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Margherita Crystal Lotus

Margherita Crystal Lotus

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an artist, healing catalyst and writer, who have left a legacy of healing stories that can inspire you as a readers to heal. From the place of her heart’s wisdom, she helps women who do not see their own worth to discover their own life purpose. In this book she lays out a path for doing so.

She also teach how nature’s divine forces can help you become aware of your own soul. Margherita was born in Sweden, with a heritage of art and science, which helped her to dive deeper in her mind and loosen the barriers of harmful conditioning and remove her fears. She now lives in Canada since 1989, where she empowers her clients to transform their life and connect with their river of Joy.

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The Color Game

A wildly imaginative sci-fi/fantasy that entertains and teaches about the roles of chakras by turning them into story characters with their own agenda.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Sci-fi
104,000 words
100% complete
9 publishers interested


In the dreams of Ida you can find yourself and the events that have shaped your life. You can discover how to heal inner wounds and traumas. Ida is in a coma, after an accident that turned her mind to exploring her inner world of energies. Thoughts and feelings are energy forms circulating in our bodies. The many levels are coordinated by powerful energy organs, called chakras. Imagine that you travel between them like they are planets with different colors. Seen altogether they appear like a rainbow through your body. In this story you are supported with help from the beings on each planet. 

The Color Game originated as an idea to blend healing with a fantasy sci-fi story, like Alice in Wonderland mixed with Star Trek. The intention for this novel is for you to explore your inner energy system so you can deal with what has harmed you in the past and also discover your inner joy and happiness. 

I love this novel, The Color Game by Margherita. Once started, I couldn't put it down. I had a great deal of fun seeking out clues about Chakras while enjoying the adventure at the same time. 

–Joanna Campbell

Margherita's prose is a kaleidoscope of colors, images, and enchanting characters and worlds. She not only knows how to weave a story that captivates her readers but she is a gifted illustrator. The author takes her readers through a labyrinth of dimensions on this healing journey. 

–Wendy Pearson

Margherita is a writer, healer, and teacher with a lot of wisdom who uses her knowledge of the chakra system and crystals to help people. She is the author of several well-regarded nonfiction books, including a coloring book about chakras. Her latest book "The Color Game" is a wildly imaginative sci-fi/fantasy that not only entertains you but teaches you about the roles of the chakras by turning them into story characters with their own agenda. Prior to reading her story, I knew little about chakras. This original story made me curious to learn more about how you can balance them to remove the stresses in my life. 

–Cherryl Chow

Yes!  Margherita has done it again.  She is writing about archetypal experiences, simply and elegantly, so all of us can learn quietly and immediately.  In “The Color Game,” she walks with us through deep feelings, colors, planets and initiations so clearly, we are guaranteed to be well-versed enough to be grand healing, evolving adventurers in our own lives.  I am so grateful~  

–Marilyn Twintreess co-author the “Stones Alive!” trilogy; “Elemental Birth Imprints”  “Feeding the Living Body & Soul”

Margherita Crystal Lotus is so talented in how she expresses some of the most profound ideas and thoughts. She is a thought leader as well as a mystic. In her latest novel, The Color Game, Margherita has been able to create a most spectacular creative resource for anyone interested in understanding how to utilize chakras for healing through visualization.  The book takes its readers on a most extraordinary journey. What an idea Margherita has captured.     

–Marilyn Shannon, Author of “In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of Men”

The Color Game is a fascinating science fiction tale that takes place in the dreams of Ida. After a head injury she is forced into an unconscious dream state. The inner world she experiences through her dream is much like the inner world that we experience in our reality. We are often filled with uncertainties, conflict and fears. The need to change is met with resistance and unbelief both in Ida’s inner galaxy and in our subconscious state. What better place for Ida to resolve the conflicts, like ours, that reside in the mind. 

