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Matt Omo

Matt Omo

Sydney, Australia

Matt Omo is a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia with over 15 years experience working with sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world.

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About the author

Matt Omo is a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia with over 15 years experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world.  Matt holds a MA in Spiritual Psychology, Dip. of Sound Healing, Reiki Master, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, trained Breathworker, with numerous certifications in other healing modalities.

Matt is also the co-founder of Be Still & Chill Health and Wellness a respected and thriving health centre in the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. With a diverse background in computers, massage and management in the health industry both in the United States and Australia made has a vast knowledge of the workings of wellness industry, which he has brought together to create a platform for transformation and change in communities around the world. 

Over the last five years, the reach of Matt’s work has stretched across Australia and beyond benefiting thousands of people around the world.  This is accomplished through workshops, speaking at health and wellness events and festivals, as well as leading sound journeys in corporate settings.  The work and awareness around sound healing and its benefits are growing every day.  Matt is developing new programs and products to meet this need and continue to support people in discovering the benefits of the healing power of sound.

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Love Your Vibe

A 7 week journey to take command of your life and embrace true harmony

We have lost sound’s sacred wisdom; it’s time to reclaim it!
Using sound healing, breathwork, meditation, and more; embrace this power of sound and align to your soul song.

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Mind & Body
76,000 words
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Our modern world has lost touch with the sacred healing power of sound; it’s time to reclaim it!

Ancient wisdom asserts that all life is vibration or in essence sound. These same cultures viewed the voice not only as an instrument of self-expression but also, as a tool to self-empowerment.  The human voice is a bridge between the inner and outer worlds.  We have come to a time where science is now validating these ancient claims and embracing the healing wisdom of sound.

This 7-week process is the culmination of years of exploration and research bridging cultures and traditions from around the world and pulling their wisdom together in a practical and palatable process for our busy lives.  Using sound healing, breathwork, meditation, and self-help practices you are guided to clear the resistance to align with your divine essence and sing your soul song.

As you embark on this journey, you are encouraged to join the online community of people supporting each other together and will have access to unlimited support through the recorded meditations and groups around the world embracing the wisdom of ‘Love Your Vibe.’  No need to do this alone, we are all in this together.

When we learn to love our vibe and the vibe of all life we can live in harmony with it.

What others are saying about the process:

 “It is an extraordinary process of self-discovery and profound personal development. Matt is a highly gifted and very intuitive Teacher . His Process draws on many unique methods that have been developed over his extensive career. This work is life-changing. An incredible inner journey” – Lara H.

“I was looking up to the sky and praying to god, please bring someone into my life to help me get through this period I was going through and to move forward in life as I was feeling were paralyzed.  Then there was Matt and the Love Your Vibe Process. I am so grateful to Matt, he is so passionate, detailed in his work and was very committed in helping me through the process.  By the end of the 7th session I didn’t recognise myself I had opened up so much and my level of confidences in who I am is just amazing.. I highly recommend Love Your Vibe, It’s helped me so much Matt is just so talented and a wonderful person and these sessions are truly a blessing.” – Sukiena


Preparing for your Journey

Ground Rules

Core Concepts

Science and Mysticism of Sound

Soul Vibing Experience

Divine Vibing Experience

Chapter 1 – Safety  - This is the foundation of the process. We will explore how to create a safe place for our vibrational journey to begin. We build our body awareness through somatic body work. We cultivate a relationship to our inner child or the part of our self that is pure of heart and unwounded by life trauma or conditioning.

Wisdom of the Body’s Song

Embracing the Divine Child

Holding Harmony

Practices to Embrace the Wisdom: Body Vibing, Divine Child Meditation, Soul Vibing

Chapter 2 – Clearing – In this session we pull back the veil of denial in both our patterns of thought and emotions. The combination of these aspects, are the Vibrational Signature into which we identify with the world around us. We look at what the vibrational signature is that we are currently emitting to create the world we are living. Bringing awareness to this eliminates its hold upon us.

