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Giovanni Cirillo

Giovanni Cirillo

South Africa

Born in the sunny southern tip of Africa, Giovanni Cirillo has the privilege and the pleasure in watching the mighty Helderberg mountains cool themselves off by dipping their feet into the great Atlantic ocean - every day!

Imagine imagination. Growing up in the original Tol House where weary travellers would stop for a much needed rest before attempting to cross over Sir Lowry’s Pass with their ox-drawn wagons is exactly what Giovanni did. Now, some 25 years later, his imagination has spilt over into the real world and Giovanni’s first book 'Eidolon Keeper of Swords’.

Giovanni recently won an international short story contest for his short story entitled ‘Tomar the Terrork Tamer’. It is available, along with eleven other short stories, in an anthology on Amazon titled “Disorderly Lives” ISBN: 9781512093124.

One of the reviews from an online reader:
“Loved the story, one could picture the scene as it was happening, would make a good book/film."

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Eidolon Keeper of Swords

And the Shadow Born Threat

A story about assassins, brothers, guardians and sons brought together by a man and led into battle by a boy.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Young Adult
124,000 words
25% complete
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Eidolon Keeper of Swords

(Back of book blurb)

For Eidolon, a boy who has nothing and fears nothing, being a pickpocket in a band of thieves is all he has ever known. Until one fateful day his reality changes forever.

Eidolon comes into possession of the dragon-forged sword, is captured by Ashlath of the Shadow Born and saved by Illian the Marshall of Dancall city. Now Eidolon must learn to control the power of the dragon sword and convince nine mighty warriors that he is worthy to ride with them as they hunt down the Shadow Born threat out to conquer New Korgonia. Experiencing true love and friendship for the first time Eidolon realizes that the bonds he has made will last even after death.

This is a story about assassins, brothers, guardians and sons. Brought together by a man and lead into battle by a boy. 

The Short Story Behind the Story

What started out as a desire to create a superhero with super powers has imagined itself into a much greater story and with far more meaning than I had set out to do. I believe in imagination and to imagine is to live. This story and its characters have lived and grown with me for 16 years and they are now asking to have their own life to tell their own story.



The kingdom of Aetis was one unlike any other. A small living continent surrounded by the great oceans and immensely diverse in its culture and creatures. All lived in peace under the rule of Lendor king of Aetis. Never had he lost in battle nor feared anyone or any nation that rose up against him and his throne. Until the arrival of the Korgonians.

The first fleet of Korgonians approached Aetis from the Northern seas lead by their Prince, Raygon, who by order of his king was to conquer new lands by any means possible. Lendors' army was outnumbered three to one but still managed to defeat the intruders. Aetis was once again safe but for a moment of pride Lendor sent one ship to return to Korgonia with the body of the dead prince as a warning never to return.

That very night the White dragon, mother to all dragons, called on Lendor in his chambers. She warned him that the Korgonian king would return with his entire fleet to avenge his dead son. She warned the king that a terrible darkness would spread through Aetis if he were to be defeated. The dragon offered the king a battle sword and shield forged by her very own fire granting him immense power. In return he would offer his daughter to the dragon to become the dragon guardian. Lendor refused.

Years later when the king of Korgonia finally came bringing a fleet of ships so large that it filled the horizon of the northern sea Lendor the great felt fear for the first time. Remembering the dragon’s offer he ordered his close guard to search the lands for the White dragon. That night the White dragon returned to the king with the sword and shield and departed with the princess of Aetis.

The battle that followed would change Aetis and its people forever.

The great war between the Korgonians and the Aetians saw the nation of Aetis fall. Loosing his sword in the battle, King Lendor escaped and fled deep into the Hollow mountains with his shield never to be seen again. Zenga, king of Korgonia, claimed Aetis and called it New Korgonia. For years he sent many a hero into the Hollows to bring back the head of Lendor but none ever returned. Now in Zenga's old age a new power is gathering in the darkness and plotting to overthrow the king.

Eidolon Keeper of Swords

The story starts with Illian, the Marshal of Dancall city, encountering Ashlath of the Shadow Born and saving the boy Eidolon from a rouge group of Korgonian soldiers. This encounter sets in motion the prophecy of old:

"When the darkness appears it will spread through the land gaining authority by fear given by your own hand. Ten warriors will come. Assassins, brothers, guardians and sons with a halfbreed and the fearless one. The oath they take cannot be undone. It will forever remain even for one."

Illian sets out in search of the ten warriors that would stand against the growing shadow threat. As Illian starts exposing the Shadows so the Shadows start moving more freely. Illian locates the Brothers first as the Shadows first advance is on the city of Dancall. Their intent to destroy not to capture. Eidolon evades the battle at Dancall and is sent to the town of Esturia to meet up with Illian, Lady Oslyn and the Assassins.

Eidolon stays with the Lady Oslyn in Esturia while the Assassins, Brothers and Illian head back to Dancall only to find the city in ruins. Amongst the survivors they unexpectedly find the Guardians. With the fall of Dancall they head for Denn to inform Lady Oslyn and reunite with Eidolon.

