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Delphine Berger

Delphine is a lawyer, consciousness coach and medical intuitive
specialising occupational stress-induced diseases.

Her upbringing as vipassana Buddhist in a French-Thai expat family combined with years of practice in negotiation, mastery of language and deep understanding of human behaviour and societal structures enabled her to self-heal from post-stroke paralysis within 6 months. The near-death experience at age 28 made her realise that understanding the intimate connections and communication pathways between mind-body-spirit allowed her to apply her logical-driven mind to finding solutions to any challenge she was facing. The combination of deep exploration of traditional therapies and her pragmatic mind also eradicated 15 years of chronic auto-immune illnesses, infertility, and addiction to painkillers.

Delphine became the change she always wanted to be: a healthy, happy, vibrant and conscious human on a mission to advocate collective conscious evolution.

Combining tools such as meditation, self-hypnosis, body talk, TCM, nutrition, reiki, sound, intuitive touch and movement, Delphine created Inner Voyage Integration (IVI). Through IVI programs, retreats, workshops and speaking engagements, Delphine now passionately teaches how to negotiate with our inner systems through non-violent communication whilst sharing lifestyle and self-inquiry tools. IVI has empowered people from all walks of life and professions to break out of physical and emotional dis-eases by reprogramming limiting beliefs systems in all major areas of their lives.

“Within our minds and bodies, we hold all the tools to create the changes we seek. I invite you to reconnect your body’s natural intelligence through the mind to uncover the unseen and unfelt. My mission is to facilitate each person into finding their own day-to-day practical tools and personal truths which will allow them to transform, awaken and evolve without having to make major changes to their lifestyles.”

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