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Sal Klerck

Sal Klerck is an Australian Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who completed her studies with the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Sal specialises in gut health and auto immune diseases. Sal was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease an auto immune thyroid condition in 2010, she was told this was a condition that she would have for the rest of her life. Sal managed to heal herself from this disease and has now been in remission for 4 years and medication free to 2 and a half years. She is now trying to help others diagnosed with Hashimotos or similar diseases unravel the puzzle and create their own story of healing.

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Sal Klerck

The Soulistic Wellness Guide

Sal Klerck

A foundation guide to healing from illness, disease or improving your overall health and wellbeing. My personal Hashimotos Disease story.

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