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Audrey Brazeel

Audrey self-published Generation Nanny, with help from Positively Powered Publishing, in July 2020 on Amazon! With degrees in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, and a masters degree in Teaching and Learning; Audrey is a self-proclaimed social scientist who loves to over-analyze everything (including her own white-privilege!). Former nanny, current nonprofit consultant, and owner of the Generation Nanny coaching and match-making business, Audrey is a devoted community builder helping families find the help they need while advocating for domestic workers rights and creating positive social change for women's issues. Follow her blog and social accounts @generationnanny on Facebook and Instagram.

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Audrey Brazeel

Generation Nanny

Audrey Brazeel

A millennials' story about self-discovery and adventure, Audrey stumbles upon the real meaning of life while spending her 20's nannying for 7 families across 3 states.

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