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Audrey Brazeel

Audrey Brazeel

Austin, Texas

Audrey self-published Generation Nanny, with help from Positively Powered Publishing, in July 2020 on Amazon! With degrees in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, and a masters degree in Teaching and Learning; Audrey is a self-proclaimed social scientist who loves to over-analyze everything (including her own white-privilege!). Former nanny, current nonprofit consultant, and owner of the Generation Nanny coaching and match-making business, Audrey is a devoted community builder helping families find the help they need while advocating for domestic workers rights and creating positive social change for women's issues. Follow her blog and social accounts @generationnanny on Facebook and Instagram.

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About the author

As a first time author, Audrey has been working on Generation Nanny for the last 3 years. The release of this book stands as a major personal accomplishment, and writing it has given her the purpose she is in fact searching for throughout her book. Audrey has always been a floater, jumping from job to job and place to place. As she bounces from one thing to the next, she considers every experience as research; meeting people is her way of collecting data and writing is her outlet to share her findings.

As she approaches her 30th birthday this year, she hopes publishing her work will help her to put her 20's to rest and allow her to embrace the next decade. She hopes her book will help other 20-somethings embrace the mundane service jobs that are often done to pass the time as purposeful moments meant to teach and lead us closer to our destinations.

She is originally from Colorado, where she earned her Bachelors in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and earned a Masters degree in 2017 for Teaching and Learning with a focus in Organizational Leadership and Change Management. Today, Audrey is living in Austin Texas with her Fiancé where she currently works for a school and continues her pursuit to land a career enhancing position in education.

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Generation Nanny

A Memoir

A millennials' story about self-discovery and adventure, Audrey stumbles upon the real meaning of life while spending her 20's nannying for 7 families across 3 states.

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Biography & Memoir
50,000 words
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Generation Nanny is the true story of a Millennial woman’s journey as she searches for her life’s purpose. 

Audrey began writing this book as a therapeutic journal assigned by a counselor. As she tries to grapple with life’s disappointments and tries to navigate the arduous journey of her 20's, her reflective practice morphed into a series of narrative stories about human connection, recognition and privilege, perseverance, and the strength of women. 

Like every other Millennial, Audrey just wanted to make an impact. As a social-science degree graduate, she could care less about making a living but was focused on  changing the world. While everyone was nannying, busing tables, and going back for a second degree, Audrey was working for nonprofits. But feel-good work comes with financial sacrifice and the strain of sustaining the “do good” lifestyle started to create a bitter taste in her mouth (and her father's, since he was footing most of her bills).
So like any good Millennial does, when the going got tough... she ran the other way.
Quitting all her impactful jobs, she turned to nannying as her income-placeholder while pursuing her getaway plan. Running from decision making, disappointment, and adulting, her nannying back-up plan began to transform into her lifestyle, spending the following 3 years subsequently nannying for 7 families in a row, traveling across the country, all while channeling the spirit of her mother’s nanny.

People spend their lives trying to find their purpose. We search for purpose through our career choices, our relationships, religion, family, art or hobbies. Growing up in the digital age, Millennials have been bombarded with examples of ultimate success and thus they have created a romanticized idea of what it means to make an impact. Not everyone can become the CEO of a company and not everyone can start their own NGO to solve world hunger. We have come to believe that if we are not making a notable, shareable, recognizable impact, our life somehow lacks meaning. 

Generation Nanny redefines what it means to make an impact in today’s world. As Audrey discovers the importance of simply caring for others, she confronts and analyzes her own privilege, race, culture, and class while shining a light on the generations of nannies that have come before her. 

In an age where women are using their voice to ignite change, this book reveals a universal truth that when women bind together to support each other’s families, careers, and lives, anything is possible. 

This book seeks to contextualize the current state of the American childcare system and the intersectionality of women's careers, family planning, and women's pursuit for equality in the worldplace. Readers will take away relatable stories of self-discovery and purpose that recognize privilege and ignite pride in every role we have as women; even if you are "just a nanny".



For Tine (Preface)
As an ode to her mother's Nanny who raised her in the Deep South in the ‘60’s, Audrey explains the reason she is compelled to write her story.

Chapter 1: “Just a Nanny”
Audrey throws caution to the wind and heads to the Golden Coast where she find that there is simply no such thing as being “Just a Nanny”; especially when the future success of American families lies in your hands.

Chapter 2: Santa Barbara
After being rejected by numerous jobs, a failed relationship, and an avoidance of financial responsibility, Audrey runs away to California where she spends a summer working for a 6-year-old Chinese boy and caring for her first baby.

Chapter 3: The long way home
Making tough decisions and confronting the privilege she has, Audrey returns to her childhood home with her tail between her legs and stumbles upon her third nannying opportunity in less than a year.

Chapter 4: The Nyman’s and me
Jumping in to rescue a family in need, Audrey dives head first into what it means to care for a family that is not her own. Witnessing the challenges of having a child with special needs, and the value of partnership and support, she is dumbfounded by the strength and willpower of a mother's determination to love her family.

Chapter 5: Whiteness-Check!
Contextualizing race, class, gender, and culture, Audrey spends some time analyzing her experiences and choices in relation to those of the past and the present.

Chapter 6: Mississippi
On another adventure across the country, Audrey goes to the Deep South with a family she is nannying for.

Chapter 7: It’s all relative
Processing the end of her time nannying, she is ready to start another chapter, but first has to say goodbye.

