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Lee Constantine

Cofounder/CMO at Publishizer. Partner with publishers, agents, book coaches, and acquisitions editors. Previously did sales and growth for startups in Silicon Valley, and then marketing and editorial for agencies, magazines and accelerators in Las Vegas and New York.

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Lana Shay
Pre-order Erotic Hustle

Erotic Hustle

Lana Shay

A rousing memoir of a girl who graces Gentlemen's clubs across America, opens the doors of the sex industry to rediscover an ancient erotic art.

Kate Howe

The Drop-In Yogi

Kate Howe

Kate Howe dropped in on hundreds of yoga classes in towns across the globe, kept notes, and then wrote a non-sentimental hilarious anecdotal how-to for students and studio owners alike.

Mind & Body
Kalyna Miletic

The Success Trifecta

Kalyna Miletic · 19 publishers interested

The new way to work: choose how you spend your time, enjoy what you're doing and get paid for the impact you make.

Dave Kerpen


Dave Kerpen · 13 publishers interested

Four 12-year-olds living in New York City, each of whom thinks that their family isn't normal. At a new school, they have a life changing experience and learn that there's ...

Young Adult
Bjorn Heijligers

Losing Your Mind And Coming To Your S...

Bjorn Heijligers · 5 publishers interested

How the unification of science & consciousness will give you a new take on life.

GuruMeher Khalsa

Emotional Liberation

GuruMeher Khalsa · 14 publishers interested

Emotional Liberation is the ability to feel better when triggered by everyday upsets or major trauma. A system to master the hurtful feelings that can be used to free you.

Mind & Body
Daniel Fryer

Move Over Monogamy

Daniel Fryer · 3 publishers interested

Praising polyamory: An innovative and entertaining book using psychology, essays and interviews to show that it’s okay to pursue the love life you really want.

Dr. Andréa Paige


Dr. Andréa Paige · 11 publishers interested

Modern Humans have an eating addiction, and no one is talking about it. The human body can thrive and survive up to 50 days on water alone. Find out how.

Bas Snippert


Bas Snippert · 12 publishers interested

How to let your biology self-organize for more ease, flow and fulfillment in daily life, while outsmarting the stressful high-intensity cultures you live and work in.

Mind & Body
Johnson Chong

Sage Sapien

Johnson Chong · Koehler Books

Sage Sapien follows a second generation Asian American gay man struggling with stress, abuse, self-hatred, cultural identity, as he moves on a spiritual path of becoming whole.

Memoirs Published
Anshu Singh

Pressure to Pleasure

Anshu Singh · 20 publishers interested

Practical tools to help you shift your life - from feeling weighed down with pressure, towards greater pleasure and energy to live stress-free optimum life

Lynda Bayada

Adventures of a Corporate Hippie

Lynda Bayada · Atmosphere Press

Irreverent, yet friendly, inspiring, yet real, vulnerable, yet courageous, this book encourages you to question life’s assumptions and the expectations you’ve been fed.

Memoirs Published
Luci Gabel

Eat To Lead

Luci Gabel · Atmosphere Press

Two of your most valuable assets are time and mental energy. When it comes to making healthy changes, you need to make sure your investments provide long-term healthy returns.

Sarah Brassard


Sarah Brassard · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Learn how to build a self-care practice and find the path to true healing

Lifestyle Published
Karyn Bristol

The Truth is a Theory

Karyn Bristol · 19 publishers interested

The Truth is a Theory is the story of the assumptions we make about important people in our lives, and how these fatally flawed "truths" play out for four friends.

Literary Fiction
Sarah Brassard


Sarah Brassard · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Learn how to build a self-care practice and find the path to true healing

Lifestyle Published
Swaady Martin

Malaika and the Angel

Swaady Martin · 11 publishers interested

Tales for your children to nurture & celebrate the values that unite us all: oneness, love, compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, embracing differences, being an earth-carer and more.

Amit Janco

(Un)bound Together

Amit Janco · 14 publishers interested

One woman's search for healing and peace of mind on El Camino de Santiago - with two donkeys, a wobbly cart, a selectively-mute Portuguese hermit and a faithful German pilgrim.

Kiran Pereira

Sand Stories

Kiran Pereira · 16 publishers interested

Sand Stories sheds light on why sand is the most consumed commodity on Earth. It examines the problems caused by indiscriminate mining across the world and offers potential solutions.

