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Zack Scott

One day while Zack was busy working on his book, a helicopter landed outside of his trailer. A rich looking old man with white hair, and a white beard, and white pants appeared from out of swirling dirt, and he knocked on Zack's door.

Zack was intrigued as he'd never seen a helicopter before.

The old man wasted no time popping open a bottle of champagne and explaining how he owned an island he wanted Zack to visit. After some friendly debate, Zack agreed, and when he got to the island he was amazed at what he saw:

A dinosaur.

Okay, you've likely realized this is the exact plot of JURASSIC PARK.

Zack Scott was born in Los Angeles, California. He's written a few books, likes to do other things, and usually hangs his pants on his desk chair rather than in his closet.

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Zack Scott

A Blanket for Decay

Zack Scott

Four friends clash with fate, and zombies, as the war for our world comes to a thrilling end in this apocalyptic trilogy

Literary Fiction