Chapter 8: On the road again
Audrey processes why she was led to nanny in the first place, attempting to identify what her experience means for her future.

Chapter 9: Back to Denver
Audrey needs to know what’s next for her as she starts her journey back to Colorado.

Chapter 10: The business of nannying
Audrey falls back into old habits as she resorts back to nannying to survive.

Chapter 11:  A woman’s predicament
Populating the world isn’t easy. Audrey finds herself living, and observing, a life full of predicaments. It’s time to surrender and channel a little bit of magic.

Chapter 12: Summer of the baby

  • Double Duty - 2 babies, 1 nanny. Mission: Nannyshare
  • Charlie and Emerald - A story of single adoption
  • Mary and Lola - Mental health and motherhood
  • Along came Beaux - It’s the 21st century, where my Dad’s at?

Chapter 13: She became a Nanny, Ya'll

Nannying as a survival technique to avoid another #metoo in the workplace.

Chapter 29.5 : Pieces of PeaceAt 29 and a half years old, Audrey ends the book with putting pieces of her past and her present to rest and instilling peace in her search for purpose.



Over the course of only 2 years I now follow over 1000 Nanny or childcare Instagram accounts and #Nannylife has been used over 1.2 million times on Instagram.

With this said, where there is a family, there is a nanny. Where there is a nanny, there is a Millennial mother. Where there’s a Millennial mother, there is #GenerationNanny .

Nannying has been a survival strategy for uneducated and educated women to survive in a male-dominated society for hundreds of years, reaching back to domestic servanthood and slavery. Now, in the 21st century, the demand for a nanny is so high that it has created a market in and of itself. Nanny agencies, AuPair exchange programs, Nanny merchandise, Nanny support groups, and even Nanny-organized cruises!

Now Trending!Instagram: @nannycruise2019

Social media has enabled nannies to promote themselves as childcare professionals, highlighting their work through social networking and strategically capitalizing on the market by creating their own businesses around the topic as well.

The target reader is the Millennial woman. These women likely work in childcare, education, social sciences, or as a nanny or a former nanny. As more and more women are nannying to get themselves through college or to finance their dreams, it is one of the only jobs that seems to be exclusively for women. Teaching is a predominantly female position and as we see teachers going on strike in Denver and more cities around the country, female educators often consider nannying as an alternative to replace or supplement their income

This market and reader is a politically and culturally conscious woman who seeks out resources to learn more about feminism and women’s rights, and to stay on the forefront of the conversation, whether that's in their personal or professional circles. These women listen to podcasts, enjoy learning more about women’s history, are proud to be a #nastywoman and enjoy applying a critical analysis to better understand our lives as women in the 21st century. 

In addition, this reader seeks out sources of strength by following self-affirming social media accounts, she believes in being her authentic self, supports unapologetically telling the truth, and enjoys a satirical and sassy comedian like Chelsea handler, Amy Schumer, and Trevor Noah. 

They may have nannied to finance their education or when they were in between jobs, but the reader is searching for meaning and purpose while navigating her 20s and 30s; #GenerationNanny hits many of them at home as it touches on other topics such as privilege, race, history, relationships, and dealing with life’s shortcomings.


In response to the Trump presidency, the #metoo movement and #timesup, women are organizing and conversing about equality in the world and at work, or as I would like to call, the worldplace. Austin, TX is one of the youngest and fastest-growing cities in America chock full of women’s empowerment networking groups, media outlets, and organizations all covening around women’s issues on a scheduled, regular basis.These groups create awareness and call attention to the institutionalized barriers we experience in our professional lives and how we can educate ourselves and band together to create a better tomorrow. 

Women active in such groups are called to action to inform themselves and this book is meant to add to the conversation. The ideal reader can be found in this women’s empowerment demographic and all of them are a nanny, have been a nanny, know a nanny, were cared for by a nanny, or will need a nanny themselves one day.  

As women are increasingly staying in the workforce after having children, and our public education system continues to struggle to accommodate the childcare needs that we have today, there is an ever-present demand for nannies. Based on studies from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women make 77-78 cents on the dollar to that of men, requiring two incomes to become the norm for families who hope to live a middle-class lifestyle. This requirement creates a predicament because by the time the mother needs to return to work after her average 3 months maternity leave, there are not many options for affordable childcare (especially if she does not qualify for government assistance). As for the few affordable childcare options, most daycares are at capacity and families have to wait for the waitlist to dwindle down and their child’s name to be called. They can wait weeks or months for this to happen, and most families just don’t have that flexibility to wait around. This is in fact the moment where families are left with the question: do we need to hire a nanny? Studies say that is is more expensive to have a nanny, but when push comes to shove, sometimes you have to hire a nanny even if it’s just for the interim. This is not a just a trend, it is real life, and it will likely continue to happen until more women are able to make the changes we need as a society to support working mothers and fathers.

This book speaks directly to the Millennial woman’s experience, and helps to contextualize her time as a nanny and give an optimistic approach to her journey of self-exploration. Generation Nanny sees the woman who is nannying as she is typically the woman in the background doing domestic work that the outside world sees as simplistic, maternal, and easy. Knowing that this position is one that is overshadowed by our patriarchal world, those who nanny tend to feel that they are overshadowed as well.

