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Evi (Evija) Laizane

Evi (Evija) Laizane


A writer, world traveller,uni-dropout, art lover, former human rights activist,solopreneur, freelance artist, volunteer, independent coach for international health & skin product company. In general, a Girl from the next door!

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About the author

Evi is worldwide traveller, solotrepenour, health ambassador and human rights former activist. She studied History and Literature and from an early age, she was writing stories, songs, poems for newsletters, promoting Babylonradio (Ireland), recording Voice Overs and doing the freelance acting. She opened the Mobile Massage therapy business for athletes and looed after high profile people. However, she forgot to care about herself. Historical “me before that” and "me after this" it is a massive difference for her and everyone in various compelling ways. Evi doesn't have endorsement yet of the author’s credibility by others, but her song got the award in the music festival, she was recognized by Nathan Nash British Ambassador for her volunteer work with youth, and some other social proofs from people whose life she did inspire for better and changed! She easily connects with business people, creative people, philosophers, doctors, teachers, artists, mums, kids and dogs. Cats also purr on her head! On a serious note, she wants her book to be translated into many languages as possible around the world because the message is important.
She worked for a major national organization such as Amnesty International and was proud of her work. Her passion and interests are helping others and being creative. She doesn’t try to sound impressive, she just tries to be clear. “An intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a complex way. A genius is a man who says a complex thing in a simple way.”
—Charles Bukowski
Her inspiration is The woman that Tim Ferris called one the most important writer of our time "How to Be Creative Like a Motherf*cker — Cheryl Strayed". And also Rich Tony Robbins and Richard Branson. Why? Because you don't leave yourself a chance to freeze, stop.
She loves to live life fully!
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Every Face Has A Story

You can not read a label, if you are a label of the bottle.

I've learned that People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but People will never forget how you made them feel. My story is about how I learn to solve difficult situations, rise above demoralization and humanize my prison experience to others and make an impact on people lives through the humour, education and positivity!

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Biography & Memoir
50,000 words
25% complete
3 publishers interested


Do you feel lost, hopeless, exhausted of doing nothing, bored, maybe threatened by toxic relationship or simply looking for a quality, entertaining and meaningful book? Did you know that there is more than 40diffrent grief forms? How to thrive, help others to get rid of the complaining habit, be free, lead a more productive life? Tune in, read about my and other people conversations on the lockdowns in the high-security prison.

This story is about the journey how to spend quality time in lockdowns, enjoying what you're doing and get paid for the impact you make! Contradiction? But it is possible!

If you are an entrepreneur and feeling young in their heart, teachers, tired nurse, uber-creative designer, ambitious model, bored office worker, backpacker, musician, tourist, or someone who dreams of travelling and want to have a good book to read before they go to sleep (sleep is not guaranteed, so no complaints are taken!), and for those who love sports, Olympic games! For women who love to love-too-much, and are afraid to stand up straight after traumatic experiences.

Organic advise and conversations on how to deal with 23hour long lockdown day after day and stay sane. I had to learn that in a hard way by being in a high-security prison. How to educate yourself and find a job in and outside of the prison. What to learn from Corrective Service system (why it fails the majority of offenders to reintegrate and resocialize), how to deal with "uneducated" people who won't harm you intentionally but to see intelligent people who you can not be recognized as a "Top Dogs" in the society.

The problem is obvious when inexperienced, young and attractive, a little bit naive girl travels around the world. I, a matter of fact, would like to share what NOT to do when you have some travelling experience already, not so naive anymore, but you are still feeling young in your heart. However, manipulated, totally drawn into an unfamiliar, exciting, new environment and percentage-wise, it could happen with many of you.
I am not talking about silly jokes, shaving heads, marker drawings all over the face. I am talking about set up, hidden drugs, dangerous Brazilian drug cartel, posh social status people and boys from the slums in Rio, at Olympic Games 2016.

My purpose for publishing this book isn't for you just to read my experience, share the ideas, but ask yourself, where are you at now? Act on techniques I provide and change the world for a better place and replace the fear with awe and wonder! I am also looking for opportunities to engage with NGO's and Charities to share my experience, at some capacity, as Educational material.

Why support this book?

