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Terri Gallagher

Terri Gallagher

Charlotte, North Carolina

Terri Gallagher is a vanguard for gig workforce solutions and strategies. She was the first in her field to champion a people-first ecosystem approach for Workforce Optimization and Talent TechnologySolutions.

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About the author

Terri Gallagher is an industry leader with  20+ years of experience in enterprise gig workforce strategies.

Her experience as a thought leader and workforce solutions disruptor has enabled her to provide best in class gig workforce solutions for several multi-national clients across industry sectors.  She is also an international speaker and writer, and has been featured in multiple industry publications.

Terri developed a trademarked an ecosystem in a frenzied late night session after being frustrated with the blind sightedness  of industry leaders in the big staffing sector, who were not connecting with what their clients truly needed. She wanted to rise above providing gig workforce solutions that were outdated and inflexible that put the customer first to allow a more innovative approach not bound by technology alliances or partnerships restricting the options for clients.

Her ecosystem approach is a fluid and dynamic model that leverages best of breed talent, technology, and alliance partners to provide contingent workforce and total talent management solutions.    This ecosystem approach ensures agility and speed in all phases of talent supply chain; staffing strategy, change management, talent acquisition technology selection and performance, analytics, operations, solutions, quality and efficiency. 

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Update #2 - Book Update - Completed Two Chapters April 16, 2018

Some of you asked; where is my book?   I completed the first chapter and sent to my publisher; slightly terrified.  What if it sucks?  My aunt ordered a copy, industry peers, friends; all people I admire.  I REALLY want this to be a good book for you, and especially don't want to feel the wrath of my aunt, she's 85, 100% Irish and  tough as nails. 

It didn't suck, it needed some work, but overall feedback "I liked it a lot and it was nicely put and not bombarded with Technical terminology and or complex wording.  From an editor's point-of-view, and as an interested reader, your content is well-written, engaging, and informative. I expected that because you are very well-spoken. We really can't ask for more."


Thank  you for your patience and I promise it will be a good read for you.  On to the next chapters.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.