With social media platforms to share our voices, the Millennial woman is one who is active on- and off-line when it comes to sharing insights about a podcast they like (shoutout to the Unladylike Podcast on “How to Nanny up”) and intentionally chooses to retweet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, youngest female congresswoman in U.S. history, who has 32.6 million followers, why? Because she too, is a Millennial.
Feminist hashtags take off like wildfire on social media, and women are finally being praised for their accomplishments in history, math, science, and politics. With 110 women in Congress, and now 6 women confirming that they are running for president in 2020, a fire has been ignited and women are feeling more and more empowered—they want to be heard. 

“Millennials make up nearly a quarter of the total U.S. population, 30 percent of the voting age population, and almost two-fifths of the working age population”. Millennials are people born between 1981-1996; currently they are 22-37 years old, and reported in 2018 by PEW Research center “Some 1.2 million Millennial women gave birth for the first time in 2016, according to National Center for Health Statistics data, raising the total number of U.S. women in this generation who have become mothers to more than 17 million”. This is a generation that has experienced much of their professional careers after the 2009 economic crisis, experiencing higher unemployment than their parent’s generation, and now they are reaching the years of marriage and family planning all while looking at the next 20-30 years of paying off their student loans.

This book focuses on the impact nannies have made in the past and are making now to support each other’s families and careers. These words are meant to help to give a voice to someone like myself who has struggled on the job front to find my place and nannied as a part of a survival plan. This book gives an entire generation of women a voice, it gives generations of nannies, a voice.


OUTREACH & Communication

Email list of 75+ - Email Marketing strategy includes personal and professional contacts from years of working in Education, non-profit, and leading local women’s empowerment events in Austin plus family and friends. I plan to send 1 email every Sunday during the campaign updating everyone of the progress and adding in a few announcements and personal shares.

Social Media Outreach Plan
600 Personal Instagram followers
600 GenerationNanny Instagram followers - this account is only 2 years old and is solely connected to all other nanny, childcare, and women’s empowerment accounts that are my audience and reader market.

1000 Friends on personal FB Page and GenerationNanny page - Doing page optimization and adding in connections from Facebook groups for local nannies, travel nannies, and more.

LinkedIn- large circle of local Austin entrepreneurs, plan to post a few blog posts that are connect to my website and my LInkedIn for promotion as the month ensues.

Strategic and steady promotion throughout the month with thematic posts on Women’s history month, promoting the campaign and my journey and progression as it goes. I will also be featuring 15 nannies (mutual friends) and their stories on Instagram and FB.This is an opportunity for their followers and audiences to plug into what I am doing and help me to promote to their audiences as well.

Events that will support my campaign from March 8 - April 8 

March 1-17th - Podcast appearance on ChroniclesofNannya, which has 100+ subscribers

Empowering a Billion Women Meeting and Young Women's Alliance - two local women's networking events in March

March 23 I will have a bridal shower and will be able to promote my campaign to more family and friends who would lend their support.

April 7th, Writers Roulette - reading at a group event in Austin at local bookstore for local writers followed by a birthday party for myself which will be shared via SM and used to make a last push for the remaining books that I will need to meet my goal or surpass it!

Co-promotion by Amy Collette/Unleash Your Inner Author/Positively Powered Authors on FB (1,250+ followers), LinkedIn (1,400 + followers) and Instagram (500 followers)

Potential Partners for Sponsorship:

National Domestic Workers Alliance is an advocacy organization promoting the rights of domestic workers in the United States.

International Nanny Association: INA’s mission is to serve as the umbrella association for the in-home child care industry by providing information, education and guidance to the public and to industry professionals (Milwaukee, WI) Community - blog posts and engaging with the company. ( is the world's largest online destination for care. We connect families with caregivers and caring companies to help you be there for the ones you love.)

Video Strategy: 4 min video will be made to highlight Audrey, the theme and mission of her book, and how people should get involved in her campaign. It will feature some footage from when she was a nanny to now, allowing people to understand what is inspiring her to write this book. The video will be shared widely throughout campaign on various platforms


Becoming a nanny is very common despite the underrepresentation in the popular media and in literature today. Sure, we have seen Fran Drescher as the leopard wearing Nanny from New Jersey, the wholesome Governess in the Sound of Music, and The Help provided one of the first historical narratives to the history of nannying in the Jim Crow South- but when have we seen a real story of the Millennial Nanny?
After searching “Nanny Memoir” on Amazon books, I reviewed 96 results comprised of tell-all celebrity nanny stories written by anonymous writers, murder mysteries, and trashy novels that sexualize the nanny position and paint a picture of the nanny as a seducing temptress. In this list, a few simplistic and enjoyable beach-reads of fictional Au Pair adventures and babysitters club style quick-reads, yet nothing can be found that intentionally uses Nannying as a caveat for political and cultural dialogue regarding 21st century women’s issues and feminist hot topics.
There are academic audiences that focus on nannying and motherhood. For example, I stumbled upon Shadow Mothers: Nannies, Au pairs, and the Micropolitics of Mothering by Cameron Lynne Macdonald (2010) published by Berkeley, University of California Press. But, unless people are enrolling in a Sociology of Women/ Sociology of Work / Labor Women & Work course in college, this book will not reach the masses who consume popular culture.
People want a quick and easy read with a little bit of analytical seriousness which is why the books listed below have not only influenced Generation Nanny as it was being written, but also allows it to compete with them by appealing directly to their reader market. This book is not merely a Nanny Memoir, as it also infuses points regarding privilege and whiteness, and an honest conversation about the historical evolution of the nanny position while highlighting the challenges young people face in finding their life’s purpose.
Through funny stories that point out the pain, the irony, the pointlessness, and the lightness of being young, this memoir bleeds over into the arenas of personal development, serious and comedic self-discovery memoirs, women’s issues, history, and feminism while adding women and nannying as a point of discussion on the current dialogue around millennials and leadership.
Personal Development:

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: : A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson, published by Harper One in 2016, New York Times best seller. Curvatiling the talk around positive psychology, Mason gives readers a no-bullshit way of approaching life: you are in charge of your life so surround yourself with things you want, make choices that will benefit you, and stop striving for leaving an idealistic legacy behind. A realist and logical approach to life. Generation Nanny, includes narrative components of what this thought process sounds like, and looks like, in real-time. When Audrey gets to a fork in the road, she often follows this book’s approach to life, literally telling herself to choose the riskier option because: “why the f*ck not?”
  2. You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero published by Running Press in 2013. In a similar vein to Generation Nanny, this book is also a series of short chapters of funny and heartwarming stories of human connectedness and the internal battle humans fight with doubt; accompanied by the occasional curse word. Through professional-self discovery, Sincero confronts the counterproductive ways of negative thought and self-sabotage, and pushes that self-love and confidence can help you accomplish your goals. Generation Nanny pulls from these concepts and channels the oppositional pulls of internalizing self-doubt while still having that typical, over-confident, Millennial optimism and hope.

Women’s Memoirs - Comedy and Upfront
3. Bossypants written by Tina Fey, published in 2011 by Reagan Arthur Books/Little, Brown and Company gives a hilarious spin on the complexity of being a woman in comedy, a woman who is successful, and a woman who is just plain normal. As Fey owns the sometimes embarrassing moments of eating crumbs off the floor, and explains why being called “bossy” is actually a good thing she normalizes all the craziness it takes to pull off life Audrey offers up this realness and hilarity in the irony that we see in life’s moments as well. Generation Nanny has a voice of a young woman with nothing to hide- giving both books an authenticity that only comedians can have sometimes. A balancing act of being empathetically judgemental, she writes her true thoughts of her first-impressions of people, families, and kids that anyone would LOL to.

4. Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's "Learned" by Lena Dunham, published in 2015 by Random House. Also written by a Millennial, this book and Generation Nanny both tell of the experience as a privileged, white, Millennial woman with a familiar, yet uniquely experienced, mental health journey. Making use of an introspective method, both writers use reflective narrative writing to process life’s hardest moments. The reader is clued into what small moments in life have an effect on the greater picture affecting how she values herself, her family, other people, and the world at large.

Women’s Self-Help Memoir
5. Released recently in February 2018, a New York Times best seller, Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis, published by Thomas Nelson Books, registered trademarks of HarperCollins Christian Publishing is a spiritually driven memoir of confronting lies and past experiences that keep us from reaching our full potential as women. The heavy motherhood and family theme’s throughout the book relate directly to Generation Nanny. Much of the women’s empowerment conversations lately are revolved around women and their professional lives, their careers, and workplaces- Both, Hollis and Brazeel, touch on women in the context of their homes and families, the difficulties of motherhood, and the identity crisis that many women experience during their lifetime when it comes to a classic predicament: Career over Family? OR, Family or Career? Can I ACTUALLY have it all?


Women’s History

6. Hidden Figures: The Untold True Story of Four African-American Women Who Helped Launch Our Nation into Space written by Margot Lee Shetterly, published by Harper Collins in 2016 put four, otherwise anonymous, African American Women and their work on the map. This book shares the stories of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden, who lived through the Civil Rights and fought for race and gender equality by working with NASA. Similarly, Generation Nanny is also about a story of a woman that would have otherwise been forgotten, and that is her mother’s nanny, Tine. Popular culture has been presented with a simplified, fictional, version of this history through The Help, and Brazeel’s goal is to let Generation Nanny add to the narrative of the history of Nannying in America.

Women’s Issues

7. Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship by Kaylene Schaefer, published in 2018 by Penguin Random House takes on a personal and sociological perspective to female friendship, its evolution through pop culture, and its importance. Both Brazeel and Schaefer use interviews and experiences as data to support some of the main ideas. The writers include popular culture, trends, and fads which make the read a relatable and digestible process as readers laugh and roll their eyes to the ridiculousness of life as woman while nodding along, agreeing that female partnership is key to surviving and thriving.

I am a Millennial redefining what it means to be a leader and how we can all be a leader and make an impact even if we are “just a nanny”. This book will add to the current conversation around Millennial Leadership, how to lead us, and how we will become leaders. The readers of the following books would read my book to better understand what Millennial Women have experienced which would further support their findings that courage and bravery create good leaders, and focusing on the empowerment approach to management and encouraging female mentorship will aid in forming leaders for tomorrow.

7. Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. Written by Brene Brown in 2018, published by Random House. Approaching bravery, courage, and leadership through a holistic understanding of the human brain and emotions is what Brown uses to provide her take on what leaders of today and tomorrow should dare to start doing, thinking, and saying. Generation Nanny gives a narrative to how complicated this process is for people to learn, and those in the Millennial generation, are often faced with opposing ideals creating complex identities that desire to make an impact sometimes greater than themselves while being met with adversity and glass ceilings.