Learning to Feel Again

You are not your thoughts and feelings

What song are you singing

Practices to Embrace the Wisdom: Mindless Musings, Sound Catharsis, Listening to your Vibrational Signature, Soul Vibing

Chapter 3 – Empowering – Now we learn how to fine tune the frequency of our vibrational signature and expand into a larger version of our self. We work with how to move from negative patterns of thought into an inclusive whole view of reality. We let go of the frequency of thought and feeling that is keeping us stuck and tune into more harmonious vibrations.

From Duality to Wholeness

Shifting your Vibrational Signature

Sing your Authentic Song

Practices to Embrace the Wisdom: Sing Your Authentic Song, Vibrational Signature – Tune to your Key Note, Soul Vibing

Chapter 4 – Owning – Realising that the world around us is but an echo to the world within us, we look at the resounding echo of our vibrational signature in the world around us and embrace the power we have given away to our relationships and life situations. This is about taking responsibility for the vibrational manifestations we have created, see through a Sound Lens and shift our perception of it.

The World around you is a resounding echo of yourself

Sound Boundaries

Getting beyond yourself

Practices to Embrace the Wisdom: Owning your sound lens, Soul Vibing

Chapter 5 – Being – After embracing the wisdom of the first 4 sessions we are now able to let go of the physical, mental and emotional aspects bound by time/space and emerge into the pure vibration of source. We practice just being there and receptive for the impulse, of our soul song to emerge.

Dying to be Divine

Beyond Three-Dimensions

Being Comfortable in the Unknown

Practices to Embrace the Wisdom: Media Deprivation, Flow into Form Part 1 – Hu into the Divine You, Divine Vibing

Chapter 6 – Nurturing – How to we now bring the source of our vibrational essence into form? This is the focus of session 6. We work with how to live a vibrational inspired life and hold the frequency of that which we want to manifest instead of working in the limitations of our physical reality.

Holding the True Tone

Vibe, Drive and Thrive

Relating in Vibration

Practices to Embrace the Wisdom: Nurture Your Divine Self, Flow into Form Part 2 – True Tone Tuning, Divine Vibing

Chapter 7 – Self-Love – We now have a complete understanding of our whole divine vibrational self. It is now time to accept and love the fullness of it all. From here we live in the physical dualities of time/space and are not swayed by them. We see the divinity in all and send a resounding call from the source of creation through our heart and into our lives.

Loving your whole self

Creating something original

Your Divine Purpose

Practices to Embrace the Wisdom: Flow into Form Part 3 – Man-ah-festing into form, Love Your Vibe Challenge, Divine Vibing


The science behind the power of sound, breath and mindfulness is revealing what the ancients have asserted for ages.  There is healing power in its ability to relax our bodies stress levels, quite the mind and elicit a release of feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin and anandamide (the bliss hormone). Studies are showing how toning alone can improve digestion, aid in sleep, relieve depression and anxiety, and just inspire happiness.  

We are only at the beginning of embracing this wisdom in our modern culture.  Through yoga classes, meditations, and other modalities the use of mantra, chanting and sound healing is gaining momentum in being accepted in our western world as a viable tool for self-help and wellbeing.  This book gives solid techniques and practices to work with this sound wisdom and is a great way to bridge the gap between ancient cultures that hold sound sacred and our culture’s infancy to the sacredness of sound laced with a curiosity of sound’s healing power.

The statistics show that personal development is at an all-time high bringing in over 9.9 billion in revenue annually.  I believe this is in direct correlation to the state of our culture when we have suicide rates as the 10th leading cause of death in the US, over 65,000 attempts a year in Australia. Depression is affecting 3.3 million in the US and over 1 million in Australia.  Anxiety is even more impactful affecting over 40 million in the US and 2 million in Australia.  Worldwide we are in trouble as humanity.   It doesn’t appear that many of us actually love our self, our life or our vibe.