–Dolores Storness-Bliss

In The Color Game, Margherita Crystal Lotus has created a masterpiece of experience. Delving directly into the centre of our eternal consciousness, The Color Game is a story of awakening, peace and inner union through the structure of our chakras - or energy centres. As we face fears, we experience unity consciousness within. How fun it is to take a transformational journey where our very cells, chakras and consciousness are the characters of a story that is our self-activated awakening through the character of Ida. My personal experience had me wondering about my own chakras and as I read through Ida’s story, I found myself musing on my own story. This book is easy to identify with and to feel wrapped in the movements of the chapters which feel like personal initiations for the reader. It is Playful, Provocative and Thoughtful. - Darinka Blagaj


9 publishers interested
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“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in fears.”

~ Les Brown

Journey Home Poem

Heavy rocks with burdens splashing down inside my ocean, its surface swells to waves and the sky receives its rising moisture into clouds.

Wind grabs what’s there to merge its essence.

Then the magic happens transforming thunder makes drops of water fall.

The ocean is one, regardless of how many drops there are.

The hope I held is gone, I am ready to surrender, sinking down as such drops.

This current grinds the burdens of yesterday’s pain, until no grain is left.

Only our heart returns to the the eternal orchard of NOW.

What if you could experience your energy body and chakras as an inner solar system to deal with the unsolved mysteries of your unseen reality?

Your ideas and thoughts create the beliefs you have. When you change what you believe, you also change your life. If you do not believe you can get well, you won’t! But, if you open up to the opportunity to heal what is going on in your life, you open the door to health and joy on all levels. Obviously it requires action on your part, and sorting out what you must let go of. In this book, I give you some of the keys to open the locked doors inside that are currently closed. Ida is dreaming and moving through her chakras as planets in her own solar system.


1.1 The Dystopia of Pain

Miss Ida Bartlove clutched her chest, the memory of the Shadow targeting her heart’s most vulnerable spot. Anxiety overtook her, sweat dripped down along her light brown hair, panic filled her mind. She didn’t understand it, nor could she protect herself in that moment. She looked at the hospital sheet full of blood stains from the wound bleeding through the night. Ida’s mind became confused and fuzzy. Then she passed out again, to enter the recurring dream.

A red man in feathers and buck skin stood in full glory facing his elder, bowing with respect to greet him. The air was clear after the heavy rains in the early morning, and the red, rocky ground glistened with moisture in the morning light.

He is so handsome, I wish I had such a man by my side, Ida thought.

He seemed worried and asked, “Moon Deer, shall I

accept the request or not?” The old man said, “Red Hawk, as I said to you before, you must be prepared to take the mission you are given with whole-hearted commitment.”

Ida could see every wrinkle in his face telling a story of all the challenges he had gone through to become an elder.

The old man continued, “You are in front of a big decision that will change your life, and all of the lives of our red tribes too. Being selected as our trusted voice is a huge assignment. Do you feel you can do it?”

“Yes, Moon Deer, I can do it.” The red man spoke, his young face shining with physical strength and vitality. “But, I wonder why the Elders chose me?” The sun now reflected its light in his sincere eyes and black, shoulder length hair tied with two feathers at the back of his head.

“When you were born, there was a red mark on your body, showing a square shape. When your mother brought you to us in the Elders’ Circle, we saw this as a sign of your purpose. The morning of your birth, the Sky Spirit gave us a rainbow circling our entire village. You are our destiny, Red Hawk,” said Moon Deer. “Look at the sky; that same rainbow is with us now.” The sky shimmered with an arc of rainbow colors that embraced them. “Her name is Irida.”

Ida’s dream shifted into a black void, where a tiny sphere appeared... As she became aware of it, an emerald green light began to glow from its center. It is a planet, she thought.

The distant sphere had its place among the flickering lights from billions of stars. As it came closer to the surface, she saw nuances of green shades, like a kaleidoscope churning their light streams together. She wanted to go there; her heart yearned to feel its nature. She willed herself closer to be embraced by the scented flowers and verdant leaves filling her with a feeling she very seldom had—a moment of love. She relaxed and could still see herself there in the beautiful meadow surrounded by ancient oaks. As she turned her head, she saw a round glass tower beyond the treetops, stretching itself upwards. From inside she could hear hushed voices.

