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Andrea Devaux

Andrea Devaux

California, United States

Andrea Devaux has led media training and image consulting workshops throughout the United States for almost three decades. Her background is a combination of media advocacy, theater directing and film.

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About the author

Andrea Devaux's career began when she was working for a major medical organization training high powered doctors to prepare for appearances on prime time television. She then transitioned into being the on-staff media trainer for Media Alliance, of San Francisco for several years. With her directing skills and understanding of “the package,” she brings a unique approach to the experience of representing yourself and your organization. 

Her film and theater background gives her a unique perspective on how to help her clients "come alive", stand out from the crowd, and enjoy the experience of public speaking. She currently works with individuals and groups who need to appear in public or on camera and need to finesse how to "stay on message" or for that matter - figure out what their message is. 

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Update #1 - Update about my book - "No Such Thing As OFF the RECORD" Aug. 27, 2018

Greetings friends and associates!

Firstly a HUGE thank you 💙 to all of you who have rallied to my begging and pleas for support 🤣 and pre-ordered a copy (or copies) of my book during this campaign. For those not quite clear on the concept, I am working with a company called PUBLISHIZER, a group that helps those wanting to publish a book and have no clue what they are doing (AKA me!). This has enabled me to attract a wide variety publishers wanting to help realize my book.

At this writing I have almost a dozen publishers in communication and interested in working with me to have this book published. This is really great news. I have also begun talks with several HOWEVER this funding platform with Publishizer, has extended my campaign and the hope is that by the end of September, we will hit the 250 mark (currently at 196). This means that I will be pitched to an even wider sphere of influential publishers.

In the meantime, if any of you have interest in getting more copies during this pre-order phase, there are some free public speaking/coaching packages thrown in - which are really great deals. If you have already purchased a package, please get in touch with me directly to schedule a time to work with you. 

In the meantime here is a link to a recent interview I did with Mike Wolpert of Social Jumpstart - "Local SuperHeros" = some tips for business people when dealing with the media...

Thank you again!


Andrea Devaux