From 30-50 year olds, many have gained success in life but are feeling unfulfilled.  They have been chasing the dollar but are now realising they don’t have the time or the energy to enjoy it.  They are dosed up on anti-depressants and numbing themselves to feeling anxiety along with any emotion for that matter.  They are disconnected in their relationships and marriages.  The average family has two working parents who must put the kids in before and after school care, shoulder a big mortgage and are just making ends meet while working 60-hour weeks.

Bottom line is they are looking for new and practical ways to find more harmony and joy in their lives.

The book is designed exactly for all these modern challenges and those who are:

  • Professionals who feel unvalued, unfulfilled and burnt out in their current job despite the success they have acquired.

  • Those looking to make change in their lives. 

  • Anyone unsatisfied in a relationship. 

  • Feeling Depressed or Anxious in life and themselves

‘Love Your Vibe’ teaches them to drop into their bodies, start to feel again… release the mental chatter of the mind… Open their voice and connect it to their heart’s desire.  Learning how to own their power in relationship and stand solidly in their lives so they can allow the larger more intuitive part of them self to sing to them and express in their lives in creative and unique ways.   We learn to be in our self and love the self we find with understanding, compassion, and awareness.  The simple meditations and practices are adapted for a busy lifestyle and can be done on the commute or in short moments of a parent’s hectic life. 

The list of benefits stretches long, some of my favourites are:

  • Learn to self-regulate your body, emotions, and thoughts

  • Embrace your authentic voice

  • Clear the noise in your mind and improve your concentration

  • Relieves Depression and Boosts happiness and peaceful.

  • Rejuvenate body by decreasing stress hormones from anxiety (cortisol, adrenaline etc.).

  • Increase feel-good hormones (oxytocin, serotonin)

  • Soothe adrenal fatigue

  • Connect deeper into your intuition

  • Connect with your heart allow your bodies inner wisdom to heal itself.

  • Re-ignite your passion

  • Inspire your divine purpose

  • Create harmony and well-being in your life and relationships

  • Boosts Self-Esteem

  • Manage acute/chronic pain

  • Help with insomnia

  • A Catalyst to weight loss


With the book being an extension of this sound healing business there is already a captive and supportive audience of clients who are hungry for more and are keen to get this book in their hands. Most of the events I run are through health centres, yoga studios, and conscious events all of which have communities of their own and are excited to support the book as well in 4 of the 5 major cities of Australia.

Starting my work in the states, I have a strong following of friends, colleagues and clients who are supportive of the work as well and will be able to share the book as well.  This community is growing worldwide through Instagram, Facebook and clients that have moved abroad.

Being that this book is the culmination of over 15 years of my work, there is a solid community that is excited to see it coming to fruition and get their hands on a copy.

Current Reach of Business:

Instagram – 1300

Email – 3300

Facebook – Private – 2700   Business – 3500

Youtube – Over 2000 views 65 subscribers

Website: - average 2000 views/ month


I’ve been reading self-help books and listening to the greats since I was 9 and I have yet to find a book that offers sound healing meditations teaching the reader how to embrace the power of sound in a practical way.  There are sound healing theory books.  There are books on how to be a sound healer and use sound in a healing way for clients, but I am not aware of a book that teaches the reader to use sound to heal their lives.

The book I would equate ‘Love Your Vibe’ to the most would be: 

‘The Artist’s Way’ By Julia Camera (Penguin 1992).  A 12-week process with practical exercises of journaling, creative work, and mindfulness to help embody the wisdom of the book.  The main concept being a spiritual path to higher creativity tended to attract only artists and wannabe artists.  In ‘Love your vibe’ it is a very similar structure but more focused on the everyday person doing the 9-5 job.  The practices are bringing new age science and mindfulness practices to the iPhones of corporate employees commute such as meditation, sound and breath.  And these are tested and proven practices to integrate into their daily lives.  Many of these practices are recorded and available to download giving the reader a solid foundation to build upon and support to fall back on if they get stuck in the process.

