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Larne Wellington

Hi I'm Larne, Child Psychologist and creator of the Confident Kids program. Anxiety among children and adolescents is on the rise in Australia and it's slowly draining the joy from young lives. Peer pressure, not doing well at school, being excluded or bullied, anxiety, family conflicts or friendship issues can shake a child's confidence. More than any other generation, kids need additional coping strategies and tools to help them achieve their personal best.

As a mum of two teenage girls, I understand the unique challenges faced by today's generation of children and teens. My own experience of overcoming daily bullying in primary school and anxiety in adolescence ignited my passion for helping young people build resilience and well-being.

In 2008, I researched and created Confident Kids + Teens and since that time hundreds of children have completed the program. What makes Confident Kids unique is the lovable characters, stories and songs that reinforce key strategies and provide a fun and interactive way of engaging younger children. Older children enjoy the inclusion of technology and a variety of engaging mediums such as YouTube, music and video.

The Adventures of CK and Friends is based on the popular characters from the Confident Kids program, CK the wise Gecko, Meg and Jack and a host of other characters. As Meg and Jack encounter common problems that children face, they learn tips and tools to build social and emotional resilience.

Larne has contributed to publications such as Body + Soul Magazine, Girlfriend Magazine and Good Health. She has been a guest on the Talking Life program on 96.5 FM and featured in a two-part documentary series on SBS called Once Bitten: Love the second time around.

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Larne Wellington

CK and Hopper: The Secret of the 7 Keys

Larne Wellington

Self-help book for kids 6-12yrs to deal with stress and anxiety. Strategies woven into a witty and fun story with challenges kids face today