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Blake Godkin

Blake has almost 15 years of experience in the study and facilitation of creativity—having served as a Director of Innovation, Senior Strategist, and Futurist in many arenas—from software development to public education.

Before moving into the private sector, Blake worked in higher education at Texas A&M University. While there he taught courses in creativity and helped develop the University’s “Build Your Own Major” degree program—allowing students to explore fields of study that have yet to be invented.

Blake holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M and a Masters in Creativity from SUNY College Buffalo. Blake has spoken both nationally and internationally on creativity and innovation—including a TEDx Talk titled "Unconventional Approaches to Transforming Public Education”.

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Blake Godkin

Paper Clips & Dynamite

Blake Godkin

A tool kit for finding creativity through seemingly unrelated ideas.

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