The Spiritual Guidebook: Mastering Psychic Development and Healing Techniques  By Anna Comerford (Rockpool Publishing) I noticed this book on Rockpool’s website and not having the opportunity to read it I can only base my comparison on the synopsis. Which reads, A comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering healing and psychic techniques. Tap into your intuition, your heart and soul and be amazed at how your skills unfold and develop in surprising ways.   I believe ‘Love Your Vibe’ grounds the spiritual work more in the everyday life of everyday people instead of the ones dabbling in the spiritual work and/or curious about it.  Sound and Breath are two of the main tools in ‘Love Your Vibe’ and they are great bridges to our western mindset as we all know about breathing and we all have great affinity toward music or sound.  Just as The spiritual guidebook offers techniques so does ‘Love Your Vibe’ not only to connect to our spirit and our intuition but also, how to ground that in our life.  How to integrate it in our relationships and utilize these skills outside the meditation room. 

‘Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting’ by Lynn Grabhorn ( Hampton Roads Publishing 2003) It’s a reminder that what we aspire for, dream for and hope to achieve, we can. If we go deeper into really feeling our positive goals, we have more chance of achieving it. This book brings back the feeling and accepting of all emotions, which were hijacked by the positive thinking movement. In ‘Love Your Vibe’ there is a section entitled learning to feel again in which we do just that open our hearts again and embrace the fullness of emotion.  Yet this embrace doesn’t just stop with our emotions, we also, embrace our minds, bodies, breath and the entirety of our self.  In essence, love your vibe goes beyond the full expression of emotion and encourages a full expression of the whole self.  If we can embrace it all beyond the duality, we can learn to love our vibe and accomplish the inner peace we are seeking.

‘Ask and it is Given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks (Hay House 2004) This is a book of wisdom and practices that are designed to teach you how to use the law of attraction and manifest your dreams. If there is one thing ‘Love Your Vibe’ offers it’s a practical guide to understanding the law of attraction.  In the book, this is adapted to hold the wisdom of sound. The practices step the reader through an almost paint by numbers kind of journey to understanding the law of attraction for themselves.  Instead of theorising what it would be like to experience we are actually practicing it and experiencing it.

‘The Power of Intention’ by Wayne Dyer (Hay House 2004)– A book exploring the intention and how it impacts our lives.  It’s a guide to learning to co-create your world your way.  Wayne states,  “You feel good not because the world is right, but your world is right because you feel good.”  This concept I too embrace in the book as we explore how the world is a resounding echo of our ‘vibrational signature’ or in other words our state of being.  Wayne is an incredible storyteller who shares beautiful analogies and metaphors in his work.  Having learned a lot as a child reading Wayne’s books, I too have adopted this approach to sharing the wisdom.  It’s one thing to spew out pages of deep philosophical babble and another to tell intriguing stories that illustrate the wisdom as I do in ‘Love Your Vibe.’

‘Just Breathe’ Dan Brule (Simon & Schuster 2017) Dan writes about how you can change your life by taking command of your breath. Just Breathe is a simple and revolutionary guide to harness your awareness and conscious breathing to benefit your body, mind, and spirit.  A key component of ‘Love Your Vibe’ is the breathwork practices.  This teaches the reader how to gain command of their breath and as Dan says, change your life.  In addition, this command of the breath is then taken further to take command of your voice and use it to heal your life through the practices and wisdom shared in the book.



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For the longest time, I used to think that life was challenging, stressful and that I just had to deal with it. What I didn’t realise is that life flows, and there is, in fact, a divine harmony in all aspects of it. You might scoff at this as you look at the bills piling up, have the whingy child clinging to your leg or you work more than 80 hours a week and hardly have time to pee, or perhaps your partner is sleeping on the opposite side of the bed and not understanding what is going on for you. You feel isolated, alone, frustrated, and just stuck in life.

“What divine harmony?” you may ask.

