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Steve Mycoe

Author, Researcher and Therapist Steve has nearly 20 years experience in Performance Enhancement and Body Conditioning using Psychological techniques such as Hypnosis and NLP.

Steve’s first book ‘Unlimited Sports Success –the Power of Hypnosis’ was published in 2001 and documents his work with athletes (ISBN: 0595186106).

Other health related books by Steve include; ‘How to Skip Like a Boxer – to Lose Weight, Tone-Up, Get Fit and Feel Great!’ and ‘How to ‘Trick’ A Kid into Weight Loss - for Kids who Hate Diets and Exercise’.

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Steve Mycoe

Does My Bum Look BIG In This?

Steve Mycoe

Why Millions of Office Women have 50% higher fat levels & why the gym or dieting won't work! With real solutions to prevent or reverse this.

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