8. Simon Sinek is one of the most popular leadership theorists, speaking in regards to Millennials and organizational leadership. Leaders Eat Last, Published in 2017, his New York Times Bestseller, complete with an extended chapter on “how to lead Millennials” and his first book, Start with Why, he speaks about understanding the importance of empowering Millennials and mentorship in the workplace. For many women who have nannied post grad, they have received mentorship through their relationships with the families they work for, which contributes to their loyalty and willingness to stay in their nannying role for longer than they had expected.
9. Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg completes the intersection of Millenial women and their need for mentorship and guidance from older generations of women in the workplace. To empower each other, as there is room for everyone at the top. Generation Nanny exemplifies the need for female leadership and the need for supportive female leadership by showing the hardship mothers face when going back to work after childbirth, and the need for support in all places of life including at work.
10. An approach to life and to pursuing one’s career, this book adds the voice of imperfection, the acceptance of uncertainty, the explanation of Millennial’s noncommittal ways; Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned to Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong by Kristen Hadeed (forward written by Simon Sinek) was published in 2017 by Portfolio. In a genre also about domestic services, Hadeed created a business called Student Maid, that was not a success at first but is not know to be a place where productive, happy, people work. Like Generation Nanny, the book is a conversation between the writer and the reader, facing mistakes and mess-ups straight on and sticking around for the lesson learned at the end.

21 publishers interested
Black Rose Writing logo Black Rose Writing

500 copies • Partial manuscript • Looking for fiction, non-fiction, and children's book genres, all having one thing in common: an individual's originality and hardship.
Black Rose Writing is an independent publishing house that strongly believes in developing a personal relationship with their authors. The Texas-based publishing company doesn't see authors as clients or just another number on a page, but rather as individual people who deserve an honest review of their material and to be paid traditional royalties without ever paying any fees to be published. We are proud members of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association), a recognized ITW (International Thriller Writers) publisher, members of Publishers Marketplace, and currently serving on the Ingram Publisher Advisory Board.

Traditional publisher

Children Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Business & Money, Career & Success, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Personal Growth & Self-Improvement, Sports & Outdoors

Canada, United Kingdom, United States

Odyssey Books logo Odyssey Books

500 copies • Partial manuscript • Looking for fiction, memoir, and narrative non-fiction, as well as novelty and picture books from Aus/NZ authors only.
Odyssey Books is committed to publishing engaging and beautifully written books. Books that stretch the imagination, challenge pre-existing attitudes and beliefs, or take readers to far-flung climes. Books are always a journey. And as our name suggests, we invest in epic journeys, adventurous voyages and intellectual or spiritual quests. Readers are sure to find a book within our range of titles to challenge, inspire, and entertain. Odyssey titles are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Novella Distribution, and worldwide via Ingram.

Traditional publisher

Literary Fiction, Mind & Body, Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, History, Journalism, Society & Culture, Technology & the Future, Travel


Sourcebooks logo Sourcebooks

500 copies • Partial manuscript • Looking for motivational, inspiration and the lighter side of business.
Sourcebooks is an independent vision. We are a company bound together by the idea that Books. Change. Lives. For us, it means a passion for books and a dedication to the belief that books change lives. It means innovative publishing, where every book is personal and every author’s voice has a place. And it means not being afraid to say “I don’t know” and forging a new path when we have to. We are a group of passionate, energetic and enthusiastic book lovers, and we are committed to helping readers experience each book. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Traditional publisher

Mind & Body, Romantic Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Business & Money, Career & Success, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Journalism, Personal Growth & Self-Improvement, Politics & Social Sciences, Science, Society & Culture, Sports & Outdoors, Technology & the Future, Travel


Tinker Books logo Tinker Books

250 copies • Partial manuscript.
Tinker Books is a small independent publisher based in Cranbrook British Columbia Canada. We do not pay advances nor do we charge authors for services. We also do not misuse the word "Royalties" we pay the authors a percentage of the profit earned from the sale of their works.

Traditional publisher

Children Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, History, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Technology & the Future


Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. logo Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

250 copies • Completed manuscript.
Atlantic Publishing has been providing millions of readers information to jumpstart their careers, start businesses, manage employees, invest, plan for retirement, learn technologies, build relationships, and live rewarding, fulfilling lives. Our award-winning authors and publication staff strive to make our products the best and most up-to-date available. We go further than most publishers to get our customers the best products.

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Cranthorpe Millner operates a hybrid publishing model. This means, should an author pass our editors’ strict filtering system, we can offer different kinds of agreements depending on the author and the manuscript. With some authors, we work under a ‘traditional’ model, whereby we cover the full cost of publication and the author is offered industry-standard royalties (8-10%). To some authors, we offer what we call a partnership or contributory agreement, whereby the author is asked for a financial contribution so that we may share the risk and enter into a partnership together to publish the author’s book. In this case, the author receives around 60-75% royalties.

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Emerald Lake Books is a hybrid publishing company that provides a unique blend of business coaching with publishing to help its authors succeed, whether it’s their first book or their fiftieth! Emerald Lake Books specializes in working with positive people who have an engaging, exciting, or entertaining message to share with the world. Using a unique, goal-oriented approach to publishing, we combine our business and publishing knowledge to help our authors set and attain goals for their readers, their brands, and their books. And many of those books have gone on to win international awards and recognition.

