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Johnson Chong

Johnson Chong

Singapore, Singapore

Johnson Chong is a native New Yorker of Chinese refugee parents. For the past decade, he's taught yoga, meditation and spirituality internationally and is a passionate Spirit Coach and InnerGuide.

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About the author

Johnson Chong was born in 1985 in New York as the middle child of Chinese immigrant parents who fled to America to escape the unpredictability of the Communist Cultural Revolution.  

His parents reluctantly resisted Western culture and desperately tried to hold onto strong Eastern roots when raising their children.  As a result, Johnson grew up with a heavy dose of conservative dogma that bred painful phases of self-blame and self-condemnation.

At 19, against the wishes of his parents, he attended SUNY Purchase for Acting at the Conservatory of Theatre and Film.  It was through the art of storytelling that brought him deeper into his own psychology and the archetypal stories within the human story.  The seeds of spirituality were planted, and it was the exposure to yoga and meditation during his college years which eventually planted the seeds for the path he is on now.

For the past ten years, he has been teaching yoga, meditation and spirituality.  He has been based in Asia for the past 5 years, and is the founder of Sagehouse in Singapore, a boutique center designed to eliminate stress for working professionals through yoga, pilates, meditation.  He is also the creator of Exodus Retreats where he has taught internationally from the States, the Dominican Republic, Singapore, India, Bhutan, Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. He feels a deep calling to continue guiding those who feel stuck to awaken to their truest potential through conscious movement, energetic healing modalities and storytelling.

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Sage Sapien

From Karma to Dharma, Nurturing your Inner Rebel

Sage Sapien follows a second generation Asian American gay man struggling with stress, abuse, self-hatred, cultural identity, as he moves on a spiritual path of becoming whole.

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Memoirs Spirituality, Self Help, Mind Body, LGBTQ
60,000 words
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Sage Sapien follows a second generation Asian American gay man struggling with abuse and identity on his spiritual path towards wholeness.  This is a story that yearns to transform imprints of rejection into acceptance, peace of mind and ultimately unconditional love.

We are taught to believe that wisdom comes with time and age, implying we are doomed to suffer the pangs of youth.  We were never taught a better way, a more graceful way to work through our emotional fumbles and self-deprecating tendencies.  By telling a truly personal story, I hope to highlight humanity’s sameness through the lens of empathy and compassion. 

I explore the deeply troubled past of my parents who were traumatized products of the 1960s Communist Cultural Revolution in China.  Consequently, it is an inquiry into my lineage of abuse that had been passed down from generation to generation even before the brutal murder of my grandmother. I search to discover the truth about my sexuality and my spirituality as I cope with the ruthless world of judgment around me.  By unabashedly digging up the past, my deepest wish is to soften unfolding timelines of painful stories for future generations to come.

Wisdom doesn’t look like Confucius with a long flowing white beard.  Wisdom isn’t about retreating to a mountaintop and meditating in a cave detached from society.  Wisdom is right here right now. It is about acknowledging every single part of ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly, and then taking the action to make an internal shift.  When we move from the mentality of “ignorance is bliss” and awaken as Sage Sapiens, global consciousness will evolve – so that a more loving human story can reveal itself.

The message of this book is to connect with the millennial generation that our sageness, our inner wisdom, is accessible now.  To live life gracefully means accepting that we are not designed to fit into cookie cutter moulds. We can come into our full power by recalibrating our victimized outcast story to inspire a life in alignment with our truest expression.  By embracing all of our perceived weaknesses as strengths, we become role models and give courage to those who are still wavering between the old system and stepping forward into a new ‘system’… a new way of being. 

I started writing Sage Sapien as I wanted to create a how to manual of how to access inner wisdom by connecting to our emotional intelligence.  Through very precise anatomy trainings through yoga, pilates, Gyrotonic and bodywork, I am a huge advocate of “How-to’s”. But a voice in me urged me to write through the framework of storytelling.  With a natural propensity to keep everything to myself without the need to connect to other people, writing this book became more than a book about my own history. It became an undertaking of giving back to the alternative wellness community at large.  And it became a calling to inspire those who are in need of non-traditional stories in order to awaken to their authenticity. 

By connecting to this story, you will leave with a refreshed sense of compassion for humankind.  You will no longer feel as an island on your own. And you will aspire to connect more deeply into the ever present NOW ness of life as it is, in its full rainbow of colors.    


Chapter 1 – Planting the Seeds – The Beginnings of a Spiritual Journey
Childhood is a complicated negotiation of how to exist in a world that feels so foreign and oppressive in the way it tries to stifle authentic expression.  Unknowingly, at a young age, the seeds of spirituality were planted through the form of physical, mental, and emotional abuse from Johnson’s parents. We witness the confusion caused between his parent’s deep love for their children and their inability to express their emotions as they were victims of the Chinese Communist regime.

