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Tanya Sarlanis

Reading and writing came easy to me as a child. I loved to do both but I loved science more. As I grew up I kept reading but writing shifted to papers needed for science class.

I found once I settled into becoming a working adult I missed writing. Sure, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of jobs revolving around science: vet tech, veterinary sales, and eventually science teacher. I even did a stint in marketing for a year.

After the birth of my son I started watching more television and reading more books. I found myself daydreaming more and started jotting down notes about ideas I had for books. Most were based on my love of dogs. My very first manuscript is a novel I wrote about one of the dogs I rescued. My second was about my son, a book I eventually self published called MY DADDY LIVES IN CHICAGO.

Besides writing I am a high school teacher and the director of Pets for Vets NYC LI. This position inspired my current manuscript in process called GEORGIA TO THE RESCUE. My hope is to get this manuscript published along with its follow up story, which will introduce readers to Savannah (the dog pictured with me).

Besides picture books I love writing offbeat YA and am trying my hand at cozies.

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