Martine Kalaw

Woman Without An Identity

Martine Kalaw · Sunbury Press, Inc.

In order to love yourself, you have to discover who loved you first.

Memoirs Published
Captain Hooter

Connoisseur’s Guide to the Amsterdam ...

Captain Hooter · Sunbury Press, Inc.

One man, on a mission, to go to every single coffeeshop in Amsterdam, in search of the best of the best. What to do while you're high.

David Clive Price Ph.D.

The Age of Pluralism

David Clive Price Ph.D. · 1 publisher interested

How to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage in today’s global economy - Foreword by John Mattone, coach to the late Steve Jobs.

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

The Healthy Voyager’s Healthy for the...

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton · 7 publishers interested

Traditional cuisine, cultural traditions and handicrafts for the holidays.

Delina Fajardo

The Choice

Delina Fajardo · 18 publishers interested

Eleven stories of ordinary people choosing extraordinary lives.

Peter Bragino


Peter Bragino · Koehler Books

Sketchbook of an addict. How I overcame drug addiction to become a professional artist. Over ten years of my most inspired drawings in one book!

Memoirs Published
Clark Gaither, MD


Clark Gaither, MD · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Learn how to transform from being burned out to ON FIRE and find new meaning in your career and life.

Self-Help Published
Layne James and Lindsay Blake

Remember Us

Layne James and Lindsay Blake · Morgan James Publishing

A humorous & poignant story about family - explores love, loss, & the unexpected beauty of forgiveness where "Parenthood" meets "This is Us" with a side of "Arrested Development" dysfunction.

Literary Fiction Published
Zach Puchtel

Why I Wish I Was Your Big Brother

Zach Puchtel · Yet to be chosen

How a Harvard jock fumbled through self-doubt, sexuality and psychedelics to reclaim his inner feminine in a hyper-masculine world.

Memoirs Published
Maggie Way

Heart of Thorne

Maggie Way · 13 publishers interested

What would your morals be worth in the face of love?

Motez Bishara

Athletes Who Rock!

Motez Bishara · 9 publishers interested

Most kids’ visions of becoming professional athletes or rock stars fade into adulthood. But one elite set of overachievers defied nearly impossible odds to turn both dreams into reality.

Niklas Myhr

The Social Customer Journey

Niklas Myhr · 36 publishers interested

This book provides a framework for how lean social media and digital marketing strategies can help create and keep customers in the age of Smart Tools, AI, and Marketing Automation.

Delina Fajardo

Happy Notes

Delina Fajardo · Austin Macauley Publishers

A dose of morning inspiration to create more happiness.

Self-Help Published
John Nation

The Killing Climate

John Nation · 7 publishers interested

The Killing Climate is a dark view of American society through the eyes of a Special Forces combat veteran turned news anchor who is trying to catch a serial killer.

Danny Flood

Dr Growth

Danny Flood · I haven't yet decided but I'm considering my options :)

Learn the secrets that top-earning online marketers are using to dominate virtually every platform and niche online using unorthodox methods, growth "hacks," and automation.

Business Published
Chef Gigi Gaggero

Food Fight

Chef Gigi Gaggero · Koehler Books

As a food professional, I go after picky eating through the science of flavor. A practical hands on guide with simple solutions. Over 60 delicious recipes & tips that work.

Self-Help Published
Xanet Pailet

Living an Orgasmic Life

Xanet Pailet · Mango Media

A Love Note for every woman who struggles with sexuality and intimacy. Find healing balm in these pages and a way to reclaim passion and pleasure in your sex life.

Self-Help Published
Lynn Marie Morski

Quitting by Design

Lynn Marie Morski · Austin Macauley Publishers

Quitting by Design attempts to de-stigmatize quitting by teaching readers how to use quitting as a tool to create success. It provides a detailed guide to quitting strategically and effectively.

Self-Help Published
AAliyah Chambers

Don't you dare teach my daughter to f...

AAliyah Chambers · 5 publishers interested

'Don't you dare teach my daughter to fear the forest' is a call for all women everywhere to reconnect with their divine feminine power.

Mind & Body
Neal Schaffer

The Business of Influence

Neal Schaffer · 35 publishers interested

How anyone can tap their business into the influencer economy and achieve massive results.

