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Slide Comet

Since 2013, Eugene Cheng and Koh Kai Xin have made it their business to help prolific individuals and decision makers avoid Death By PowerPoint through their agency SlideComet. They provide bespoke presentation design and strategy consulting services, transforming dull presentations into effective and engaging ones, leaving a deep and lasting impression on audiences.

Highly sought-after for their Presentation Design expertise in Singapore, SlideComet has serviced clients including: A*Star, SMU, Singtel, MOH Holdings, Dentsu, Motul, and have achieved acclaim for their work on SlideShare. See Feature on Michael Hyatt’s blog:

Their greatest pet peeve is seeing entrepreneurs and management-level presenters lose business opportunities and selling themselves short on stage. They believe presentation even the most technical presentations can be simplified to be made beautiful and functional by design.

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Success! SlideShare Marketing has already sold 158 pre-orders , and is in discussions with publishers .

$25 Ebook patron

66 readers

Get your name credited on a Special Thanks page in the front of the ebook! Also, you'll get the PDF and Ebook (Epub and Mobi) sent to you when the book is launched.

1 copy + ebook included

Free shipping

$50 Video Tutorials + above

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Ebook with comprehensive step by step video tutorials on the essential tools that can help accelerate your growth on SlideShare.

1 copy + ebook included

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$100 SlideShare-Tailored Template + above

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We’ll throw in a foolproof, turnkey template for you to finish up your own SlideShares in HALF the time.

1 copy + ebook included

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$250 Consultation + above

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90 mins Skype coaching session. Ask us anything about your SlideShare and we’ll reply you with actionable steps to level up your presentations.

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$500 1 hour Keynote/ Luncheon talk + Ebook + Video Tutorials

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We will speak at your event on SlideShare/Presentation Design.

1 copy + ebook included

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$2500 Corporate Custom Branded Template + Ebook + Video Tutorials

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Give your company’s presentation template a fresh look and designed according to your brand value. 12 master slide with unique layout. Template guidelines and icon library included. Date of delivery to be arranged after campaign.

1 copy + ebook included

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$3000 Full Day Hands On Workshop on SlideShare Marketing/ Presentation Design

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Invite us to speak to your team. We teach, you provide the venue, food and logistics :) Workshop materials will be printed by us.

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SlideShare Marketing

The Essential Guide to Skyrocket Your Growth Using SlideShare

If you’re a business owner or marketer, you can’t afford to miss out on this book. Inside, we share our proven approaches to using the content marketing giant: SlideShare as a brand and traffic growth engine for your business.

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Business & Money
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We’re really thankful for the overwhelming support we’ve received so quickly! Pre-orders are over. But you can still get it after it's done :) We’ll drop you an email to let you know. Hop on to the waiting list here:

Original September 2014 campaign post: 

Why are we writing this?

When we first started our agency a year back with little capital and know-how, one question was always on our mind…. “How are we going to build our brand and get clients?” Thankfully, we discovered SlideShare and started seeing massive returns on our efforts.

This epic content marketing monster has helped us build brand authority and generate high-value leads without spending a cent & 100% of our SlideShares have been a ‘SlideShare of the Day’ so far. We might sound a tad bit biased, but we’re not the only ones that think so:

It has been our ONLY form of marketing for our first year of business. It took a little time, but our SlideShare channel has kickstarted our business in so many ways and has made us the go-to thought-leaders in our industry. SlideShare is NOT just a site where people share information, it’s a high-potential platform for businesses to share content and garner a profitable, global following.

It pains us to see numerous startups and marketers not fully utilizing SlideShare as their brand-building and lead generating tool. Hence we decided to take matters into our own hands. The book is an extended version of our recent highly acclaimed SlideShare Marketing Master Class, which got rave reviews following its inception.

We created this e-book to expose you to the vast amount of business opportunities you can create through SlideShare Marketing. We KNOW this will work for you because it includes our own tried and tested, approaches and techniques to fast track your results on SlideShare.

Here's our recent SlideShare deck:

How to Create SlideShares That Convert @slidecomet from Slide Comet | Singapore Presentation Designer Agency

How to Create SlideShares That Convert @slidecomet from Slide Comet | Singapore Presentation Designer Agency

But don’t just take our word for it, ask them:

More video testimonials here:

Johnbosco, Co-Founder of Packnada
Scott Bales, Author of Mobile Ready

What is this book about and who is this for?

This e-book will unveil the techniques we’ve used to getting massive results on SlideShare platform. We go straight to the facts with zero-fluff and filler. The book will be jam-packed with real-world examples on how SlideShare influencers leverage the platform to grow their businesses. Even if you're new to SlideShare or have a few presentations on it already, this book will serve as a foolproof strategy manual that exposes:

  • How you can get loads of raving fans viewing and sharing your content.
  • How to subsequently convert these leads into paying customers. 
  • How to raise your brand profile and following on SlideShare and be looked upon as a thought leader. 
  • How to drastically increase your chances of getting featured on Top SlideShare of the day.
  • Simple and effective Presentation Design techniques for non-designers. 
  • Proven actionable methods you can apply straightaway into your own SlideShares.

To ensure you get the most bang for your buck and an enjoyable read, the ebook will be laid out in a visual slide-book format with:

  • Clear, step-by-step instructions. 
  • Beautiful visual content (like our SlideShare decks ;)).
  • Multiple real-world application and case studies. 
  • Lesser-known online tools to save you time.
  • Actionable lessons you can apply INSTANTLY. 

Some of the major topics we will cover to skyrocket your results: 

  • Using SlideShare and web tools for leadgen
  • Optimizing for virality 
  • Using SlideShare to dominate strategic SEO keywords 
  • Cross-Channel Online Marketing and Funneling

There’s more to get

Guess what, we also realize that many people have mental obstacles when it comes to getting on SlideShare : Lack of Time and Design Expertise. Which is why we’re sweetening the deal, if you get the next tier, we’ll throw in a foolproof, turnkey template for you to finish up your own SlideShares in HALF the time.

Here’s our plan

We need your support to raise $5,000 to make this e-book happen. 

  • Run preorders campaign (45 days)
  • Finish writing, editing & layout (60 days)

Don’t wait and don’t Miss Out! The faster we reach our goal, the faster you can learn guarded techniques on how to become a SlideShare Superstar. We may not be offering the add-on bonuses after the pre-order campaign, so grab em’ while you can and drop us a line if you have any questions:

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