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Whee-Teck Ong

Whee-Teck is a technology consulting partner with one of the big four professional services firm. He has more than 20 years as an information technology professional and currently serves in the executive council of Singapore Computer Society.

He is a leadership coach, where he leads courses at the Strategic Technology Management Institute, National University of Singapore. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor with NUS.

He is also a visual artist, based in Singapore working on a variety of mediums, his favorite being watercolor. Most of his paintings are filled with splashes of bright colors - flowers and urban landscapes are his favorite subjects.

Whee-Teck believes that anyone can learn to sketch and paint. He started painting in November 2011 and has since surprised himself with what he has learnt. He considers himself as one who has no natural talent in drawing and painting. He believes anyone can pick up the skills for themselves – of course with effort and learning the skills.

Due to various personal reasons, he decided to take a year away from work. He pursued his artistic endeavor more seriously and ended up with his first solo exhibition in May 2012. He continued to artistic journey through 2012, where he discovered the Urban Sketching Community. From these experiences, he decided to share his "secrets". His approach as an adult learner, his process and his strategy, Whee-Teck’s “Adult Learning Architecture”.

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Whee-Teck Ong

Adult Learning Architecture

Whee-Teck Ong

How I use my own learning strategies - Adult Learning Architecture - to train myself in relative short time to become an artist.

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