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Andre Priyono

Andre Priyono lives in the land where Sura, The Great Shark, and Baya, The Mighty Crocodile, engaged in fierce battle to be the sole ruler over the land. As a remembrance for that battle, Baya, the winner of the battle, named the land as Surabaya.

Myths, folklores, and stories are parts of his blood. 'Twas clotted with all the legendary culinary he loves to eat. Hone a design skill like the archer with his bow and arrow, this husband of most lovely woman in her communities, now writes many children's picture book.

His deep blue ocean motorcycle fueled by enormous curiosity of animals like dogs, cats, butterflies, dragonflies, and ants. The journey of taking time to enjoy life and pause for a moment before start writing in standing position really sparks some creativity that's already within.

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Andre Priyono

A Furry Friend Forever

Andre Priyono

Drew, a 5 years old boy, who deals with loneliness in wrong ways finally meets the cure of his loneliness forever.

Children Fiction