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Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Mind & Body, Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Business & Money, Career & Success, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Journalism, Personal Growth & Self-Improvement, Science, Society & Culture, Technology & the Future, Travel


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i2i Publishing was founded by Lionel Ross and asks for a small financial contribution towards costs.

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Isabella Media Inc is a Rhode Island-based, family-owned, mainline publishing organization with a mission to discover unknown stories. We combine unknown or little known authors’ undiscovered potential with Isabella Media Inc’s unique approach to publishing to provide the highest quality books to readers about stories they may not find anywhere else. It’s our desire to find unique stories that drive us.

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Koehler Books is an Indie publisher based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our team of dedicated professionals promises you a holistic publishing experience where you'll receive our full attention, collaboration, and coaching every step of the way. We offer two publishing models: a traditional non-fee model for the highest quality work, as well as a co-publishing model that includes creative development fees for emerging authors. Our titles are broad-based and include nearly every major non-fiction and fiction genre.

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Positively Powered provides book coaching and publishing. Our clients are business experts, entrepreneurs and change makers who realize the value of their unique story to make a powerful impact. Becoming published authors gives them greater authority and credibility in their fields, allowing them to reach and influence a wider audience.

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Looking for cookbooks, design, craft books, art, non-fiction and photography.
Prensa Press a boutique publishing house and creative studio with a mission of working with passionate writers, chefs, artists, architects, designers and dreamers to help craft their stories and bring them to print. We are a small team located between Mexico City and Chicago that is selective in the projects that we take on to ensure each client has our entire focus. We are flexible in our approach to each individual project and like to take risks, experiment in new mediums and techniques and tell each story in its own unique fashion.

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Why Publish with RJPP?

The book business is a difficult pursuit. Especially for an Independent writer. The decision to go it alone and self-publish, or go with a small press is strictly an individual business decision. Hiring professional freelance resources like editors, cover designers, and formatters can be daunting enough. Let alone that dreaded marketing and promotion. All of that takes precious time away from what you could be doing. Writing!

With an experienced Literary Agent, award-winning Author, publicist, and publisher like RJ Parker, you don't have to do it alone. RJPP offers years of success and reputation to represent you and your work. Ask yourself, “Do I want to succeed? Is my book worthy of reaping all it is worth and then some?” If you take pride in your work and want to excel to the top, RJ Parker will implement his years of knowledge and skills learned as an industry leader in marketing to get your work into the hands of the people who matter.

What about the nitty-gritty financial workings?

We don't pay advances as a traditional firm does. (which in this business, an advance is used against royalties before you get paid) BUT, we DO pay a much higher royalty rate AND you get paid every month! The standard industry royalty rate is 12-16%. We pay 50% to established writers, and 40% to new authors. (New authors will pay a setup fee). For the majority of authors, we pay the cost of editing, cover artist, ISBN number, formatting, etc.


If you are looking for mediocrity or status quo, RJ Parker may not be a good fit for you. However, Parker is a go-getter in the industry who will not cease until he makes your dreams become your reality!

Please send your proposal to and include:
Book Title
Book Description
Synopsis (what your book is about and why you think it’s a good fit with RJPP)
A brief bio, including your city of residence, and publication history
First two chapters

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Dear Author,

You worked hard to write your manuscript; finally, it's ready to release. You know that expert assistance is needed, but perhaps you didn’t know that it’s no longer necessary to work with a publisher—especially publishers who charge fees to produce your book upfront and deduct more costs on the back end whenever a book is sold.

1106 Design is an author services company. We provide all the editorial and design services you’d expect from a publisher to turn your manuscript into a market-ready book—editing, cover design, interior layout, proofreading, eBook formatting, and more—at the traditional publisher level. Unlike a publisher, we’ll help you obtain print-on-demand printing and worldwide distribution in your name so that you earn, in most cases, several dollars more for every book sold instead of a measly “royalty.”

We’ll customize a package of services to suit your exact needs at affordable prices ranging from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on your manuscript's word count and complexity. And we’ll manage all the intricacies of book production, so you don’t have to. After this one-time investment, every penny of net revenue from book sales goes directly to you, never to us.

If this sounds like a better way to publish your book, I invite you to browse our services, design samples, no-surprises pricing, outstanding customer reviews, and educational articles at

1106 Design has been in business since 2001 and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We are a “Highly Recommended Expert” at and rated "Excellent" at Alli, The Alliance for Independent Authors, at

How can we serve you today?

Michele DeFilippo, owner

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Atmosphere Press is an independent publisher dedicated to author rights. We publish in all genres and have an exceptional editorial, design, and promotional staff. We stand for Honesty, Transparency, Professionalism, and Kindness. We want our authors and their readers to be blown away when they first hold that book in their hands. It needs to look good inside and out, and feel good to the touch. And, of course, the words need to be top-notch, and our editors are devoted to making that the case.

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Children Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mind & Body, Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Business & Money, Career & Success, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Journalism, Personal Growth & Self-Improvement, Politics & Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Society & Culture, Sports & Outdoors, Technology & the Future, Travel


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Authors Unite helps you become a profitable author and make an impact. We take care of printing and distribution through major online retailers, developmental editing, and proofreading with unlimited revisions. We take care of the entire process for you from book cover design all the way to set up your backend so all your book royalties go straight to your bank account. We can also help with ghostwriting if you prefer not to have to figure out all the steps on how to write a book yourself.

