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B.R. Robertson

B.R Robertson is a 36 year old genre fiction author who primarily writes YA urban fantasy and paranormal romance for both the teen and adult markets. Aside from Fallen Heart, he has also written several novellas, and numerous short stories.

B.R. Robertson has been previously published by Totally Bound and Xcite books and some of his work has appeared on The Midnight Circle podcast.

When he's not writing he likes to travel, read, and visit Tudor and Medieval castles. He lives with his partner of over a decade and is completely addicted to the Vampire Diaries (TV Series), Game of Thrones (Books and TV series) and Neil Gaiman's excellent Sandman graphic novels. He's fuelled by caffeine and has a penchant for anything Harajuku and Kawaii.

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B.R.  Robertson

Fallen Heart

B.R. Robertson

When a fallen angel who's forbidden to love falls for a mortal girl he must defy a vengeful deity to save her life.

YA Fiction