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Rae Story

Rae Story is a writer, blogger and, if she does say so herself, political essayist.

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Success! DECADE sold 37 pre-orders by Feb. 4, 2017, was pitched to 18 publishers, and will be self published.

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$10 In the Digital

22 readers

If you are my digital buddy and are willing to hiccup up a round tenner, you will get Nye's litany of bad wisdoms and stupid decisions delineated for you in the form of a 'digital copy'. I will write it, and someone more clever somewhere else with convert it into 0s + 1s. In fact, they are doing it right now. Show offs.

Ebook included

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$20 In the (paper) Flesh... Package

6 readers

If you are in my hard copy cohort and are willing to cough away a twenty, I will personally go and chop down a tree (not really) upon which I shall scribe Nye's part life (again, not really). In any case you will get a copy with which you can cuddle up in bed with, and probably have a good cry. You will also get a digital copy for reading on the bus.

1 copy + ebook included

$5 shipping

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$25 With Love... Package

4 readers

As one day I will find myself becoming very busy and important, a signed personalised message from moi, on the inside of your hard copy, will likely become a useful investment on your part. By likely, I mean roughly in the ballpark of likelihood as seeing an articulate runner bean strolling into a library to ask for a copy of anything written by Paddy Ashdown.*

As previous, your real life copy comes accompanied with a digital version.

*I promise the novel shan't contain any more of these terrible please-like-me-I'm-quirky 'jokes'.

1 copy + ebook included

$5 shipping

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$40 With Acknowledgement...Package

3 readers

We all love to be acknowledged. In this package you will get the signed copy, with the digital version, and your name lovingly inscribed into the 'with thanks to' page. I will also send platonic thumbs up to you, into the very ether.

1 copy + ebook included

$5 shipping

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$45 A Tale for Two... Package

1 reader

What could be better this coming (urm, Shrove Tuesday?) than buying a book for a mate? In this package you will get two hard copies, signed, with added digital copies each. If your number two is your soon to be spouse, the book - once read or otherwise - can double as wedding confetti, if fed into a domestic shredder.

2 copies + ebook included

$10 shipping

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$300 You're Über Awesome!!! Package 2

0 readers

Double the above, you will receive 8 hard copies, signed, with accompanying digital copies, an acknowledgment in the back of the book, your name implanted somewhere in the narrative **and** a special thank you letter, including otherwise secret information of the genesis of the story, the protagonists and background. With love, from Rae!

8 copies + ebook included

$24 shipping

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Update #1 - Book Update! April 4, 2017

Hi all,

This is an update from my crowd-funder for 'Decade'

As some of you may know, both the title and the cover of the novel, that many of you have pre-ordered, has been changed, to more suitably fit some of the slight narrative shifts that have occurred in the last month or so.

Decade is now 'what they call silence', and is trotting towards the finish line. 

The book should be edited and ready to purchase by mid  August, and those of you who have pre-ordered  should  get their copy a week or so before.

To view the new cover and a clip you can visit this page -


Rae Story