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A. Frances

Annabelle has had many hardships in her lifetime, despite her abusive childhood and becoming a teen mom, she has beat many odds.
She attended college periodically throughout her adult life, and obtained a utility patent for her invention in 2011.
Annabelle has come along way from her messy childhood; having been raised by a psychopath mother. She continues on a lifelong quest to find true inner happiness.
After a marriage to a psychopathic man she finds herself battling the demons within her, once again. In a messy custody battle she loses custody of her son, having minimal contact with him. She must work through her pain quickly and find the inner-strength she needs to fight again.
Annabelle has recently decided to use her life experiences to help others. She plans to get her master's in Psychology then a Doctorate in Forensic Psycology. Ultimately, she wants to educate others and put into place standard guidelines for recognizing traits of psychologically abused children. As well as, creating a plan to help others escape the grip of a psychopath.

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A. Frances

Running From Paradise

A. Frances ยท 1 publisher interested

A gripping tale of a girls struggles w/her psychopathic mother, leading her into drug addiction and forcing her to runaway from Maui.