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Slide Comet

Since 2013, Eugene Cheng and Koh Kai Xin have made it their business to help prolific individuals and decision makers avoid Death By PowerPoint through their agency SlideComet. They provide bespoke presentation design and strategy consulting services, transforming dull presentations into effective and engaging ones, leaving a deep and lasting impression on audiences.

Highly sought-after for their Presentation Design expertise in Singapore, SlideComet has serviced clients including: A*Star, SMU, Singtel, MOH Holdings, Dentsu, Motul, and have achieved acclaim for their work on SlideShare. See Feature on Michael Hyatt’s blog:

Their greatest pet peeve is seeing entrepreneurs and management-level presenters lose business opportunities and selling themselves short on stage. They believe presentation even the most technical presentations can be simplified to be made beautiful and functional by design.

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Slide Comet

SlideShare Marketing

Slide Comet

If you’re a business owner or marketer, you can’t afford to miss out on this book. Inside, we share our proven approaches to using the content marketing giant: SlideShare as ...

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