We have gotten so busy, overwhelmed, numb and disconnected in our lives that we have forgotten how to enjoy it. We are so focused on clothing, feeding and dragging these meat suits around we have forgotten how to have fun and take command of our innate creative power that wants to be expressed into the world. We are really denying our true nature of vibrational spiritual beings having a human experience. We came here to play in this sandbox of life, and too many of us are upset because there is sand between our toes, instead of being joyous that with a little moisture of intention and focus we can mould it into whatever our hearts desire.

My intention for you is to embrace practical tools and ideas that will allow you to maintain an inner harmony regardless of any situation or experience that life throws at you. You don’t have to be pushed and pulled through life. It doesn’t have to be hard work. Once you realise life is happening through you and not to you, you can have fun and create an inspired life of divine harmony, if you wish.

I’m sure if you are reading this book you have been exposed to some sort of meditation or personal development program in your life. Trust me, I have done them all, from the most authentic and empowering to the most ridiculous fluff I have ever experienced – but the one thing I have learnt is that after all the motivational speeches, the hyped-up sales pitch, the elusive dream boards, and money back guarantees, we don’t change unless we commit to change.

It seems much of the ‘new age’ movement and personal development industry are saturated with every made-up healing modality imaginable to make us better more conscious and spiritual people, however, the world around us is becoming more polarised and toxic than ever before.

Even though many people are getting ultra-spiritual and uber-conscious in their communities, we still live in a society full of overworked, stressed out, angry, depressed, addicted, suicidal, and bullying individuals (not to mention the insanity of the state of our world).

It seems to me there is a huge gap beyond the actual reality in the world and the spiritual consumerism of how we so proudly rock up to get our chakras balanced under the full moon eclipsing Uranus.

We may look flash with our activewear or when we are chanting kirtan on a Saturday with our overpriced water bottles and designer yoga mats in hand, or when we are squeezing into our enviro-friendly Tesla car with our Save the Whales bumper sticker and dream catcher dangling from the rear-view mirror.

We are obviously rocking out the spiritual vibe! But then, why aren't we seeing a reflection of such abundance, harmony and love rippling through our world?

Do world peace and living as a kind human being have shitty marketing campaigns?

Maybe all of this spiritual work is just a waste of time?

Or maybe we need to bridge the gap between the blissed-out state we hit at the end of our goat-yoga-sound-healing-shamanic-light-language-meditation with our fast-paced, high stressed lack of empathy state we grind into our everyday life?

I mean what's the point to having a regular spiritual practice if it doesn't encourage inspired action, give you tools to create healthy relationships or embody practical ways to live a more harmonious, loving and joyous life?

You can Om as much as you want over your dirty chai latte during mercury retrograde, but if you still act like a jerk to your friends and family, you're just living in spiritual denial holding an image instead of embodying true spirituality.

It feels like the polarisation of the world today is calling for us to step up and make some practical changes in the way we act as humanity.

As a 'healer' and teacher of this work, I feel it's time to stop fluffing each other’s spiritual ego. Time to wake up and infuse our everyday life with the divine harmony of spirit.

This book is an experiential process designed to empower you and your life so together we can create the spiritually infused world we all dream about creating. Each chapter introduces philosophies and poses questions to help get you exploring ways to be more harmonious and empowered in yourself and your life. Every chapter builds upon the next with key practices at the end of each chapter designed to help you anchor the philosophies into your life.


Yes, there is a bit of work involved. Sure, you can read the book and skip over the practices yet having a conceptual idea of the work is one thing, actually living it is another. If you take the time to spend just ten minutes a day on the practices, you will start to notice significant shifts in your life.

If you’re looking for a quick fix – a miracle solution to living a harmonious life – then set this book down and read your horoscope. Nothing against astrology, but this book is about exploring a new way of being which requires you to be in life in a new way.

So, if you’re ready to commit to yourself and dive into some fun practices using sound, breath, and other tools – let’s get vibing!

Preferably you will take the time to contemplate and integrate the practices at the end of each chapter. I would recommend at least a week dedicated to each chapter to really get a solid foundation before heading into the next practice. Ideally, two weeks allows you the time to anchor in the work.

