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T.S. Liard

Reading and writing came easy to me as a child. I loved to do both but I loved science more. As I grew up I kept reading but writing shifted to papers needed for science class.

I found once I settled into becoming a working adult I missed writing. Sure, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of jobs revolving around science: vet tech, veterinary sales, and eventually science teacher. I even did a stint in marketing for a year.

After the birth of my son I started watching more television and reading more books. I found myself daydreaming more and started jotting down notes about ideas I had for books. Most were based on my love of dogs.

Besides writing I am a high school teacher and the director of Pets for Vets NYC LI. I love writing SFF YA and also Contemporary Romance. I like to focus on #ownvoices as I am not only an author of color but one with a disability.

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