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Haillie Rial

Haillie Rial

Indiana, United States

Hailey Rial is a college student, activist, writer, and feminist.

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About the author

Hailey Rial is a young, LGBTQ millennial woman.She is an activist, writer, college student and of course, feminist. Her area of interests includes (but are not limited to) liberal politics, social justice movements, sexual assault and rape, sexism, racism (institutionalized and not), etc. Hailey is the secretary of the Feminist Student Association at IU- South Bend and presented (and did present) at the IU- Wide Women’s and Gender Studies Conference 2017. In addition to her education, Hailey has also been a contributing writer for RacialParenting, FreshU, and The Odyssey. She writes most frequently about rape culture, the economy and her most personal, a narrative about her experience being a rape survivor. She is a registered as a member of the RAINN Speaker's Bureau. Hailey is working on her first book right now, titled "Pick Your Poison" about the LGBTQ+ community, social justice movements and how her life has slowly been molded into a life of activism and courage. She has been involved with Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, USA Today and more. You can find her on Twitter here @hailey_rial or on her personal website

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