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Erica Hoese

Erica Hoese

Minnesota, United States

Erica is a wife, mother of 3, fitness & wellness coach, & figure competitor. Her passion is equipping moms to live their happiest, healthiest, & best life.

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About the author

My name is Erica Hoese. I am a wife, mother of 3, Fitness & Wellness Coach, Natural Figure Competitor, author, and speaker. I live in Minnesota with my children and husband on our family's dairy farm. 

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding and probably most difficult job there is.

I absolutely adore my kids, (even though sometimes, yes, they do drive me a little crazy), and I would do anything for them, but that doesn’t mean I should give up ME in the process, does it? Well, that’s how I lived my life up until Jace was born… when I became a mom, it was a like a little piece of me died… I lost myself and over the years I found myself giving more to my family and less to myself, which left me feeling empty inside and asking how did I get here?

It was during my pregnancy with Jace that I hit my breaking point and found myself very depressed and so negative-- I felt like I was up against a wall and I didn't even recognize the person staring back at me anymore.

It was also during his pregnancy that I had my biggest breakthrough and from that I realized 3 things:

  • The only person that could change my life was me.
  • No event in my life could take the place of who I was or define my worth.
  • Everything I do is my choice.

I decided that I was going to come back better and stronger than ever… not because I “had” to, but because I wanted to for myself and my family.

What happened was not only a physical transformation, but a mental transformation as well.

I found ME again!

For the past 6 years, I’ve been very fortunate to live my passion and help women with their health & fitness and I'm here to guide you on your journey-- to loving yourself and taking care of YOU.

Heart, strength, and grace are three things I value most inside of my community and what I’ve learned is that it’s not always going to be easy, you just keep getting better!

There will be times that you'll want to give up, and that’s what I’m here for-- to help keep you accountable, get back up, and keep going!

I’m still continuing on my own journey, while helping my clients redefine success on their own terms, achieve what they want, while still being a great mom. 

I know that when we have the right tools and an awesome support system, we can achieve anything we want in life.

I believe you can have the body you desire. I believe you can meal prep and make healthy meals that the whole family enjoys. I believe you can have it all… whatever that means to you.

When you put yourself first, it allows you to show up in a bigger way, which results in deeper relationships, inner peace, and a more fulfilled life. It isn't just about your appearance, it's about being healthy from the inside out and working on all aspects: mind, body, & spirit.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

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Lift, Love, Mom, Repeat.

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A 30-day fitness plan & nutrition guide for moms to start feeling stronger, sexier, fitter, and happier!

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Go from Flabby Mom to Fit Mom. 

You love being a mom, but you're not loving the way your body looks or feels right now. You look in the mirror and the person staring back at you is so far removed from the person you used to be, it makes you want to cry. 

You've tried exercising, but no matter what you do, it's not really making a difference. Because you're not getting results, you're losing the motivation to keep going. 

You only have a small amount of time each week to dedicate to working out-- so it needs to work! 

On top of this exercise stuff, you've tried dieting, but you don't stick to it, so you end up bingeing or giving up all together. 

Despite all this effort, you're no better off, and it's so frustrating!

But where do you begin?

Right here. 

This book is a 30-day guide to help you start taking back control of your health, fitness, and happiness, so you can feel fit, strong, and confident, because you deserve to look even better now than you did before you had kids!

Most plans focus solely on the fitness and nutrition pieces. This book will focus on your mindset and help you set a self-care routine that fits into your lifestyle, so that you can continue on your journey of reconnecting with the person you were before having kids, taking care of your body, and living a life you truly love.

It will also contain inspirational stories from other moms, just like you, who are taking a stand for themselves-- mind, body, and spirit.

You can still be a great mom, while taking care of yourself!


 Introduction - my journey: Motherhood was something I never thought was for me. I was afraid of what pregnancy would do to my body, my freedom, and who I was. Turns out I changed my mind and now I'm a mom of 3 beautiful children and I know what it feels like to lose yourself completely to being a mom. I vowed that would never happen and yet I found myself immersed in taking care of everyone else's needs before my own. I got to a point in life where I didn't even recognize who I was anymore. I had had enough. In this book you'll find the steps I took to take myself from flabby mom to fit mom. 

1. Lift - move your body every day. Most of the time I spent in the gym was on the cardio machines, and it  wasn't until I started lifting and eating right that my body started to actually change. In this section you'll find a 30-day fitness plan and eating guide to help you kick start your journey, incorporate the right kind of carbs (there's no need to be afraid of them), have a treat each week (yes, I still eat chocolate cake), and make changes that are sustainable and last!

2. Love - love yourself fully. You are the only one that can go for what you want. In this section we're going to dive deep and let ourselves dream of the body and the lifestyle we want. Most of the time we're chasing the feeling of what we think our goal will give us. In this section, I will help you get clear on your goals, find what brings us the most joy, and start aligning our thoughts and feelings to what we want to achieve. Next, we'll work on changing those negative voices in your head, by using affirmations that actually work for you, clearing your mind with mediation, and incorporating journaling-- all so we can keep moving forward in the process!

3. Mom - the word I hold closest to my heart. In this section you'll get kid-friendly recipes and also hear real stories from real moms, just like you, who are getting real results. You're not alone, we're all here to support one another, and help you continue on your journey.

4. Repeat- day in and day out. Here you'll get the tools to create a lifestyle change, customize your own plan and morning routine, and set yourself up for a lifetime of success! 


This is for moms with 2+ children, ages 34-45 years old that are feeling like they've lost themselves and looking for direction and clarity on how to reconnect with who they were before they had kids. 

The problems that moms are facing is how to balance family, fitness, and food. As moms, we get to this point in life, asking ourselves, "How did we get here?" Knowing we've given so much time to taking care of our families, but also wanting to know it doesn't have to come at the cost of neglecting ourselves. 

"It's possible to regain your old muscle tone – or even develop tone you never had before – no matter how old you are. But it takes time. Expect to wait at least six months and up to a year before your tummy starts to look somewhat recognizable – and that's with regular exercise and sit-ups."

I want moms to know this is not a quick-fix, it takes time and consistency, but it can be done. 

It was through my own journey that I've laid out the chapters of this book to help moms care for themselves through all aspects-- mind, body, & spirit. It's not going to be easy, you just keep getting better in the process. 

"According to 64% of survey takes confessed that their body image has gotten worse since they became a mother."

There's been a shift in our culture of people wanting to follow real, authentic people who don't mind sharing the mess in the middle. I want my audience to know that I'm right there with them, that I'm in the trenches too-- working on myself, just like them. I will also be including stories from past clients and other moms who have transformed and are working toward a balanced body & mind.


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Lean Mom, Fit Family

Big Fat Lies Book

Daily Greatness Journal

The Busy Mom's Ultimate Fitness Guide

I think what differentiates my book is not only the fact that it gives you the tools to eat healthy &  workout, but also the mental aspect of acknowledging where we are now and closing the gap to get where we want to be. Accepting our body image, what our minds are saying, forgiveness, and how to untangle your identity from motherhood.

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