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Kait Hatch

Kait Hatch

Calgary, Alberta

Kaitlyn Hatch has been writing for as long as she can remember. She has six completed manuscripts and several others in the works.

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About the author

Through her writing (fiction) she aims to explore the untold stories of often marginalized groups, pulling on her experience as a queer women who likes to do drag and from the stories of the many interesting and wonderful people she has met.

She's a contributing writer to and the blog, as well as having kept her own blog since 2008.

Along with all this writing she's a Buddhist, exploring the teachings through her art and through 'Everything is Workable', a podcast she produces herself.

She has one published book: Wise at Any Age - a handbook for cultivating wisdom. This was her first foray into self publishing and she loved it.

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Update #6 - 'Meet' The Author hang out video May 19, 2016

Hello patrons! 

Thank you to everyone who was able to tune in to watch on Sunday. Evidently there were a lot more people watching than the viewer count indicated - given that it sat at 1 viewer for about 45 minutes. *laughs* 

Anyhoo - for those of you who weren't able to tune in (and those of you who were and would like a laugh) I've cropped the two hours down to just over seven minutes. The sound isn't great but I do hope it gives you something to smile about. 



P.S. Please keep sharing the campaign link and inviting people to back it! We're past the post on the half way mark. It would be brilliant if the campaign could reach $4000 by the end of the week!