With our book marketing services, you don’t need to worry about figuring out all the steps on how to market a book or how to become a bestselling author. We’ve helped hundreds of authors become bestselling authors on Amazon, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. We take care of the entire book launch process for you to help you sell thousands of copies of your book and become a bestselling author.

View case studies here:

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Bookmobile provides book printing, graphic design, and other resources to support book publishers in an ever-changing environment. Superior quality, excellent customer service, flexibility, and timely turnarounds have attracted nearly 1,000 satisfied clients to Bookmobile, including trade houses, university presses, independent publishers, museums, galleries, artists, and more. In addition, we manage eBook conversions and produce galleys, and regularly provide short-run reprints of 750 copies or fewer for major publishers such as Graywolf Press.

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Children Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mind & Body, Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Business & Money, Career & Success, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Journalism, Personal Growth & Self-Improvement, Politics & Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Society & Culture, Sports & Outdoors, Technology & the Future, Travel


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eBooks2go, Inc. was founded in 2011 to provide the missing link for all your publishing needs. Our end-to-end solutions provide the guidance and support that enable publishers and independent authors to pursue their passions. To date, we have helped more than 750 authors and 100 publishers worldwide. We offer an array of simple and affordable solutions to assist self-publishing authors at every stage of the book publishing process. Our comprehensive service offering includes editing, print and eBook production, book marketing, cover designs, ISBN registration, and even website designs. We are a single source for all of your publishing needs.

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Happy Self Publishing has helped 500+ authors to get their books self-published, hit the #1 position in the Amazon bestseller charts, and also establish their author website & brand to grow their business. And the best thing is, we do all this without taking away your rights and royalties. Let's schedule a call to discuss the next steps in your book project:

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Children Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mind & Body, Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Business & Money, Career & Success, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Journalism, Personal Growth & Self-Improvement, Politics & Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Society & Culture, Sports & Outdoors, Technology & the Future, Travel


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Bestsellers are great. Long-term sellers are even better. We'll help you do both.

Project Bestseller is about creating bestsellers. More importantly, it’s about building author platforms and long-term success. We’re building books that sell well over time, generate income for their authors, and create a lasting impact for their readers.

How? The surface answer to this question is:
- crafting each book for maximum appeal to readers
- editing, design, and production with quality to match or exceed traditional publishers
- building an author platform to build loyalty and reach
- optimizing marketing elements such as keywords, categories, and sales copy
- leveraging promotion and advertising to generate sales at a profit

A deeper answer is: with strategy, curiosity, and intense passion.

Why? We believe good books should sell. If you're like most of our clients, you have a big vision for your book. It represents you. It says something about who you are. Now you’re ready for it to start touching lives.

You can probably think of half a dozen books that have become part of the grain of your life, because they gave you exactly what you needed at the time—whether it was a feeling, an experience, a different perspective, or just the information you needed to unlock your next possibility.

Now it's your turn. We can help you impact your readers with your book. It's what we do.

We've been helping authors finish and publish their books since 2012. Services include: ghostwriting, editing, cover design, book design, formatting, publishing guidance, launch planning, marketing.

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ShieldCrest are book publishers based in the UK who fill that vital gap for talented authors where mainstream publishers are unwilling to give them that chance. We strive for excellence and invest in our authors and are listed in FreeIndex as the number one independent publisher in the UK for price quality and service rated author satisfaction. We publish books of all genres including; fiction, historical, biographies and children's books.

ShieldCrest publishing continues to grow rapidly with satisfied authors throughout the UK and overseas. Our range of products includes paperbacks, hardbacks and digitised e-books in all formats used globally in the myriad of e-readers.

In addition to the above, ShieldCrest provides a complete range of services including book design and layout, illustrations, proof reading and editing. For marketing we offer author web page, press releases, social media marketing packages and many other support services to help both first time and experienced authors get their books into the market quickly and maximise on the opportunities available.

These services enable us to guide our authors through the process as we transform their manuscript into a professional book, which can take its place with pride next to any famous author's book of the same genre.

The staff at ShieldCrest have many years experience in the book industry and this wealth of experience is put at the disposal of our authors.

Our clients include established authors such as Diane Marshall who has been acclaimed as the best writing talent to come from Scotland for years by The Scotsman newspaper, and Prof Donald Longmore OBE, who performed the first heart transplant in the UK and has sold thousands of medical books used by students throughout the world. We also recently released "Martin Foran-The Forgotten Man" by J.R. Stephenson, which features fraud within the police, abuse within the prison service and injustices in the courts and has been featured in the press and on TV.

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Children Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mind & Body, Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense, Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, Business & Money, Career & Success, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Journalism, Politics & Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Society & Culture, Sports & Outdoors, Technology & the Future, Travel


Chapter 1: Just A Nanny

Katy Perry’s California Gurls is blaring on the radio in my 2005 Ford Focus. I’ve called her Black Beauty, yes like the horse, for the past 10 years but have decided to upgrade her to Black Betty. Yes like the ACDC song. Why? Because she’s a fucking bad ass now. This is no longer a sad depressing story of a domesticated horse, she’s earning her street cred by driving across the country to a new, though ironically more domesticated, life in the sunshine state.

