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Janet Chui

Janet Chui

Janet grew up at odds with her family and culture: She asked questions, devoured books, invented fantastic stories and characters, and drew, and drew, and drew. The reactions she got most often for her efforts were: “What are you doing this for?” and “Could you do something more productive with your time?”

That early “welcome” caused her to hide and put off her personal creative work. But even in her wandering career, Janet stayed close to the business of storytelling and publishing: She’s worked as an illustrator, editor, book designer, small publisher, and historical tour guide.

In 2009, Janet became a World Fantasy Award finalist for her art in A Field Guide to Surreal Botany. Published by the small press set up by herself and her then-husband, A Field Guide was a fully color-illustrated, tongue-in-cheek “botany” book filled with 100% fictitious plants. It was the last big creative project for a few years as motherhood, ill health and other challenges entered Janet's life and forced some difficult lessons.

Creating from Center includes Janet's experiences of deviating from, and returning to, the creative path. She also shares the healing journey necessary for her return, and about the kindred spirits she met along the way.

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Janet Chui

Creating From Center

Janet Chui

Everyone is innately creative and powerful. Our lives are transformed the moment we realize this.

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