Chapter 2 – Distinguishing between Pain and Suffering
As part of his healing process, Johnson has to distinguish the difference between the sensation of pain and the self-induced state of suffering.   

Chapter 3 - Drama in Drama School
The insecurities of rejection of being gay and feeling unloved by his parents were amplified through performance, auditioning and being evaluated by the competitive rules in acting conservatory.  Johnson goes into detail of how the themes of his childhood fears and conditioned behaviors caused life-changing meltdowns and realizations.

Chapter 4 – Yoga to the Rescue
While therapy felt like emotional masturbation, yoga instead, became a ritual of self-examination and self-care.  Yoga became the gateway to moving into an elevated way of being.

Chapter 5 – Self Discovery – Mini Awakenings through Internal Exploration
Through somatic inquiry classes using the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method, Johnson has emotional breakthroughs on understanding his habits and patterns.  

Chapter 6: Archetypal Patterns - The Human Story
Recognizing the different voices in our head can be scary, but giving them voice and shape can be very useful during the process of understanding how we function.  Johnson comes to terms with how he played out the four basic Jungian archetypes, the Prostitute, the Wounded Child, the Victim and the Saboteur.

Chapter 7 – The Polarities of Self and Embracing My Inner Rebel
Johnson acknowledges his shadow aspects.  By cultivating a state of non-judgment and appreciation for the darkness, he learns to embrace the entire spectrum of the human experience by disregarding the notions of what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’.

Chapter 8 – Zorba the Buddha – Spiritual Materialist
His spiritual teacher Swami Amitanand in India instilled in Johnson the concept of nonduality.  Here we learn to move from a state of antagonizing opposites to accepting that the materialistic is a stepping stone towards spirituality.   

Chapter 9 – Trip to India – the Virgin Voyage on a Quest for Who I am
A soul searching journey begins in India and Johnson encounters masterful teachers.  It is a period of deep learning and self-discovery as he deepens his yoga and meditation practice while becoming initiated as a Reiki Master.

Chapter 10 – The Astrology Reading that Turned into Soul Therapy
Undergoing an Ayurvedic detox at a nearby clinic, Johnson meets Sri Ma Amodini, a Vedic astrologer with a PhD in social work from University of California.  He receives an astrological reading that was like no other. It sheds light on the nature of his self-hatred.

Chapter 11 – Awakened New York: A Constant State of Change
After the return of his trip to India that was full of magic and serendipitous meetings, there was still a sense of feeling trapped in the concrete jungle of New York.  Another year of life changing events blow the metaphorical steam off the pot, and a new way is chosen.

Chapter 11 – India 2.0 – Relearning the Essence of Spirituality
Johnson returns to India to teach yoga at Anand Prakash ashram for his teacher Yogirishi Vishvaketu and has to release his dependency on what he had been taught up until that point.  He has to redefine what he thought he already learnt.

Chapter 13 – Singapore: From Karma to Dharma
Johnson’s mentor had a dream of him driving a bus of Asian people.  Little did he know that he would somehow make his way to Singapore, where he would be based for 5 years teaching that ‘bus’ of Asian people.

Chapter 14 – Reconnecting with my Ancestral Roots  
Through inexplicable language of ritual in a family ancestral clearing with his father in China, a deep rift his healed between Johnson and his family.  Not perfect, but another step closer towards acceptance.

Chapter 15 – Sage Sapien - Imperfectly Perfect   
We recognize that the path is very different for each of us.  The point is that we do not blindly follow, but that we learn to live the questions.  And in doing so, we let go of the need to be certain about everything. We embrace the perfection of our imperfections.  It is in this spirit, that we can evolve from the dualistic homo sapien who acts out of fear, to sage sapiens who dance through life gracefully not fitting in.  


This book appeals to the entire LGBTQ community.  More specifically, it has an affinity with minority LGBTQ individuals of immigrant families with bi-cultural upbringings who are struggling with acceptance.  The themes also will very easily connect to anyone who is considered the black sheep or the archetypal outcast of any community.

With more than 10 million adults in the US identifying as LGBTQ, and approximately 836 million LGBTQ people around the world, the stories of marginalized groups need to be heard.  
Only 3 years after the legalization of same-sex marriage in the US, and with almost 30 countries around the world that perform or recognize same-sex unions, the civil rights struggle for equality is very real.  We have seen a world wide explosion of Rupaul’s Drag Race as a mainstream pop culture phenomenon that has been an international inspiration.  Notably, we also witnessed 38 celebrities who came out in 2017 ( There has been a resurgence of revamped shows, like Queer Eye.  And with many beautiful coming of age movies like Love, Simon, Call Me by Your Name, Beach Rats, and many others; there has been a huge interest in portraying the gay struggle.  As civil rights victories over recent years are still currently being resisted by small-minded fanaticism, it is important to inspire optimism in those who are still feeling oppressed.  It is important to be reminded that with determination and discernment, all of our challenges will eventually blossom into triumphs. 

