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Natascha Moy

Natascha Moy

I have been in publishing since qualifying with a journalism degree, too many years ago now to mention.

Having worked across magazines, newspapers, radio and online I have found the media to be an interesting matrix. So often the story is about ratings and not about amazing people doing amazing things. I have launched many business ideas along the way, not all successful but some of my passions have given flight to my desire to see a world that is healthy.

I have been hosting a food and wine radio show on community radio for the past 7 years. From this I have learnt about the food we eat, the producers, the celebrities and the industry players. I developed dislike for the celebrity chefs and a deep love for the passionate producers. As a very urban and somewhat fashion conscious person I found it very hard to consider changing my lifestyle patterns in fact I wasn't sure I wanted to. I am not even sure in the beginning I believed in climate change. However slowly but surely the consumer based nature of my life started to worry me. I became an avid recycler and put in two worm farms in the little backyard of our Bondi Beach home. I started a herb garden, reduced my waste and embarked on buying ethical make up.

This winter after considering a wardrobe stuffed with five of everything I decided not to buy anything from April to December. Believe me for a shopping lover it is killing me. But I have enough and I have three children, a partner and a dog and cat to consider a future for and I therefore want and need to be a part of the new wave of urban fashionistas who considers the future. Plus sustainability is the new black and I like to be in fashion!

I put the idea of this book together for all of us. Me, you and your family and friends so we can all be on this great journey together that way it is more fun, more community minded and this is one team where no one gets left out! Have a great sustainable day and please order our book.

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Natascha Moy

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Natascha Moy

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