As you explore the work, you may notice that certain things resonate, but others don’t. These practices are designed to give you an experience of the core concepts and a step-by-step guide. It is simply a framework for you to embody and make your own. I have written from my personal experience and the experiences of previous participants in the group work process, which has been fine-tuned over the years into this powerful version you are reading here.

Each one of us is a unique instrument allowing the divine harmony to flow through us as only we each can. I’m not trying to tell you how to do you. I’m simply offering a practice that will allow you to open more to yourself and from there make it your own.

My mission is to share this with as many people as I can because what I have experienced personally in my practice and observed through those I led through the process is that it can be profound and inspiring.

If we all embody the philosophies of this book, the world we live in will be a more loving world, a harmonious and kind world. A world I would want to leave for my kids. I’m starting to sound a bit la la, peace love and mung beans!

If we want to change the world for the better, those changes start with you and me. As we hold together an authentic way of being and acting in ourselves and to each other, the world around us will echo authenticity and kindness back to us at the same rate we embody it.

And I won't stop until everyone can ride their unicorn to work on a moonbeam.

Giddy Up! (Unicorns not included).

Chapter 5: Being – Section 1 - Dying to Be Divine

On one of my many tours to share the work across Australia, I had a bit of road time to reflect. At one point I was trying to get to my gig for the evening, driving 110km/hr, struggling to eat my kale salad while talking on the phone, (hands free of course), all the while in the back of my mind wishing I could get on my computer to check bookings for the evening. I realised I’m still pushing myself too hard and juggling too many things.

Why? I asked myself. Why am I constantly doing more and more? Pushing myself beyond my limits and not stopping until I just have to drop.

“It’s survival!” an inner voice exclaimed.

I am pushing myself and juggling everything to share the work while building a successful business to survive in this hectic modern life. The problem is the more I push, the less life I live, and in fact, the holding on of life creates resistance to it. I began to feel into this sense of urgency that has been lingering for years, the sense that I could die any day and end my life unfulfilled and be a failure – as if it’s possible to fail life?

Anyway, I sat with that idea for quite a few kilometres, wondering what was the point of all this rushing around and pushing myself to be a success. I couldn’t find a clear answer or gain any insight that would settle this unnerving reality. Even though I may be doing spiritual work and helping people create more harmony in their lives, I was still a rat in the proverbial rat race of life. I may have moved out of the corporate version of this race, but was well and truly still the same person perpetuating a stressful state of survival.

Numb and deflated, I surgically removed the phone from my hand, stopped eating, turned the radio off, and really felt what was bubbling up inside me. Instantly I moved my awareness into a sort of driving meditation, exploring the depth of my inner dialogue. I felt into the source of that urgency, the need to survive. Beyond the need to share the work, the need to be successful, beyond all the needs, was this deep sense of survival, which is ultimately linked to a fear of death.

A fear we are all confronted with by the simple fact of living. Something we often ignore or distract ourselves from admitting. None of us are going to get out of life alive. We hold this deep fear of losing it all, and also the fear of a life not lived. The ironic thing is that fear of dying prevents one from living fully. It causes a push and doesn’t allow us to be present with ourselves, the ones we love or the experiences we are having, always racing to the next experience, next high, next moment, until we die. It all started to land and make sense.

The inner dialogue during my road trip surged on.

“So how do I let this go? What would my life look like if I could let go of this fear of death?” And then came the voice of my divine child as clear as day with the phrase: “It’s a good day to die.”

I always related that phrase to mean that I was willing to die for a cause. It was a battle cry or a lame reminder of the ‘Diehard’ movies. However, in this situation, it hit me differently. I felt beyond the battle cry and really let that phrase speak to me.

In order to die for a cause, I would have to be prepared or resolved within myself to accept the end of my life. And the only way to get there is to make peace with everything completely, to surrender to it all. I would need to forget about my need to succeed, my need to share the work, my need to keep racing and surviving in my life. It would all have to be surrendered and let go.