It wasn’t but 3 months prior I had been dealt a few crappy tarot cards. By crappy I mean, I had lost, and still hadn’t earned, things that once were assumed to be awarded at this stage of my life. I am 25 with two college degrees and I am living with my parents. Also I am single, though that can probably be inferred.

Albeit, I do have two degrees which is two more than Suzy Lou from high school who still lives in my hometown with two kids at this point. But what I have are social science degrees from a liberal arts college which basically equals jack shit in job-land. So Suzy Lou might be sitting a bit prettier than me right now. With a balance of $34.61 in my savings account, driving the car I’ve driven since I was 15, I was not at the point in my life that I had expected I would be.

An aura of parental disappointment followed me around like a peter-pan shadow still connected at my feet. I had drug this feeling around with me for the previous 5 months and I had had enough!

My job with the public school district had me gridlocked from advancement. I was only making $10.15 an hour, I had been through a trillion interviews and none of them had panned out. My morale was low and waves of irrational thoughts and impulsivity were influencing my decisions.

The rational decision would have been to stick it out. Wait for as long as it has to take to get my feet on the ground. That’s what most people did my age. A lot of us 20 somethings were living at home, why couldn’t I just be patient?

But adventure is so fun! I had bounced around so much the last few years. Chasing cheap rent and jobs that paid me just enough to get by. Living in a transitional home for young adults, exchanging house-mom duties for cheap rent in Boulder, Colorado. I even chose to stay with a friend’s Mom over my own. Willing to do what it was going to take to prove I could make it in the big bad world of rising Denver property values and stagnant wages.

I wasn’t the only one trying to prove to my parents that I could make it post-grad. Tons of millennials were without work, or making close to minimum wage, struggling to make ends meet while paying off their debt and trying to figure out how to use their BA in the real world.

Where are the scissors? I’m breaking free of this Peter Pan shadow.

Have you ever thought of what “throw caution to the wind” really means? According to Wikipedia, the extremely reliable and absolutely reputable source for absolute truths, it means “to do something despite the risk”. “My parents didn’t send their daughter to college so I could become a nanny. None of my Anthropology degree required changing diapers, folding laundry, or how to navigate awkward conversations with Dads, but if I want to move out of my parents house before I turn 30, I have to get creative.

I had heard of girls traveling the world, living with rich families for free and taking care of their babies. Like Angelia Jolie’s nanny, how the hell do I score a gig like that?

Unfortunately for me there is no, but there are a few free versions. On my lunch breaks from my dead end job with the school district I picked a destination and made it my mission to get myself, at the very minimum, a summer nannying gig.

Location, I type in: San-ta Bar-bar-a, Cali-fornia in the Position box, I select “Full Time, Summer” from the dropdown menu of predefined positions


“So how would you feel about sharing a room with our 8 year old twin girls?”


“Well we really only need someone to drive our kids to and from camp. We don’t need someone full time, but just available all the time to help us in case the kids need to be picked up from camp or one of them is sick one day


“I just need someone to cook, clean, and take my 6 year old son to camp”

“When is his camp?” I inquire.

“Every day from 9am-3pm”


Though it was not the most ideal situation, I had found a family that fit my criteria enough to pack up Black Betty and head to the beach for my summer nannying adventure. Throwing caution to the wind. I didn’t care what the recruiters would ask me when they saw the 3 month gap on my resume. I didn’t care that I would likely come back just as poor and unqualified as I was currently.

I needed a break. Some space between me and that ever lurking parental disappointment that was following me around waiting for me to fail again. I wanted a space to find myself, to explore the world, to live my life, even just for the summer.

I was on my way to Sunny Santa Barbara, California to live with a Chinese family as their live-in domestic servant... I mean nanny. Because that is obviously what any 25 year old, college educated woman would do of course. I may not be nannying for Brad Pitt and Angelina in Africa or Paris, but a Chinese family in California is close enough.

“You could travel the world but nothing comes close to the golden coast” - Katy Perry, California Gurls.

I change the dial on the radio. 

Now that’s much better.

*Thrashes hair *   

Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)Black Betty had a child (Bam-ba-Lam)

The damn thing gone wild (Bam-ba-Lam)
She said, "I'm worryin' outta mind" (Bam-ba-Lam)
The damn thing gone blind (Bam-ba-Lam)
I said "Oh, Black Betty" (Bam-ba-Lam)

Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)

*Throws in a little head bang and flitters fingers on the steering wheel*

Cue the air guitar solo, I'm headed West.


  • Anonymous
    on March 18, 2019, 6:56 p.m.

    I’m so looking forward to holding this book in my hands and reading with curiosity!! Your writing is so entertaining ‼️

  • Anonymous
    on March 18, 2019, 7:01 p.m.

    I’ve ALWAYS known you were a writer with talent. Can’t wait to enjoy reading this book!!
    M. Liz

  • Anonymous
    on March 28, 2019, 1 p.m.

    188 BOOKS‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️AWESOME AUDREY ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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    on March 30, 2019, 9:08 p.m.

    Can’t wait to have my books ! And share them with lots of folks. It will be awesome 👏 you are a gifted writer

  • Maggie Daloisio
    on March 31, 2019, 3:35 p.m.

    Best of luck, Audrey!! You’re amazing! Can’t wait to read it ❤️

  • Liz Brazeel
    on April 1, 2019, 2:23 a.m.

    So close to your goal Audrey ‼️‼️All your hard work and support from so many people us AWESOME ❣️❣️❣️❣️