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Brian Waddell

Brian William Waddell is a writer who specializes in arguments. Whether controverting topics in an op-ed column, or crafting characters who engage in contentious disputes, his debates are always engaging and persuasive. While his personal disputation may only relate to a harmless policy decision, the same can't be said of characters that inhabit his novels (The Jeremy Fuller Novels), children’s books (the Lexington Ann Series), comics, or screenplays.

Brian was born and raised in Fresno, California but currently calls New York City his home. He holds a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University where he developed a penchant for screenwriting, finding that his fast-paced, persuasive dialogue is best presented in a visual medium. He is particularly drawn to comedy and sci-fi/fantasy on any platform.

Even Brian's leisure time is littered with words. Throwing thoughts into freeform poems, his first book of poetry, Fractured Prose, is available anywhere books are sold, and his second book, Lines of Advance, is now available exclusively on Kindle. He is delighted to announce that his parody interview web series, Between Two Cactuses, has begun its 12 episode run and can be found on Funny or Die.

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Brian Waddell


Brian Waddell

A thief who can take over the bodies of others is set up by a crime ring, sending him into a tailspin followed by a quest for redemption.

Science Fiction & Fantasy