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Fabian Lewis

Hello, my name is Fabian Lewis. However, I do not believe a person can be defined by where they are from, what they do or the name that their parents gave them before they were born. I am many things, an author, world traveler, poet, Army veteran, coach, mentor, entrepreneur and foodie. The list can go on for days!!!! but what does a title tell you about my soul and who I truly am? I believe that who a person is can only be defined by what they believe in, what they value and what they are passionate about. With that being said, I am Fabian Lewis, I believe that our thoughts and actions are like pebbles that fall into a pond and that through a simple act of kindness we can create ripple effects that can change the world. I value the pursuit of and sharing of knowledge because I believe that by learning from our ancestors and teaching our children, we can build a better world. I am passionate about making a difference in the world by making a difference in the lives of everyone that I can.

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Fabian Lewis

The Awakening Guide

Fabian Lewis

The Awakening Guide is a guidebook designed to help you wake up and make your dreams a reality.