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Haillie Rial

Haillie Rial

Indiana, United States

Hailey Rial is a college student, activist, writer, and feminist.

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About the author

Hailey Rial is a young, LGBTQ millennial woman.She is an activist, writer, college student and of course, feminist. Her area of interests includes (but are not limited to) liberal politics, social justice movements, sexual assault and rape, sexism, racism (institutionalized and not), etc. Hailey is the secretary of the Feminist Student Association at IU- South Bend and presented (and did present) at the IU- Wide Women’s and Gender Studies Conference 2017. In addition to her education, Hailey has also been a contributing writer for RacialParenting, FreshU, and The Odyssey. She writes most frequently about rape culture, the economy and her most personal, a narrative about her experience being a rape survivor. She is a registered as a member of the RAINN Speaker's Bureau. Hailey is working on her first book right now, titled "Pick Your Poison" about the LGBTQ+ community, social justice movements and how her life has slowly been molded into a life of activism and courage. She has been involved with Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, USA Today and more. You can find her on Twitter here @hailey_rial or on her personal website

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Pick Your Poison

A Memoir

The story of Mike Pence's and Donald Trump's dystopia

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Memoirs LGBTQ, Women's Issues
60,000 words
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In 2017, a 20- something LGBTQ+ couple faces a tough decision: fight back against the new Administration or watch their lives come to an end like in the Holocaust. As they relive memories of past crimes and deal with present- day protections disappearing, they wonder if they will be able to survive the new administration.
Then one day, a gay couple approaches them, where they talk about plans to protest the new government. Despite the similarities between the Holocaust and the 2017 political climate in the United States, those who feel that they may be a target of the new Administration created an entire blueprint for the takedown of said administration. As Aya and Evie and the rest of the LGBTQ community come together to fight together, government officials begin to restrict protections for members of the country. Soon, Aya and Evie worry that they, too, will be targeted. On a depressing dark eve, the two listen in awe for hours to all of the changes that the new administration has and will put in place. This phone call changes everything that Aya, and Evie, thought about the government thus far. This voicemail, and an email with one attachment, changes their love, their feelings towards their country and their relationships with their families.


Pick Your Poison

  1. Preface
    1. This short preface sets up the book with names, the political climate at the time of the book, and a description of the character’s relationship.
  2. Chapter 1
    1. This chapter is a description of the first time the character’s met and a description of their current daily life, including their jobs.
  3. Chapter 2
    1. Chapter 2 contains the main character’s plan to “change the world” and the scene where the main character told her partner about her experience with rape and sexual assault.
  4. Chapter 3
    1. Chapter 3 will have an update on politics and a flashback to the first time the main character’s partner faced something traumatic.
  5. Chapter 4
    1. This chapter is the story of the first time the two of them fell in love and what their current relationship is like.
  6. Chapter 5
    1. A summary of the main character’s background with college judicial processes and her involvement with End Rape On Campus is in this chapter is in this chapter.
  7. Chapter 6
    1. Chapter 6 is an update on politics and a flashback to health diagnoses from the couple.
  8. Chapter 7
    1. The couple’s coming out stories that include touches of racism and BlackLivesMatter happen in this chapter.
  9. Chapter 8
    1. The Women’s March summary completes chapter 8.
  10. Chapter 9
    1. This chapter will be story of the phone call that changes the couple’s lives forever
  11. Chapter 10
    1. This chapter will reveal what the couple’s decision is.
    2. This chapter will also reveal the political clime leading up to the #RESIST movement.
  12. Chapter 11
    1. Chapter 11 is the conclusion of the book with some photos, updates on the characters and the movements/ organizations and a comedy blurb from a fellow feminist and liberal friend (comedic relief).
  13. Glossary
    1. A glossary of terms will be located at the back of this book.


The millions of LGBTQ women that have joined these movements (, the growing number of youths who are leaning towards a liberal political stance* and anyone interested in fighting social justice will read this memoir for what it is: a narrative about how these movements impact one person- and how that one person can spark a change.  Just like I learn something new each time I read a memoir, other advocates will learn from this one.


youth Ideology




Personal Blog:

Writers Page:


In addition to these social media and webpages, I work for a company that sells SEO and Marketing services and the funds that I raise for the book will go towards purchasing one of those packages to increase my online presence. 

