just a special note for you to consider. Only the first 250 people that pre-order will get a special invite to my book launch and reading, so please ensure you are in this count. You do not want to miss out on this!

And of course, if any of you readers/sponsors have ideas for collaboration or would like me to
speak at your meeting or event, please get in touch.