“It is critical that we solve this crisis,” said a confident male voice that reassured Ida. Then she saw his blond wavy hair blended with the cape flowing from his neck, and at his chest a heart-shaped medallion caught her eyes. It had the same emerald glow as the planet and filled his aura. She had heard his voice before; she could not remember where. This time someone answered.

“Amri, you are the High Commander,” said the elderly man with eyes of a mystic. He had a long, white beard covering the upper part of his long, sweeping robes. Something is stirring up conflict all over the Empire, like the exhausting squabbles between the yellow clans. The red tribes struggle to survive here on our airy Green Planet, and on the Halo-Blue Planet the Logicians are engaging mind games that their ambassadors play with the royal family and the rest of our planets.

“Sire, how serious do you think it is?” said Amri, feeling the tension in his chest increase. He did not like conflict, but so far since he accepted his position as a high commander 14 months ago, stress was the flavor of the day. But, he trusted his long time mentor, Sire Gral.

“We may have to connect to our higher guidance, the rainbow force,” said Sire Gral, a hovering dark cloud appeared around his face, “I think it is time to hear what she will say to guide us.”

Ida sensed her being returning to the beginning of time; she felt the Shadows lurking in the background, clouding her dream. Turning around, a bright ball of light came into view. Her heart pounded with fear, and she entered into a nightmare.

A hot comet-like star raced directly toward the Green Planet as she saw it in space. It came closer and closer. And, in the moment of contact, it ripped off a part of it.

The star dwindled and lost its intense light, creating a band of shattered pieces. The remaining body appeared as a gaseous orange cloud brooding on the other side of this band.

The pain in her heart intensified, and she woke up screaming, feeling fire and damnation entering her again. Then she fell into a deeper stupor.


2.1 Message of cruelty

In her sleep, Ida continued her dream. She was 17 years old, sharing an apartment with her friend Alita Browning, and lost consciousness in an accident that brought her into a dream world with many beings. In her deep sleep, Ida heard voices again.

A woman said, “High Commander, do you have a moment?”

“Yes Seda, what is going on?” Amri asked. Seda’s voice was serious but sweet. Ida noticed she was dressed in a tight top with matching pants that showed her sleek curves. 

“Look at this, our man on the Yellow Moon just sent it,” showing a news clip on her mobile com crystal: “The main street in Ra-bode awoke early this morning to a clash between the fiery Citaris and the Babush slave clan,” said the newscaster. The street was filled with hundreds of people fighting with their bare fists and short bats. The security forces seemed to have a hard time to separate them. It started with an argument between Ceru Citari, the pompous younger brother of the leader of the Citari clan, and his butler. Rumor said that the butler was brutally beaten in front of his family in an attempt to keep their control over them.”

I hate these Citari guys, why would they do such a thing? It makes me feel nauseous, Ida thought.

“Not another fight between these trolls. Will they never learn to care and listen to each other?” said Amri,

“Special agent Yali will handle this, he will be at the meeting later.”

 “Yes Sir,” said Seda. As she left, Ida could hear her high heels ticking on the floors with a diminishing sound as she walked away down the corridor. Seda had a spring green aura with some pink inside; she also wore the heart shaped symbol around her neck. Sire Gral also had this heart symbol on his chest, and Ida noticed that his aura had an oak-green lustre.

“Sire, you are my mentor, and I need your support,”said Amri, as they entered the higher levels of the com tower. What happened in the incident 300 years ago when the empire was near such a collapse? ”Sire Gral said, “I was a young kid then and the halo-blue

ambassadors overruled all the other planets.” Ida perceived the vivid image in his mind: Icy snow covered many beings that laid slain all around his village as he frantically searched for his parents along the countryside. The young boy, as Sire Gral was then, shook with fear and cried. Ida felt his pain; he never found them.

“It saved the peace. But, at a high price,” said Sire Gral, removing the image in his mind, “It still left the problem of the deep-rooted fears in the red tribes, and a fragile liaison with the yellow clans causing aggression.”

“How can the fear thoughts in the red tribes handle the sensitive yellow ego minds? asked Amri.

“Our translators have been successful in the past. But, with every new dimensional shift coming, it is hard to predict what is going to happen, as they entered the upper part of the com tower. It projecting itself as a delicate glass tube rising high up in the sky.

