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A man stumbles across a paranormal global conspiracy while trying to solve the mystery of his abducted wife.

Thriller Sci-Fi
75,000 words
25% complete
11 publishers interested
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Update #4 - 40 Books To Go! Jan. 31, 2017

Hello Mirrors enthusiasts! It's true. I'm only 40 books away from hitting the goal. What a grind. I'm very much looking forward to focusing my free time on writing and not selling! 

Once again, thank you all for your support. It's been very humbling. I just wanted to let you all know that I've extended my campaign a few extra days with Publishizer's support to hit my goal. Getting to 250 is a major milestone as it triggers having my book proposal sent to 60+ mid to major publishers. This is a game changing situation, and to be this close, I can't help but do everything I can to cross the finish line.

My final ask? Anything you're willing to do to help me hit the goal. Perhaps another book for a friend? Refer to a family member? Or best case scenario, someone in your network needing some web or marketing help in exchange for a book package!

We're in the home stretch and I thank you again so much. Here's to hoping a in a few days I'm sending you a goal hit email!


Jason Yormark 

Jason Yormark

Jason Yormark

Seattle, Washington

Jason Yormark is Vice President of Marketing at SportsArt with over 20+ years of experience.

Jason Yormark is an award winning brand specialist and highly sought-after marketing consultant. Previously named #30 on Forbes Social Media Influencers List, he has helped hundreds of companies build authenticity into their brand story through the media including brands as big as Microsoft all the way down to small mom and pop shops. Currently Jason is Vice President of Marketing at SportsArt and oversees the planning, development and implementation of all marketing strategies, communications, and public relations activities.

With a combined digital audience over 100,000, Jason blogs regularly on marketing, technology and lifestyle topics with pieces frequently being picked up on numerous business and marketing outlets.

Mirrors will be Jason's first fiction novel.

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