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Annaluisa Socher

Annaluisa Socher is an Italian author; writing is her biggest passion, born and literally exploded in 2001, after watching The Lord of The Rings. Tolkien and Grisham are on top of Annaluisa Socher's preferences.

She loves to read since she was a child and this passion is still with her.
She started writing fan fictions. Annaluisa considers fan fiction an excellent training exercise for creativity.
After a while, she realized that she felt the need to create original stories; she wanted to get involved and create something of her own.

Annaluisa wrote short stories, but she never published them before. The first truly original story which Annaluisa worked and published is "Pleased to Meet You". The first rough version of ‛Pleased To Meet You’ is in large part very different from the story she is currently written. It was published in 2012 in Italian on the digital platform THe iNCIPIT (if you can read Italian, you can see here ( It is the first Italian platform of interactive stories online, where readers are the essential and crucial part of it.

The original first rough version of "Pleased To Meet You" was a "10 episodes story'. Annaluisa loved writing it, but only after a careful reflection she realized that ten episodes weren't enough for her anymore. The characters were still trapped inside the plot; it was as if Annaluisa heard them asking her to bring them back to life.

She is a music lover, too. As a matter of fact, she usually reads and writes with some good rock'n'roll tunes in her ears.

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Annaluisa Socher

Pleased To Meet You

Annaluisa Socher

Sarah is a 12-yrs old and strange things happen whenever she is around. She has to save the future by realigning the space time fractures.

Science Fiction & Fantasy