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Susan Wands

Susan Wands

New York, New York

Susan Wands is a writer, producer, actor, and tarot reader. Her original works and adaptations have been presented and performed from coast to coast. She continues to consult her tarot.

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About the author

An original member of The Red Room collective, Susan wrote more than sixty pieces for presentation at their theatre space on 42nd street. Magician and Fool was first developed as a play and has evolved into a book series, exploring Pamela Colman Smith's life and her creation of her world famous tarot cards. The world of Victorian theatre, the Golden Dawn, tarot, magic and Pamela's international travels have been a source of study and inspiration. Susan has been granted exclusive rights to Pamela's tarot artwork by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., the publisher and distributer of the Rider Waite tarot deck. The second book in the series, detailing the next cards in the tarot deck, The High Priestess and Empress, is near completion.

Susan also co-author of Seven Stories, an evening of one acts written with Mary Mary, presented in New York City at the Lubin House. She has also written Lady Under Parasol, for the Oregon Shakespeare New Play Festival, The Carriage Proposal, a one act based on Jane Austen's early works, and an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, presented at Cornish Institute in Seattle, Washington. She has written and directed four independent films: Marry Me, Crescent, More Stately Mansion in Edinburgh, and Exquisite Hour.

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Update #18 - Fellow Writers: Behold, a contest! July 10, 2018

When I completed my campaign to crowd fund pre-orders for Magician and Fool, I heard from some of my friends that they had also hoped to write a book someday. Publishizer is holding a contest in August for these three topics with publishers already interested in the submissions:

Empowered is seeking thought leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation.  Judged by Crown Business and Berrett-Koehler.
Mind Body Science is for those researching the frontiers of consciousness and human wellbeing.  Judged by BenBella and Findhorn Press (Inner Traditions).
Superhumans seeks authors exploring health, wellness, alternative lifestyles and peak performance. J udged by Running Press (Hachette USA) and Sourcebooks. 
There are no entry fees or purchases required to join. For a chance to land a publisher for your book and win cash prizes of up to USD $1000 for each contest:

  • Write a compelling 1000 word book proposal based on an unpublished book idea
  • Submit proposal by 1 August 2018 within the appropriate contest category for approval
  • Launch your campaign by 15 August 2018 to be entered into the 30-day book proposal contest
  • Campaigns with the highest number of pre-orders for each contest will win USD$500
  • Panel of editors from traditional publishing houses will award another USD$500 for each contest
  • Winners announced by 30 September 2018

 If you are interested, go to this website and check out it out:

In the world of Magician and Fool, last year I completed the sequels: High Priestess and Empress (with Florence Farr and Ellen Terry as muses) and just this week, I completed the unedited third book: Emperor and Hierophant (with Bram Stoker and Ahmed Pascal Kamal). I'll be making revisions and edits to these two books before I send them out to contacts who have expressed an interest in the trilogy and possibly the entire series (11 books!). I am also open to other resources who might be interested in the series, so please don't hesitate to have them contact me. 

 So far this year, I was interviewed for the Biddy Tarot podcast, published article for Kindred Spirits Magazine, and gave several lectures on Pamela Colman Smith, most recently for the New York Chapter of the Historical Novel Society. I'll have more lectures and appearances throughout the year. You can keep track of them via my twitter account @MagicianFool and the Facebook account: Magician and Fool, the series.

A wonderful biography on Pamela Colman Smith, with contributions by Stuart Kaplan, Mary Greer and Elizabeth Foley O'Connor, was published by U.S. Games, Inc. this month. It contains much of Pamela's artwork and her life's story. Here is a link to order it:

Just a year ago, I had finished the Mystical Britain tour and was preparing to go to London to launch the book at Watkins Books. I can never thank you enough, all of you, for your support and enthusiasm for Magician and Fool. It has been a thrilling ride and I appreciate each and every one of you. I will leave you with this haunting statue of King Arthur on the grounds of the hotel in Cornwall, the Castle Camelot, where our tour group stayed and where we communed with Pamela in the bar. This is also the very hotel where Pamela Colman Smith pitched ideas to Sir Henry Irving.

Sending you all my thanks and appreciation!


King Arthur
Tintagel Castle