Andrew Rowan

Startup Vietnam

Andrew Rowan · Mascot Books

Challenges, efforts, and successes of Vietnam’s youth, local startups, and foreign entrepreneurs during a time of transition between tradition and modernity.

Business Published
Carol-Ann Marshall

I Dare You!

Carol-Ann Marshall · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

An urgent and compassionate call to consciousness for women in unhealthy relationships.

Self-Help Published
Jacqueline Jensen

Travel Isn't The Answer

Jacqueline Jensen · Mascot Books

How to live life every day with the mindset of a world traveler – no passport required.

Lifestyle Published
Nicole Yershon

Rough Diamond

Nicole Yershon · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

An Intrapreneur’s Guide to Getting Shit Done

Business Published
Leena Olaimy


Leena Olaimy · Berrett-Koehler

This book explores the non-ideological drivers of violent extremism committed in the name of Islam and how we can all invest in peace as individuals, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and civil society.

Politics Published
Nadir Mehadji

The Cat and the Banker

Nadir Mehadji · Marshall Cavendish

A fun and unconventional illustrated book about investing for people who don’t know where to start. This accessible, creative guide is ideal for anyone put off by stuffy investment manuals.

Business Published
Brett Merrill

Psychedelic Spirit World

Brett Merrill · 3 publishers interested

Clearing up misconceptions about LSD and Psilocybin Mushrooms: X-Ray Vision, Demons, Auras, Oneness...What if it isn't hallucination? Then you would need a guide to understanding the psychedelic "spirit world".

Mind & Body
Kai Teo

Rainbow Warrior Handbook

Kai Teo · Motivational Press

How can psychedelics change the world? This book is a global call to all psychedelic explorers – Rainbow Warriors – to come together and start a revolution in human consciousness, ...

Mind & Body Published
Anna Pelova

Founders And The Underdog

Anna Pelova · 13 publishers interested

One brave writer travels the world on a tiny budget to meet, spend time with, and interview influential entrepreneurs, investors, and billionaires who are changing the world—and her.

James Haight

Jack & Coke

James Haight · Morgan James Publishing

A young man's ambition and a corrupt political system collide as an idealistic journalist finds himself in an escalating struggle between power, sabotage, and vindication.

Literary Fiction Published
Caroline Richards

Natural Birth in a Nutshell

Caroline Richards · Motivational Press

Easy to read, down to earth, sound, practical advice that will help you enjoy your pregnancy, birth and entry to motherhood.

Mind & Body Published
Dr. Michael Cotton

Source Code Meditation

Dr. Michael Cotton · Findhorn Press

A guidebook to activate latent energy in your body, awaken your higher brain, enlighten your mind and set your heart on fire to create a new world.

Mind & Body Published
Melissa Stangl

Roots of Consciousness

Melissa Stangl · Sunbury Press, Inc.

What is science discovering about the role of consciousness in physical health? Where do psychoactive medicines and spiritual practices fit? How can we use these findings to achieve overall well-being?

Mind & Body Published
Davila LeBlanc

The Endless Song

Davila LeBlanc · 11 publishers interested

Five friends on a retreat are unexpectedly drawn into a timeless battle between a relentless force bent on consuming the whole of existence and those sworn to stand against it.

Casey Fenton

The Couchsurfing Story

Casey Fenton · 41 publishers interested

In The Couchsurfing Story, Casey Fenton teaches readers to pursue a non-traditional path, one guided by the pursuit of intense experiences, the extremes of life and the excitement of the ...

TJ Anderson

The Art of Health Hacking

TJ Anderson · Morgan James Publishing

The book is a self-coaching guide for the modern day health conscious consumer. We'll show you how to build your own holistic healthcare team, your personal self care strategy, and ...

Mark Van Stratum

Drug Of Choice

Mark Van Stratum · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Mark is a successful affiliate marketer with several business boasting millions of dollars in profit. He has created a fulfilling life, which he shares with his beautiful fiancee.

Lifestyle Published
Mark Van Stratum

Drug Of Choice

Mark Van Stratum · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Mark is a successful affiliate marketer with several business boasting millions of dollars in profit. He has created a fulfilling life, which he shares with his beautiful fiancee.