“All I know is that the Green Planet is the command center and channel for the planets in Irida Empire, and I will do my best to serve it.”

 “I remember how the Halo-Blue Logicians caused a thought revolution; many beings were terminated in that conflict.” Ida could see his memory fragment again.

“Some of these logicians are power hungry and don’t respect us, or our feelings.”

“I know Sire, and most of our cryogenic facilities are full because of that. Only after a prolonged era of peace could we possibly put in the effort to restore them.”

“Yes, this gets worse as we speak, maybe the Rainbow Oracle will shine some light on that issue as well,” said Sire Gral, “We don’t really know where the Rainbow Oracle

comes from, except that she is the voice of the rainbow force. Our history data says that she is an extraordinary being, and her wisdom and compassion exceeds anything

ever known in our empire.”

“I hope she will give us what we need.”

“The halo-blue commission was quite inflexible at the time. They focused only on facts and not on the bigger picture, but they acquiesced to her words. She told them

to venerate the lucid-blue initiates.”

“What are the lucid-blue initiates? Are they not just an irresponsible cult making ridiculous and illogical proposals hardly ever with verified fact and analysis?” asked


“Yes, but the exception was when the royal-blue Queen finally got pregnant 21 years ago. Prior to it, they predicted that a baby boy would be born and lead the future empire. And she gave birth to a boy, who soon will become the king of the Halo-Blue Planet after his inauguration. Maybe that is why the ambassadors are coming.”

Amri and Sire Gral entered the inner channel room to send a message to the Rainbow Oracle. Normally a message would be translated into the language of the receiver

by the skilled translators, but now they had to improvise, as no one knew her ancient language.

2.2 The Panel Room

Ida’s dream shifted into a spacious oval meeting room lined with large monitors, which looked like thin, colored glass panels around the walls. This room seemed to be in the middle of the com tower. Why do the panels have different colors? Ida wondered. She could see a small group of people at the meeting, each of them was present in person, or on one of these panels. Several of the screens seemed to be turned off. Amri, the High Commander, outlined the current situation and said, “Only a few messages were sent to the Rainbow Oracle in our current era. We have informed her about the crisis we are now in, but we need to gather more intelligence data from all our planets. I ask you to find out

the source of these conflicts.”

Abruptly the door to the room opened, and a being with intense orange aura entered.

“Welcome Omborah,” said Amri. He could not ignore her flamboyant appearance. She made quite an entrance in her tight seal skin dress with a stunning belt featuring a crescent moon at the front and elaborate fringes at the bottom. Her head looked like a benevolent version of a Medusa with snake-like curls. Amri had met her only twice. But, he could never know what reactions would come from her, or any other

orange being for that matter. They seemed always to resort to emotional responses.

“High Commander,” said Omborah, “My apologies being late, I joined thoughts with the new spokesperson for the red tribes, Red Hawk, when I got your call.”

Her long eyelashes fluttered. The translator’s explanation was that she was agitated.

“One of the red tribes are currently on a campaign in the remote provinces of Maroon. Already many green operatives have disappeared.” After Omborah calmed down, she took her position in front of the orange panel, which now also showed her face, “He also told me they are preparing a second campaign to the western part of

the red continent.”

Everyone was silent for several seconds as this information

sunk in.

“The Maroon tribes have already accessed the cryogenic chambers, or what you call caches on the eastern side of the red continent and woken up many stored beings. But, instead of preserving their knowledge, they have stripped them of color; they are no longer green.”

“What does it mean, stripping the color?” asked one of the translators.

“It means, that a being’s whole existence and mind

becomes destroyed, similar to harvesting a plant but extracting just the raw energy, but not its valuable components like vitamins,” said Sire Gral.

The whole gathering broke out in spontaneous discussions. Fear overtook the room, and the high commander had to engage the green field generators to restore order

in the room.

“First of all, we must quench the fear forms that are spreading like weeds right now,” said Amri. Then he turned to representative Boux, from the Halo-Blue Planet, “What is the most critical issue in your view?”