I am a young, LGBTQ millennial (college aged) woman. I am the secretary of the Feminist Student Association at my school and I was invited to present (and did present) at the IU- Wide Women’s and Gender Studies Conference 2017. In addition to my education, I have also been a blogger for FreshU and The Odyssey, both platforms for college students and millennials. I wrote about rape culture, the economy and my most personal, a narrative about my experience being a rape survivor. I am registered as a member of the RAINN Speaker's Bureau. I have spoken out against my prior university in Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post, plus on radio and news television. Andrea Piño, founder of End Rape On Campus, has been my advocate and mentor throughout my time as an activist and I credit her for the courage that I have had to speak out about my experience. Jo Yurcaba, a writer for Romper, has also continued to support me throughout the process of writing and discovering myself. 

I can speak to the LGBTQ community, the #Resistance community and the social justice community as a whole through conventions, podcasts and radio interviews on top of social media.


  1. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates; Spiegel & Grau (2015)
    1. This book was written by a black man to his son about racism in America. My book is similar as it discusses racism but it is different as it is targeted towards a large audience and discusses more issues than race.
  2. Why We March: Signs of Protest and Hope--Voices from the Women's March by Artisan; Workman (2017)
    1. This book includes 500 photos of signs from the Women's March. My book is similar as it discusses similar issues to the Women's March but it is not only photos.
  3. The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan; W.W Norton (1963)
    1. This is the Feminine Mystique, credited for starting the Second Wave of feminism. My book is about the most recent wave of feminism.
  4. We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; Fourth Estate (2014)
    1. We Should All Be Feminists makes the case for feminism, like my book will make the case for social justice.
  5. Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay; Harper Perennial (2014)
    1. This book is a collection of feminist essays making the case for the newest feminist ideas. While my book does the same, my book also includes more social justice movements and a plot that is centered around those directly involved in these social justice movements.
  6. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood; McClelland and Stewart (1985)
    1. The Handmaid's Tale is the story of a dystopian patriarchal society and how one woman plans to escape from and change it. This is my favorite book and it inspired me heavily in writing mine. This is a novel but is different as it's fiction and mine is based on true events. 

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November 7, 2016 was the most important day of my life… well, as an adult amongst many other identities. I had voted for President by noon and was making my way to my bed when I decided to stay up and watch the rest of the results come in. I didn’t have university classes or work the following morning and so I made the executive decision that this was more important than sleep.
I kissed my girlfriend goodnight, kissed her soft face and picked up the growing kitty, Sandie, her soft brown fur warming my much lighter skin. She would be my comfort for the night.
Today is June 8, 2017. I just shut off the TV after watching former FBI Director James Comey testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in regards to the Russian Investigation. Evie, my girlfriend, was at work listening to it over the radio. I would, every few minutes, receive a text from her, assuring me that I wasn’t overreacting.
I knew that we would discuss it after she was home from work but I was still interested (completely immersed*) in this situation. For some reason, as I sat in front of the TV, questioning the future of our Top- Level Government, I reflected on that cold November night.
Around midnight on November 8, 2016, Hilary Clinton conceded to Donald J. Trump in the Election Race of 2016. I held my kitty, splats of my tear drops weighing down her fur. My girlfriend slept peacefully, not even slightly aware of the turmoil that our country had just gotten itself into. I sat for hours, wide awake, my blue eyes growing redder with sadness and exhaustion, thinking about all of the people with whom I personally knew that would be affected by the new administration. I thought of my dear friend, Vivian, a Mexican immigrant with a baby on the way; Karim, a Muslim smoke shop owner that we frequented; Jazzy, my newest transgender co- worker. I thought about our country (What is going to happen to the stocks I’ve invested in?), my future family (Will I be able to have children now?), our education system (Betsy DeVos will kill public schools!), anything that could possibly relate to this news. I let my tears fall, no soft tissues to wipe them away. I couldn’t run to my mom and cry together from two hours away. I couldn’t wake Evie up from her peaceful sleep into this ever- changed world. I could only sit and stare at the black TV screen, illumined only by the soft glow of a rainbow- colored light.