Lifestyle Published
Jon Westenberg

The Fuck Up's Guide To Failing

Jon Westenberg · 11 publishers interested

A narrative-driven handbook for facing your own failures head-on and getting back up after a knock-out. This book tells you how to turn negative situations, losses and major personal failures ...

Jason Yormark


Jason Yormark · 11 publishers interested

A man stumbles across a paranormal global conspiracy while trying to solve the mystery of his abducted wife.

Thriller Published
Stu Krieger

That One Cigarette

Stu Krieger · Harvard Square Editions

That One Cigarette is an alternate history novel that follows multiple members of four families from November of 1963 to January of 2009. It’s a story of how one man's ...

Literary Fiction Published
Ajit Nawalkha

Live Big

Ajit Nawalkha · BenBella Books

An inspirational and edgy guide for business coaches to ensure your passion is backed by purpose and practicality.

Business Published
Filipa Larangeira

Queen Be

Filipa Larangeira · 11 publishers interested

What if the alternative business model introduced by Startups is destined to fail? Queen Be shows you the top Startup mistakes and offers a “BEing-centered” blueprint that, with 50% less ...

Daniel Munro

Nothing to Lose

Daniel Munro · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

In a world pressuring you to conform to the herd, we have no idea what it means to “just be yourself”. Imagine being completely free from worrying about what other ...

Mind & Body Published
Jody Burkeen

Pursuit of a Godly Life

Jody Burkeen · 9 publishers interested

Jody Burkeen, founder and president of MAN UP! God’s Way Ministries, boldly dispels the dangerous assumption among Christians that spiritual growth is passive. The godly life won’t happen automatically. It ...

Religious Published
James Kane

The Biohacker's Almanac

James Kane · Dragon Moon Press

Chased by a bounty hunter and seduced by an enemy, a young man who makes machines for a living looks in the mirror and sees a living machine.

Derek Loudermilk


Derek Loudermilk · Kogan Page

Superconductors is your treasure trove of exclusive interviews and hands-on self-development exercises to inspire you and push you into action.

Business Published
Kasper van der Meulen


Kasper van der Meulen · Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

We live in an awesome era of abundance, high-speed information and hyper-connection, but we’re also faced with the challenges of mass-distraction and negative stress. This book teaches how to leverage ...

Mind & Body Published
Hugh Roberts

Journeys with Open Eyes

Hugh Roberts · i2i Publishing

I see places differently to most. 40 years of urban planning experience across all 6 continents, gives me an understanding of people and places for and with whom I help ...

Professional Published
Jono Pech

The Spy and the Maven

Jono Pech · 19 publishers interested

After a mysterious tip-off, a freelance investigative journalist is recruited by a shrouded government agency to track down a rogue spy.

Literary Fiction
Jessica Wharton


Jessica Wharton · 4 publishers interested

Matchmaker Dahlia Rasputin was madly in love and wanted everyone to be in love as well. Her newest clients Josh Samson, Billionaire playboy with an amazing Australian accent and Rain ...

Curtis Green

Silk Road Memoir

Curtis Green · 7 publishers interested

When two government agents investigating Silk Road, an illegal website on the dark web, steal millions from its drug kingpin administrator, an employee named Curtis Green finds himself caught in ...

Matthew Thrush


Matthew Thrush · 13 publishers interested

Though the world smokes in the ashes of war and death, we will go on. The sun will not hold us beneath the dirt for long, and the icy tongue ...

Brad Szollose

Liquid Leadership 2.0

Brad Szollose · Morgan James Publishing

This is the ONLY book the exposes the real secrets to running a 21st Century organization...including how to manage Millennials.

Business Published
Josh Spilker

How To Fail At Writing

Josh Spilker · 3 publishers interested

Got bad habits with writing? Ever procrastinated, messed up and given up on your writing? Here are all the ways I've failed and struggled to write. This isn't just a ...

Christina Lopes

Walking With The Masters

Christina Lopes · 7 publishers interested

"Walking With The Masters" is the story of a woman who completely surrendered her identity-- intellectual, clinician, career-driven, gay -- and opened herself up to the loving energy that surrounds ...

Literary Fiction
Al Jeffery

Modern Tribe

Al Jeffery · 12 publishers interested

By 2050, 70% of the world's population is going to be living in cities. Depression will be the leading cause of death by 2030 as a result, according to the ...