  • Guest Bloggers through independent publishers, eCommerce platform PPA website(people per hour, various freelance authors and bloggers promote on various budgets)
  • Endorsements by Musicians, freelance writers and actors, more info in Advance praise section
  • As I have been released recently, my Social Media platforms organic leads are not high (Facebook 199,LinkedIn 643 ,Twitter 26,Instagram 42, YouTube 0,) in 12th May/2020
  • I am offering unique propositions (private touch,my paintings/drawing sketches (I have diploma in Painting/Sculpting, while I was in Prison, I finished many courses which were available for me as a foreigner (guest artist/sculptor,teacher Peter Daily)
  • I want to expand of my brand "Every Face Has A Story" with available T shirts, cups, pens,hats, bags); collaboration with various companies (research sponsorships)

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My purpose for publishing this book isn't for you just to read my experience, share the ideas, but to act on them and change the world for a better place. Organic advises on how to deal with 23hour long lock-down and stay sane. How to educate yourself and find a job in and outside of the prison. What to learn from Corrective Service system (why it fails the majority of offenders to reintegrate and re-socialize), how to deal with "uneducated" people who won't harm you intentionally but to see intelligent people who you can not be recognized as a "Top Dogs" in the society). Long story short, this book is for young entrepreneurs or those who feel young in their hearts, for travelling teachers, tired nurses, mad designers, ambitious models, office workers or backpackers, tourists, or those who dream of travelling and want to have a good book to read before they go to sleep (sleep is not guaranteed, so no complaints are taken!), and for those who love sports, Olympic games! For women who Love too much, and are afraid to stand up straight. For all people, who Love Live Life fully.

Advance praise

*Review from Edina Balczo is a famous Flamenco guitar musician and plays in festivals such as Glastonbury, Virgin, World Music, private parties locally and internationally. She is also an author of the guitar teaching book Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques, Youtuber, host of The Spanish Guitar Hub with 60k subscribers and 12 million views.
“Evi has one of the most adventurous life from anybody I got to know and believe me I know a lot of people since I am a musician. She has crazy and interesting stories, and this will be one book that very excites me to read.”/London, UK/

*My name is Māris Minkevics. I am Board member and coach of Latvia’s largest windsurfing club “Kambīze”. I have been windsurfing for 20 years now, and have placed top 3 in many Baltic state’s wave riding competitions. Alongside that, I’ve also been making music. I’ve been part of many music groups, such as “Headlights”, “The Slog”, “Vertigo”, “Dafne” and “Bezvējš”. I have also worked with one of Latvia’s hip-hop music founder’s Armands. My work so far can be seen in my Facebook and Instagram accounts.
My windsurfing club’s homepage -
“At the turn of the century, I was the lead singer and bass guitarist of the alternative rock band “Headlights”. At one of the concerts, which I was a part of, I met a girl, Evi. Our meeting was fateful and turn in the development of the group, because it turned out that Evija had many fantastic song ideas. Her deep and unusual compositions gave me the opportunity to compose meaningful lyrics. With her help, we made our debut in Latvia’s most popular radio station “SWH”. I was fascinated by Evi's ability to look at the essence of human relationships, which are full of contradictions. We managed to portray it perfectly in our song "Behind the Horizon". This song is the highest achievement of our collaboration - the victor of Latvia’s biggest rock music competition “Sinepes un Medus 2005” ("Mustard and Honey2 005"), which helped shine a light on the path of music to come.”/Riga,Latvia/

* Giovanni Bassano is Italian/American musician, busker, the songwriter who is playing internationally and domestically for two decades. He has extensive follower base on different social platforms.
“I met Evi more than 10 years ago in a very very special way, I was playing music in the streets of Dublin, Ireland and that’s how we connected. She worked as a promoter for Babylonradio.
We’ve got to know a lot about each other during these years, even when we were living in different countries! She leads an interesting lifestyle and is an incredibly unique personality.
I’m truly looking forward to seeing what will come out from this book, do not miss it.”/Basel, Switzerland/

3 publishers interested
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  • Update #1 - Sliding Elephants May 17, 2020

    Dear Reader,

         Thank you all for Subscribing for my book Every Face Has A Story. It shows that you believe that every story has ...

  • Andrew Bird
    on May 22, 2020, 3:43 p.m.

    Hey Evi, Sorry it took me a little while - busy, busy, busy. Now officially in your fan club! Have a great weekend!

  • Nia Sheremeteva
    on May 25, 2020, 3:48 p.m.

    Good luck! The book sounds amazing!

    • Evi (Evija) Laizane
      on May 25, 2020, 9:34 p.m.

      Thank you Nia, I care that message is out there for you friends and family ! Something to talk about, share, learn, care and enjoy like a equality food in the restaurant!

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    on June 29, 2020, 10:39 p.m.

    This piece of writing is genuinely a pleasant one it helps
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