Knowing that if at this moment I was to fall over dead, I would accept that my life had been lived and more importantly to my fearful egoic self that it had a purpose. What was preventing me from being there now? It was the holding. The holding of what I need to accomplish, what I need to create, who I need to become. All of which will vanish once I die. All my self-imposed hard work, struggles, and striving will all fall away as I leave my body.

I was taken back to a moment in my vision quest years before when I could hear the supporters at the camp drumming and chanting in the distance from where I was sitting alone on my quest. I felt life moving on as I sat on the cliff as an observer, an outsider to this life. It kept drumming on without my participation.

It was as if I had died and was looking back to the whole of humanity marching forward. It goes on regardless of me being alive. It would continue regardless of my push, regardless of my worry and stress. Regardless of my life, it goes on. So why would I waste my time stressing and holding onto it all? Why not just let it go on now?

Today is a good day to die.

Not to the gift of life pulsing through my heart, but to the holding, controlling, fear-driven state of being that perpetually takes me out of living. These fears don’t reside in the divine harmony of spirit. Indeed, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but too often we cling to our human identity and impose it upon spirit. This perpetuates the fears, the limits of the mind, the beliefs we have been conditioned to believe and the habitual actions we take based on our perception of what is or our vantage point through our sound lens.

As long as we anchor into attachment to the mind, body and emotions, we are bound by them and must see life through them. By holding onto them, we are limiting the life that wants to move through us. We tend to identify life with being conscious in a physical body. The fact is, life is much greater than the thoughts we think, the breath we breathe or the sensations we experience in our physical form. There is a life force that is inspiring all that we tend to identify with as a human being. This life force is your true nature, and the way to access it is to let go, detach and actually die to all that limits the divine.

When we do we let go of having to ‘do’ life. We become a divine life, a life eternal. We realise that nothing we acquire here, no amount of success or fame, no goals we accomplish can be taken with us into this multidimensional realm of spirit.

Perhaps we take our experience and our consciousness with us but nothing else will go on, and over time the memory of who we are will vanish as well. In the end, it’s futile to hold onto and stress over accomplishing anything. This doesn’t mean it’s meaningless, far from it.

We are divine beings focused into form by the creative power of the divine. It took millennia to become this person in this life at this moment. It’s not an accident each one of us is critical to the divine harmony flowing through all life and that our singular purpose or our ‘soul’ purpose is to allow that which inspires us to flow uninhibited into the world.

That’s it. It’s not about acquiring, holding, worrying, stressing, and all that we cling to as human beings. It’s about experiencing life in every moment and being completely present to that which is calling us to move forward. We are exactly where we are meant to be, with access to all that we will ever need. If we can just reach that expansiveness of who we truly are and be present with it, we will innately know this truth.

As this realisation landed giving me space between my thoughts, worries, fears and letting go of the urgency of my to-do list, I was able to ease my foot off the accelerator of life. I felt my energy sink back into my body, and my breath deepen. I was back in myself instead of striving to survive. My purpose is to be in my life, not to fill my life with busy-ness to manufacture a purpose and justify my existence, which are all insecurities of the ego.

The fact that I was born into the unique life that I am living is purpose enough. The doing is just a way to try and create value or worth that I deny in myself. By just being myself, I am living a greater purpose than I could ever manufacture.

And if I did die today, I could feel resolved and take with me the vibration of life that I am now flowing with and the love I am experiencing for being a part of it all. Why push and struggle if we don’t need to? As I practised this state of being, I felt more alive than ever. We need to die today to live life fully. It’s a good day to die!

Too often we find our self in a similar situation. We are racing in our lives and finding many ways to distract our self from the inner landscape that is screaming at us to be heard. We are so busy that we forget to live. What’s the cliché? “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”.

As we let go of the holding and allow life to move through us, life will move us. We let go of attachments to our body, mind, and emotions. We stop having to do to become what we dream in our lives and just allow the fullness of our divine being to emerge. Through the death of our limited self, we are born to an inspired life of divine harmony.

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