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Carol-Ann Marshall

Carol-Ann Marshall

Toronto, Canada

Carol-Ann works in the human rights field at organizations helping to resolve complaints concerning emotional abuse between managers, employees, and coworkers.

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About the author

Carol-Ann Marshall is originally from Barbados, but spent her adult life studying and living in Canada. She has degrees in Geography and Education and has taught in Canada and Japan. Ms Marshall lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she works in the human rights field at organizations helping to resolve complaints concerning emotional abuse between managers, employees, and coworkers.

Ms. Marshall is appalled by the global spate of partner abuse that seemed to reach a tipping point in 2014. Galvanized by a variety of women’s personal accounts on social media and sensitized by her first-hand knowledge of the topic, she wrote I Dare You! Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse. This book is her passionate contribution to continuing the long overdue conversation about emotional abuse against women.
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I Dare You!

Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse

An urgent and compassionate call to consciousness for women in unhealthy relationships.

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I Dare You! Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse is an urgent and compassionate call to consciousness for women in unhealthy relationships. Carol-Ann Marshall’s book focuses on emotional abuse while briefly touching on sexual, physical, psychological, and financial abuse. She encourages women to identify for themselves the true state of their unions—healthy or otherwise.

The author also challenges women to decide what quality of life they desire. Women who are ready for change will find the comprehensive “Safety Checklist of Pre- and Post-Planning Measures” invaluable in facilitating their choice. The workbook section at the end of the book invites women to answer difficult questions and record their thoughts and reactions to the various aspects of emotional abuse reviewed in the book.

I Dare You! includes an unflinching exposé of the author’s personal experiences with emotional abuse and her journey towards self-awareness. The reader will find inspirational and true stories that trace the faltering, though courageous, steps some women have taken to live and love without the relentless daily trauma of emotional abuse.

If you are unsure of what to do next, you might find the list of places for information and help useful.

6 publishers interested
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I’m so glad you found your way here.  It may be just in time.

As a young girl, I lived in constant fear.  Fear of being beaten, fear of being wrong, fear of being discovered.

On Monday, it might be a slap for a look he didn’t like.

On Tuesday, it might be time for me to be beaten with the belt because he had a hard day and couldn’t believe I had done something wrong at school.

On Wednesday, it might be the paddle, because he loved me and wanted to teach me a lesson.

On Thursday, he might not come home.

On Friday, the house wasn’t clean.  When I tried to explain I had to stay late at school for a project, I found myself huddled on the floor struggling to breathe as the wind had been knocked out of me when he threw me against the wall.

Weekends brought more of the same.

I was never sure when the blows would land.  I lived in constant panic and anxiety, sure they would land daily.

As a teenager, I escaped and found the courage to move away.  Within months, I found what I thought was love.

As my new love wrapped his fist in a towel, he told me “You should be grateful I love you so much.”  The towel was to keep my nose from breaking as he punched me in the face.

Seeing my stepfather a few days later, the bruises on my face still purple and swollen, he asked “What did you do to make John hit you?” 

These two men who had never met kept the cycle going.  Without even knowing each other, they gave each other permission to continue the cycle of violence and abuse that was my “normal” experience.

Emotionally we arrive at ground zero after being beaten and berated. The pattern of self-loathing and self-abuse does not come from the physical abuse.  The aftermaths of emotional abuse can last for a lifetime.

Through powerful resources and support, these cycles can shift and be healed.

When I met Carol-Ann Marshall, I had no idea we shared similar painful experiences.  What I was greeted with was a kind, benevolent woman who exudes a gentle strength.  I am so grateful she has written this book so women who find themselves in abusive environments will know what to do to safely move into a whole new experience of life.

I wish I had access to Carol-Ann’s wisdom and generosity as a young woman.  It literally could have saved me decades of pain and poor choices driven by low self-esteem.

If any of this sounds familiar, you have found your way here at just the right time.  You can and deserve to find happiness and peace in your own life.

In “I Dare You,” Carol-Ann shares the lessons of her journey and those of other women, like you and I, who have felt trapped in a cycle of abusive relationships.

Through her Personal 12 Step Program, Carol-Ann provides a clear roadmap for women who wish to make a positive change in their relationships with themselves and others.  Beginning with simple ways to identify dysfunctional environments, she moves us through the process of discovery and clarification, into a state of safety, where we can choose to make conscious choices for ourselves and our families.

I acknowledge your courage for beginning this journey and encourage you to use Carol-Ann’s support through this book to stick with it, whatever path you decide to take.

Best wishes for finding Peace and Self Love,

Laura Gisborne

Author, Limitless Women

Founder, Legacy Leaders Global

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