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Margherita Crystal Lotus

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an artist, healing catalyst and writer, who have left a legacy of healing stories that can inspire you as a readers to heal. From the place of her heart’s wisdom, she helps women who do not see their own worth to discover their own life purpose. In this book she lays out a path for doing so.

She also teach how nature’s divine forces can help you become aware of your own soul. Margherita was born in Sweden, with a heritage of art and science, which helped her to dive deeper in her mind and loosen the barriers of harmful conditioning and remove her fears. She now lives in Canada since 1989, where she empowers her clients to transform their life and connect with their river of Joy.

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Margherita Crystal Lotus

The Color Game

Margherita Crystal Lotus

A wildly imaginative sci-fi/fantasy that entertains and teaches about the roles of chakras by turning them into story characters with their own agenda.

Science Fiction & Fantasy