Meanwhile Lady Oslyn and Eidolon seek the help from the king of Akana the great city. Akana refuses to help but they do not leave empty handed. Two men ask Lady Oslyn if they may be of service to her. She recognises the men to be the Sons and invites them back to Denn.

Finally the ten warriors gather and the oath is taken:

“As long as there is one to carry my sword I will fight for him.”

With the oath taken the ten warriors head north to locate the source of the Shadow Born. In their travels and encounters with the Shadows Eidolon must deal with gain and loss of the only friends he has ever known and ultimately overcome the growing fear inside of himself to understand the true power his friends has given him. Only then will he be able to stand against the Shadow Born and fear itself.

Chapter Outline

Chapter 1 - Ashlath

Illian, the Marshal of Dancall city, has his first encounter with Ashlath, one of the Shadow Born. This battle leads to the discovery of Eidolon and the beginning of their journey across the lands in search of the Shadow Born.

Chapter 2 - A Boy is Saved

Illian locates Eidolon who is being held captive by a group of rouge Korgonian soldiers. He saves the boy, who in turn saves him, and they escape the clutches of the Korgonians.

Chapter 3 - Eidolon’s Story

Eidolon travels back to Dancall city with Illian and tells him all he knows about Ashlath and the Korgonians that had captured him.

Chapter 4 - The City of Dancall

Eidolon meets the gate watchmen of Dancall city while Illian talks to Sal, his mentor, about the boy and his encounter with Ashlath.

Chapter 5 - Illian’s Departure

Illian sets off on his journey across the lands in search of the ten warriors and the Shadow Born threat.

Chapter 6 - 3 Shadows Meet
Hidden somewhere in the Forest of Darkness three Shadows meet to discuss their next move. 

Chapter 7 - Messenger Boy
Eidolon is sent to inform Sal of Illian's latest plan.

Chapter 8 - Wild Goose Chase
Ashlath is left chasing shadows.

Chapter 9 - Tracking Trails
Two Shadows track Illian's and Ashlath's movements. 

Chapter 10 - Mountain Pass
The Shadow Born tracking Illian catches up to him as he passes over Crows Claw.

Chapter 11 - An Old Friend
An old friend of Illian’s lends a helping hand.

Chapter 12 - A Passing Shadow
Sal and Eidolon travel too meet up with the old friend and unknowingly pass one of the Shadow Born.

Chapter 13 - Caravan to Tent
Illian joins a caravan of entertainers and enters the town of Tent unnoticed.

Chapter 14 - Bron the Butcher
Illian coaxes the Shadow Born in Tent to reveal his true identity.

Chapter 15 - Shadow Spy
Illian gets a second "Shadow".

Chapter 16 - Ambush in Fenning

A boy from Illian’s past reveals some interesting information which leads to a double ambush.

Chapter 17 - Brothers in Yebb

Ashlath tricks the Brothers in doing his dirty work for him.

Chapter 18 - Secrets in Tholl

Eidolon and Sal arrive in Tholl. Here they learn of Ashlath’s plan. Sal sends Eidolon to meet up with Illian in Esturia while Sal returns home to Dancall city.

Chapter 19 - Bellfort

llian and the Brothers arrive at Bellfort only to be denied entry. There has been a murder and the city is in lockdown. They leave Bellfort and head for Esturia. 

Chapter 20 - Eidolon's Journey

On his journey to Esturia Eidolon has a disturbing dream and almost has an unwanted encounter.

Chapter 21 - Council at Esturia

Illian, the Brothers, Eidolon, the Assassins and Lady Oslyn meet in Esturia to discuss the Shadow Born threat. Eidolon stays behind with Lady Oslyn as the others head back to Dancall city.

Chapter 22 - The Fall of Dancall

They arrive in Dancall city to find it in ruins and among the broken walls they find the Guardians.

Chapter 23 - Tirion's Retreat

As they head back to inform Lady Oslyn of Dancall’s fall they find that word has already reached the neighbouring towns. All the towns are fleeing for Bellfort and the safety of their high walls.

Chapter 24 - Eidolon's Secret

While in Denn with Lady Oslyn Eidolon sneaks off into the forest and has an encounter with a Shadow Born.

Chapter 25 - Way to Waterway

Lady Oslyn takes Eidolon on a journey by boat on the river Way to Waterway.

Chapter 26 - Grave Robbery
On entering Waterway Lady Oslyn notices one of the water graves has been tampered with.

Chapter 27 - Akana the Great City
While tracking one of the Shadow Born Lady Oslyn decides to turn to Akana for help.

Chapter 28 - The Sons of Greyhurn
Upon leaving Akana two men offer their help against the Shadow Born threat.

Chapter 29 - A Narrow Escape
Lady Oslyn tracks the Shadow Born's trail and Eidolon has a narrow escape.