Chapter 1
Evie and I met during my sophomore year of college. She had bright yellow shoes and a bomber jacket on, waving through the crowds in the corridor to get to class. A light beamed from her… her short but curvaceous person had a neon rainbow glow around it, flashing curiously fast; I look back now and see it as my sign.
I was awestruck, though. I wanted to know her. I wanted to hear her laugh and hold her after nightmares.
So I did what any other person like myself wouldn’t do. I followed her. I flung open the hallway stairs and jumped, hopped, sprinted far behind her, those bright yellow shoes guiding my way.
When she opened the bathroom door, I thought nothing of it. I slipped in behind her, nervous as fuck and not knowing what I would say.
She heard me and turned around, a smile growing.
“Um, uh hi,” she said curiously.

“Uh, hi. Sorry about thi-” I started.
“No problem! I’m in a hurry and I didn’t see you! I’m Evie.” She interrupted, rambling a similarity between us already.
“Oh. It’s totally okay. You just… you have the coolest shoes.” I spoke. I changed my mind about the glow comment at the last moment.
“Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you noticed. They’re my favorites. My mom gave them to me to wear on the days where I have to “pick my poison.” She chuckled.
“Aw! How sweet.” I awkwardly replied, my arms feeling way too long and way too heavy as they dangled from my-
“Yeah, I love her. So much. But I have to pick my poison now. Late for class or use the bathroom?” That glow radiating from the smile that broke out after her last comment.
“Of course! Good luck… With whatever poison you pick!” I smiled the best that I could, feeling out of place. Then I jetted the fuck out of there.
“Hello?” Evie’s voice rang from the hallway as her little yellow sandals landed on the “Welcome, friends” doormat.
I slipped my feet into the too- big size 7 slippers that spent most of their time under my home desk. I thought about the big talk we were about to have and sighed. Then, I met Evie in the kitchen.
“Hello, my love,” I said through a smile as I pulled her in for our normal post- work hug, “How was work?”
“It was alright,” Evie responded, her short silhouette moving against the opposite kitchen wall, “But I really want to talk about the hearing. I know your job is to watch them and discuss them, but I want to hear your thoughts- as your wife.” She finished.
“Thank you!” I yelped and clapped before turning back towards my office.
When I returned, Evie had put the dinner that I had made into bowls and was carrying them to our tall and rather small dining room table, empty save for a purple candle that was lit only for our wine nights.
I sat down after kissing Evie’s shoulder and thanking her for dishing out my bowl. The cheese from the chicken burrito bowl was warm and gooey inside my mouth. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and when I opened them, Evie was smiling. Crock pot chicken burrito bowls are my favorite meal. It’s what I’ve eaten for dinner on some of the most important nights of my life.
We ate in silence like always. No phones, no music, no TVs. The occasional buzz of the refrigerator was the only sound we liked to hear while we ate. It was a time of R&R after a long day; a time to recap the prior ten hours to ourselves before we would discuss them out loud. This one hour daily ritual helps us communicate and our therapist has consistently pointed out that this will continue to help it.
I picked up the table once we were both finished eating- also a normal routine, while Evie changed into her comfy clothes. For me, comfy clothes were normal since I worked at home. It is always so heartwarming, though, to see Evie coming from our room, her long brown hair always twisted into a braid at the side, comfy clothes hugging her body in all the right places. I wanted to forget about the talk, wrap my fingers in that braid and let my hands slide into those itty bit spandex shorts she had. She never stopped driving me crazy, my love for her radiating at all times. Everything that I ever did was for her. She was my backbone during the hardest days of college, always pushing me. I knew that as soon as I told her my analysis, she would be alarmed, but she would be ready to do what my heart and my brain were telling me to do.

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    Thank you! I can't wait to have it in your hands :)

  • Jen Lenard-Benson
    on July 11, 2017, 7:12 p.m.

    So happy to support you in this project. Keep me updated with other projects-happy to help if I can!

  • Haillie Rial
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    Thank you for your support! I appreciate it greatly xo :)