“The reason the Reds are spreading terror thoughts is that their own fear that is taking over; they do not trust us to help them. If we can convince them to cooperate, we might succeed. We must have a solid strategy and some proof that they can understand,” said Boux, he appeared like a hairless head floating in space from the halo-blue com panel. On his forehead was the symbol of the vertical eye.

Halo-Blue beings did not have a physical bodies but projected themselves in appearance as large heads. They could project any form they choose to have, but the

default was as a floating head.

The symbol of the vertical eye is marked on the com panel too, and now I see the symbols on all the active panels, heart, crescent, triangle, square, Ida observed.

“An idea could be to install atmospheric generators on the red planet, so the red tribes can reclaim their planet. There is new technology we can use developed by the halo-blue science team. If the Reds accept it, it would be the best solution,” said Boux and paused for a moment to explain, “Eons ago, after the stellar catastrophe, they did not have enough atmosphere to sustain themselves, which resulted in the migration to the green planet.”

The meeting continued discussing it for a while, and the mood returned to normal.

Ida followed Amri and after the council meeting ended, Amri approached Omborah, “I am curious, how did you connect with the red spokesperson?”

“The last spokesperson they had was too aggressive and perished on the last campaign they did, so I approached the Red Elders’ Circle from the emotional field. They said the new representative was Red Hawk, and I asked permission to contact him. Then, I connected with him on the com crystal. He is young, but I feel he has

a clearer purpose than the previous one.”

Ida could perceive what Amri sensed from Omborah’s energy and heard his thoughts, She is so beautiful, but there is something about her that I don’t fully understand. I must find out what that is.

 “Reds are instinctive and not very good at thinking clearly. I had to attune to his thoughts. After that, I could feel them better. It took a great deal of mental effort, High

Commander,” said Omborah.

“You did well, Omborah. Can you convey the consequences of the caches they raided to him? And tell him also about the possibility to reclaim their own planet using atmospheric generators so they can remove their fears about safety?”

“I will try my best, High Commander.” Feeling his green energy made her fuzzy with an attraction to him. Ida noticed she could perceive both Amri’s and Omborah’s

feelings and thoughts

  • Margherita Crystal Lotus
    on Aug. 15, 2017, 7:57 p.m.

    Thanks Dolores , you are the first one to order my book! I will give you a nice dinner in LA for that!

  • SANDRA Leikermoser
    on Aug. 16, 2017, 3:42 p.m.

    I'm so excited to to get your book, I love all your past books, they are always very Inspiring, thorough & informative and packed with info you can't get anywhere else...thank you for putting this together for us!

  • Helene Moore
    on Aug. 16, 2017, 11:06 p.m.

    I love this book and the cover and the writer.

  • Mark Davenport
    on Aug. 31, 2017, 9:28 a.m.

    I hope our payment worked this time. it seems that it has. Looking forward to the book!

  • Muriel Dunford
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    Looking forward to receiving and congratulations on your new book.

  • Tina van Leuven
    on Sept. 1, 2017, 3 p.m.

    It looks beautiful Margherita and I look forward to reading your new book!

  • Rebecca Fuller
    on Sept. 17, 2017, 1:25 p.m.

    Looking forward to your new publication! Congratulations sweet Sister 💕
    Love & gratitude

  • Margherita Crystal Lotus
    on Sept. 17, 2017, 1:33 p.m.

    Dear Rebecca, Thanks for ordering my book! Love your work and Gratitude!

  • Linda Vorthman
    on Sept. 17, 2017, 8 p.m.

    Your book preview is so intriguing. I'm excited to read more.

  • Darinka Blagaj
    on Sept. 19, 2017, 11:52 p.m.

    incredibly excited - I just bought the 5 books special! - A great book to share with people I love to inspire! thank you!

  • Margherita Crystal Lotus
    on Sept. 20, 2017, 12:41 p.m.

    Dear Darinka,
    Wow good for you! Great job to come here and get my book!

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    Congratulations, Margherita!!! A great initiative! Bravo! Looking forward to reading and sharing your work! Sending love, Theresa

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    Margherita is an amazing soul and a fountain of pure knowledge... I am eager to read her new book....

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