Lydia Lee

Screw The Cubicle

Lydia Lee · 26 publishers interested

You don’t have to wait to quit your job and start enjoying life. From lawyers to academics, anyone can learn how to leave the 9-5 grind behind and find fulfillment.

Tim Stiffler-Dean

Brewing the Way

Tim Stiffler-Dean · 10 publishers interested

Weaving a narrative through the true stories of Tim Stiffler-Dean and his experiences as a coffee noob, fanatic, barista, and ultimately business owner and sharing how he has seen small ...

Steven L. Lovett

A Place With Dragons

Steven L. Lovett · 6 publishers interested

Nicolas Bennett, heir to a king's throne in the magical world of Telluric Grand, is destined to destroy an overlord dragon but at what cost?

Fantasy Published
Michaela Daphne


Michaela Daphne · 3 publishers interested

Evelyn is searching for freedom from her past but instead finds herself twisted in every dad's nightmare.

Young Adult
Tendayi Viki

The Corporate Startup

Tendayi Viki · Management Impact

This book provides frameworks, methods and tools for established companies to engage in sustainable innovation while they are managing their core business.

Business Published
Kevin W. McCarthy

Chief Leadership Officer

Kevin W. McCarthy · HigherLife

Embark on a hero’s journey from Chief Executive Officer-to-Chief Leadership Officer. This easy-reading story walks you into the future of business leadership. Learn the CLO precepts and practices to embrace ...

Business Published
Kait Hatch

Friends We Haven't Met

Kait Hatch · FaunaWolf

A tale of six strangers living in a London apartment building, their lives & struggles unnoticed between them until they begin to intertwine

Literary Fiction Published
Ash Huang


Ash Huang · 10 publishers interested

It is 2018. In an America similar to ours, a journalist breaks the story of the contamination of a water treatment plant.

Valerie Jencks

How To Rewrite History

Valerie Jencks · Motivational Press

Through the experiences of others, learn to rewrite the stories you created in childhood that became the adult beliefs that get in your way.

Self-Help Published
Clare Estrada


Clare Estrada · 3 publishers interested

The Butterfly Effect - Nothing is inevitable! Join Mariposa as she journeys to the world's most exotic trouble spots.

Literary Fiction Published
Brianna Pezon

Autism Is Not My Name

Brianna Pezon · 8 publishers interested

This book shares stories of those with Autism to highlight the beauty in our differences instead of the inferiority of a lifelong disability

Vijay Menon

A Brown Man in Russia

Vijay Menon · Glagoslav Publications

A brown kid from California finds acceptance as he backpacks through frigid Siberia.

Natalie Sisson

The Freedom Plan

Natalie Sisson · Motivational Press

You deserve to live life on your own terms and this book will show you how to create your own unique freedom plan to achieve that.

Business Published
Asher Yaron

Get Your Fix

Asher Yaron · Lulu Press, Inc.

How to get high on a potently brewed cup of coffee.

Lifestyle Published
Tim Kubik

Participation is Preparation

Tim Kubik · 2 publishers interested

Why we must transform our preparatory mindset so today’s learners can participate in the challenges of re-imagining our communities.

Shanti Allén

The Raw Alchemist

Shanti Allén · 6 publishers interested

Learn the most successful recipes and techniques from Bali’s famous Alchemy Cafe.

Blake Godkin

Paper Clips & Dynamite

Blake Godkin · 6 publishers interested

A tool kit for finding creativity through seemingly unrelated ideas.

Clara Pang

The Sun Sets Anywhere

Clara Pang · Ingram Spark

There’s no place like home, but life is too short to be lived in one place.

Matthew Turner

The Successful Mistake

Matthew Turner · 1 publisher interested

The Successful Mistake Features 163 Inspiring Entrepreneurs, as they share their biggest mistakes & how they transform them into success.

Edwin Smith

God is Love

Edwin Smith

An accomplished Piano Entertainer, Edy Edwin Smith shares an enlightened treatise on Love, the absolute essence and entirety of God!

J.T. Ruby

Weeping Water

J.T. Ruby

A thriller about a woman who is re-animated after 50 years in cryonic suspension, she seeks out connections to her past while on the run. Not every second chance is ...

Thriller Published