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Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is the creator of the award winning app; Digital Fridge, TEDx Speaker, Fortune 500 Global Executive, Author and Keynote Speaker. He lives in Denver, Colorado and is a proud husband and father to 3 amazing kids.

He has held multiple executive roles at Fortune 500 companies. These included Vice President roles in areas such as Global Operations, Global Change Process and Global Training.

Perhaps what sets him apart is that he’s managed to carve out success in both the cubicle and the coffee shop. Because he’s also an entrepreneur. His app, Digital Fridge, has been downloaded in more than 70 countries, and was twice a finalist, once a winner for Denver’s Hottest Startup. But his start-up story isn’t exactly typical.

“Forget crazy risks and quitting your day job,“ he says. “Find something you love. When it becomes “play”, you’ll find the energy and community to make it happen.”

Peter has leveraged this experience to become a sought out speaker and writer. His recent TEDx talk to 2,300 people has led to the creation of his book, "The Culdesac Startup".

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Peter Lynch

The Culdesac Startup

Peter Lynch

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