The stresses of being moving from rejection from society to accepting ourselves fully as who we are is a major issue not just for LGBTQ people, but for anyone who is a perceived outsider.  Depression affects LGBT people at higher rates than the heterosexual population. In 2013, the GLSEN reported that 74% of LGBT youth were verbally harassed, and 55% of LGBT youth felt unsafe at school.  The CDC states that LGBT youth experience stresses that put them at a greater risk for mental health problems and other health risks than heterosexual youth including drunk driving, violence, drug abuse, selling drugs, risky sexual behaviour, depression and suicide.  All of this is rooted in discrimination and being victimized from childhood.
Through the many life changing obstacles that Johnson has faced, Sage Sapien offers spiritual insight to bring a sense of peace.  As a minority of a minority, Sage Sapien aims to connect to the outcasts of outcasts. It takes the concept of making a stand in our uniqueness to the 10th degree.  

People will read Sage Sapien not only to connect to the gay themes.  The reader will learn to empathize with the abuser, too. And with a renewed sense of understanding, compassion and forgiveness, we can clearly see the human story of victimization.  By seeing this, we arrive at a point where need to make a decision of how we are to operate through the dark chapters of the human story. 

When we find the courage to stop fighting an uphill battle to living a life free from the confines of expectations, we graduate from homo sapien to sage sapien.  

Sage Sapien offers a different perspective. It is more than a coming of age story, it is about coming into our sageness that is covered up by layers of conditioned patterns.  It is a story that celebrates moving from fear to love. And it is a celebration of the individual and the collective simultaneously.  

This is the essence of all spiritual teachings.  Triangulation. To rise above the dualistic paradigm of right and wrong, good or bad, abused and abuser.  It is about acknowledging the polarities and choosing a new way.
The LGBTQ community has been making a strong foot-hold in the cause for acceptance and equality, but has a long way to go.  


1. Johnson’s Sagehouse’s facebook page has over 5,000 followers, the Exodus Retreats facebook page has over 5,500 followers, and a mailing list of 2000 subscribers from around the world.  

2. He regularly writes and self-produces videos on the sage blog on

3. As his development of his social media engagement has been rather slow, Johnson has not depended on it for making his past workshops, retreats and events successful.  He has intuitively utilized his network of influential connections to spread the message by word of mouth.  

4. He is also in a member of the Industry Rockstar coaching network of over 1,000 global entrepreneurs who have not only gotten him meetings with two publishers, but they are a huge support network that will allow for the proliferation of this campaign.

5. Johnson also has over 2,000 friends on his personal facebook page of whom he will be calling on for support.


First Mistake: Facing Death, Finding Life by D.J. Chang

“For 40 years, he has been with her on her journey to make sense of the world around her -- from South African Apartheid to the AIDS epidemic to the fight for marriage equality -- and with her as she grew in love, faith, and purpose. “First Mistake” is a memoir that should speak to anyone who, like the author, is still on a quest for the meaning of life.”

Similarly, Sage Sapien is written as a memoir of man who is the product of immigrant parents struggling on an existential quest for higher purpose.  The life circumstances share similar themes of being Asian American. The tone of this book reads very similarly, minus the gay and spiritual themes.

Gay Spirituality: Gay Identity and the Transformation of Human Consciousness by Toby Johnson

“In this Lambda Literary award-winning title, author Toby Johnson explores how the rise of gay identity has become an important part of contemporary religious development.  This dramatic transformation has resulted due to the perspective of gay men; their ability to step outside the assumptions and conventions of culture and see things from a different point of view.  This book will reward readers seeking new insight into faith as well as culture, myth and traditions.”

Sage Sapien talks about many of the themes of spirit and consciousness, but addresses them from the vantage point of the seeker.  The lessons learned come from the story telling of true life events versus being offered in a way that reads as a thesis on spirituality. Sage Sapien is more of a personal story.  It does not only harp on the label of only being gay. It suggests that being gay is not the be all end all, and that it was a catalyst that set Johnson’s spiritual journey ablazing.

Two Flutes Playing: A Spiritual Journeybook for Gay Men by Andrew Ramer

"We had many saints, many heroes, both female and male, but I want to speak here of the saints and heroes of the gay tribes. For this is a period of human history that has been lost through time, whose return is vitally needed. For you know the heroes of the other tribes. But of this small, sacred tribe, whose history has been obscured, you remember nothing." 

