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Seth Canada

Seth Canada

Washington, District of Columbia

A chef who weighed 98 pounds, Seth rode 4,262+ miles on his 80-pound bicycle from coast to coast in the U.S. in 2016, organizing his award-winning recipes for this book into categories and chapters,

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About the author

Seth started cooking plant-strong farm food in his parents' kitchen at the age of 11. After a decade-long career in several professional kitchens between Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, he developed a distaste for meat-centric, butter-drowned, flour-rich and sugar-laden standard American food. He quickly outgrew the art and techniques of making food in conventional kitchens.

In 2013, he identified a need for healthful foods and made it his business to help individuals with or without health conditions eat healthier. He has cooked for clients in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC metro area for more than three years. His slow food brunch served once a month was discovered by out-of-town foodies. Prior to his bicycle travel, he ran an organic raw juice bar and vegan cafe that earned a gold-plate recognition by Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants.

Nearly a dozen of his recipes won top prizes in national and local contests open to professional chefs. Some others were published in Taste of Home Magazine, The World's Best Asian Noodle Recipes: 125 Great Recipe from Top Chefs cookbook and on a few blogs. He has been written up by several bloggers and food writers.

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Update #5 - Update title Sept. 30, 2016

We did it! With your support, 250 copies of the cookbook are sold. I have two options to either collect the payout or keep campaign live for additional pre-orders. I will keep it live for a month or so while working on my proposal and media outreach. I foresee a very productive life at the desk in the next few months upon return from bicycle travel. I will push for the release of the cookbook by summer 2017. 

Melanie Eager, Nutritionist and Health Coach Interviewed Me. 

Who are your biggest motivators in life?

One of the few chefs I admire and look up to is Jose Andres, Spanish-born chef who came to America with hardly any money in his pocket when I was a young man. He now owns several restaurants in Washington, DC and Chicago and is a James Beard Award winning chef. When a chef who does cook and eat meat told Anderson Cooper on the 60-Minute show that, “Vegetables are sexy,” that is something. He then said meat tastes good for a minute before it starts to get chewy.

To my knowledge, no vegan/ vegetarian chef has won a James Beard Award in America. Perhaps that day will come soon. 

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Note that I do not make a habit of eating “enriched” wheat, soy-based products and corn. Living in the United States and knowing that ingredients that are banned in other Western countries are still legal here, I feel that it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to these food items. Unless these are certified organic or certified GMO-free, I assume they are not and avoid them. I also avoid refined sugar as I’m getting natural fructose from fruits. 

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