Chapter 30 - Underground Passage
Illian and the others returns to Denn to meet with Lady Oslyn.

Chapter 31 - Taking the Oath
All ten warriors gather and the oath is taken.

Chapter 32 - Three Shadows Seperate
After the battle at Dancall the three Shadow Born generals head their seperate ways to regroup their forces.

Chapter 33 - Battle at Stonewall
The first battle the ten warriors fight together against a Shadow Born Korgonian army lead by one of the Shadow Born generals.

Chapter 34 - Akana Denies Again
Illian decides to ask Akana for help again with the dead Shadow Born bodies as proof. Akana denies help again.

Chapter 35 - An Unexpected Guest
Ashlath appears on the battle field once the warriors have left.

Chapter 36 - Foul Play
The warriors return to the battle field and find that it has been tampered with.

Chapter 37 - Story of Darkstone Mountains
Traveling past Darkstone mountains Illian tells Eidolon the story behind its name.

Chapter 38 - Vinathes - An Eye for an Eye
Tragedy strikes the group and Eidolon shows his worth.

Chapter 39 - Ayden's Sword
Eidolon is asked to carry Aydens sword.

Chapter 40 - Games in the Darkness
Deep inside the forest the warriors struggle to stay on their path.

Chapter 41 - Ghlen - Assassin's Play
The assassins reveal their unique skills as they hunt the Shadow Born.

Chapter 42 - Trouble with Crows
Eidolon tries to go after a Shadow Born by himself and runs into some trouble with crows.

Chapter 43 - Dragon Sword
Eidolon must learn to control the power his sword possesses.

Chapter 44 - The Swords Awakening
Eidolon starts using the swords power to track down the Shadows.

Chapter 45 - Shadow Hunt
The warriors hunt down the Shadows in Tyriel.

Chapter 46 - Shadows of Tyriel
The hunt turns into a battle against the Shadows in the dark.

Chapter 47 - Body Count
Two shadows escape from the battle and Eidolon is asked to carry another sword.

Chapter 48 - A New Plan Unfolds
The Northern towns are more overrun by the Shadow Born so the warriors decide to camp outside the towns as they travel.

Chapter 49 - Sahlia - In Disguise
They sneak into the town of Sahlia and risk giving away their identities.

Chapter 50 - Lendor's Voice
Eidolon suspects his sword is talking to him. Illian suspects otherwise.

Chapter 51 - Night Sprint
They use the cover of night to bypass New Korgonia and head straight for the Hollows.

Chapter 52 - The Hollows
They finally find the source of the Shadow Born deep in the Hollows.

Chapter 53 - The Horses Return
As they exit the Hollows they are met by their trusty horses. Eidolon and Illian are carrying two more swords each. In an attempt to escape Illian stands against the Shadow Born.

Chapter 54 - Brother's Reunion
As the brothers reunite Eidolon attempts to save his friend.

Chapter 55 - Nobody Home
Eidolon seeks help in Dennindale but finds that the city has been abandoned.

Chapter 56 - All Alone
All alone Eidolon wonders into a place he was told never to return to and follows a young girl deep into a cave.

Chapter 57 - A Dragon's Tale
Eidolon encounters an ancient creature in the cave.

Chapter 58 - Dragon Sword Master
With the help of the ancient creature Eidolon heads back to Akana to battle the Shadow Born.

Chapter 59 - Eidolon's Resolve
Eidolon realizes the power his friends has given him through their love for him and takes courage in it.

Chapter 60 - Fire and Flame
Eidolon, with his dragon sword and its creator, battle together against the Shadow Born.

Chapter 61 - Eidolon's Challenge
Eidolon lays down a challenge in an attempt to save lives.

Chapter 62 - When Fear and Love Collide
Only true love can cast out all fear.

Chapter 63 - Ashlath
With the battle finally decided Eidolon realizes Ashlath is still unaccounted for.


Who will read this book?

This is a Young Adult fantasy story so the target market would be teenagers to young adults, and well anyone who enjoys fantasy really. 

Why will they read this book?

Readers will embark on a journey of fantasy proportions with new and unique characters in Eidolon Keeper of Swords. It is a well paced story about love and friendship versus hatred and fear, too which all teenagers and adults can relate, with lots of fantasy action to keep the book in your hands. 


I will promote my book locally in Cape Town through networking both in the physical and social media. Physical media I will approach will be libraries, book stores and even radio to gain awareness for my book. As mentioned in my bio I have recently won an international short story competition which I will use as credibility on my part as a writer.

Then of course there is social media like Facebook advertising. I will also advertise myself as an author on the website:


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  • Liza Hollander
    on April 6, 2016, 6:32 a.m.

    This looks very exciting and from the thorough description, I sense it has a strong moral and value base which is very much needed in today's society.
    Will definitely preorder.

  • Juliet Quiterio
    on April 7, 2016, 8:28 a.m.

    Looking forward to receiving the book Giovanni ! All the best.