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Clare Estrada

Clare Estrada is a 68 year old woman writing her first novel. She was born in New York state, but currently lives in a log home in Northern Arizona with an assortment of rescued animals. Clare received a B.A. in English Literature from the College of New Rochelle in 1969, but has worked most of her life in social service. She describes "Mariposa" as a cautionary tale about not deferring one's creative dreams.

"How," Clare has written, "Does an intelligent, sympathetic, fairly attractive young woman like I once was become the impoverished, desperately fatigued old woman that I am today? Does it have anything to do with my expectations growing up female?"

"At middle age, and actually approaching hagdom, it finally occurs to me to question prevailing wisdom. Is there still time to turn this wretched life around?"

Clare dreams of upgrading her current very low-tech status. She would like to bring electricity to her log home, buy a computer, watch television.

"I really do think I am on to something," Clare says. "Hopefully no more young women need spend their lives journeying to hagdom!"

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Clare Estrada


Clare Estrada

The Butterfly Effect - Nothing is inevitable! Join Mariposa as she journeys to the world's most exotic trouble spots.

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