Sage Sapien does not present as a manual or a guidebook as Two Flutes Playing does.  Sage Sapien presents as a story that surpasses sexuality and is one that speaks to overcoming emotional trauma and victimization.  While it shares similar view points on the shamanic aspects of the spirit, Sage Sapien seeks to anchor spiritual concepts through lens of a concrete and direct narrative rather than the medium of poetic narrative.  

Queer Magic: LGBT + Spirituality and Culture from Around the World by Tomas Prower

“Explore fascinating insights into queer relationships and spiritual practices from different regions of the world. Learn about deities, heroes, and historical figures who embody the power of the queer spirit. Discover inspiring contributions from contemporary LGBT+ Pagans, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and others as they share personal stories of their experiences as well as spells, prayers, and meditations from their own practices. With practical suggestions and enlightening perspectives, this book is a unique resource for LGBT+ spiritual seekers who want to experience the sustaining energy and strength of the worldwide queer community.”

Sage Sapien is not a compilation of many stories from many individuals.  It is from the lens of Johnson and his Confucian Buddhist upbringing that clashed with his authentic expression.  Sage Sapien also addresses the primary Jungian archetypes which can be likened to the heroes and historical figures that embody the queer spirit in Queer Magic.  And the story speaks uniquely about an Asian American experience versus drawing from various cultural stories from around the world.  

8 publishers interested
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“Pain is what the world does to you.  Suffering is what you do to yourself.” - Buddha 

Distinguishing the difference between pain and suffering was pivotal in my journey to being whole, and we all learn in one way or another the difference.  For me, it came in the way of marking my body.  To truly discover myself I had to take physical action to heal myself from the disconnection I had in my childhood.   

For the majority of my adolescence and early adulthood, I chalked up a lot of my internalized hurt and pain as normal.  I swept it under the carpet and hoped that no one would discover my suppressive tendencies.  I have a distinct memory of my mother tying me to the high chair at the age of three and leaving me in the hallway of our fourth floor Brooklyn apartment.  She was trying to teach me a lesson.  It was either to discipline me because I wasn’t eating something she thought would be good for me, or I was playing with my food and making a mess.  Maybe it was both, I don’t remember.  What I do remember is the feeling of being in what felt like an ivory tower, chained up, and forced to do something against my will.  I was forced to resist my natural state of play.  

This is one of the first childhood memories I have when I’m prompted to recall my youth.  Most of the marker points into my past have been ones based in emotional trauma.  Growing up with the shadows of my parents’ own traumas, there was constant fear of suffering the wrath of an angry mother, a disappointed father or both.   

After a good beating, I often found myself in a state of confusion.  When the tantrums and the crying would subside, I had created an internal system of suppressing the experience to deny that my mother could have done hurt me so.  How could this woman who is supposed to love and protect me, hit me with such force?  Well, she said it was to make me better, so perhaps, there was something wrong with my actions and I was at fault.  The human brain is designed to protect us from danger, and our bodies are even more resilient, so it was natural for my young brain to rationalize it all.  It was the only way to make sense of the world.   

Being left outside screaming and kicking, tied to a high chair during what seemed like an eternity entrained patterns of fearing abandonment and rejection that would affect the way I made decisions for a long time to come.  The three-year-old me was forced into physical submission and carried the fear of betrayal well into my adult relationships.  

When the rage would settle, and the beating would stop, my mother would explain her reason for beating me.  The unruliness of being a wild child was simply not allowed.  As a result, in my head, I blamed myself for not being a good son.  I was being punished for being myself, so the logical inference was that I was not good person.  Something must have been fundamentally wrong with me.  Over the years, I had conditioned myself into thinking that the very essence of me was the cause of my many beatings, and therefore, the root cause of my suffering.   

With my current understanding of pain versus suffering, I clearly understand what the Buddha meant when he explains that pain is the physical sensation that happens to us and suffering is the attachment to the stories behind the sensation.  Suffering really was caused by my inability to let go of the pain, and identifying with all the titles that pain bestowed on me.   

There were so many secret benefits to playing the victim and the wounded child.  It felt like a badge of honor to carry a battle scar that put me in the ranks of all the ancient Greek heroes like Hercules, who also experienced great sufferings because of his parents’ flawed characteristics.  Though warped as it may be, it was a way of getting recognition and validation that I existed, even if it meant identifying with being the abused.  It was comfortable to stay in what was known to me.     

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    Congratulations Johnson! I can't wait to read your book. I know your journey has been challenging and appreciate you sharing it with all of us. You're so eloquent and I'm sure the book will help so many people with their own challenges.

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