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Maria Betania Santos Matos

Global executive, an expert in business STRATEGY formulation and execution, BUSINESS and OPERATIONAL models, PROJECT and PROGRAM management, PROCESS reengineering, and CONSULTING. More than 20 years’ experience working for Public and Private companies in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico.
Novelty seeker, comfortable in a VUCA environment, trilingual, tech-savvy, self-starter, consumer obsessed, change leader, eager to challenge the ¨status quo¨. Experience in startups and large companies, who has faced the challenges of companies at different stages of their life cycles. Focus on accelerating organizational performance and growth through cohesive strategy and execution.

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Joana Lenkova

Choose Your Own Future

Joana Lenkova

Choose Your Own Future provides tools that help business leaders, investors, and innovators make informed decisions about an increasingly uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. In this "choose-your-own-adventure" book, Lenkova, teaches ...

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